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Best Last Podcast on the Left Episodes: True Crime Picks

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Best Last Podcast on the Left Episodes

The Last Podcast on the Left (LPOTL) has become a staple in the world of podcasts, offering a unique blend of humor, true crime, and the paranormal. Over the years, LPOTL’s hosts have explored countless stories, leaving listeners on the edge of their seats as they dive deep into the world of conspiracy theories, alien encounters, ghosts, cults, and much more. With so many episodes available, it can be overwhelming to know which ones to tune into, but fear not – I’ve compiled a list of the best LPOTL episodes that you simply can’t miss.

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Each episode on this list offers something different, showcasing the wide variety of topics that the podcast covers. You’ll find in-depth analysis of infamous serial killers, deep dives into cults and religions, and haunting supernatural occurrences that’ll send shivers down your spine. Whether you’re new to LPOTL or a longtime listener, these episodes are sure to satisfy your craving for captivating stories and unforgettable characters.

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Key Takeaways

  • Variety of topics covered, from true crime to the supernatural
  • In-depth analysis and exploration of intriguing stories
  • Highlights memorable characters and cases throughout the podcast’s history

29 Best Last Podcast on the Left Episodes Ranked

RankEpisode NumberTitle
1LPOTL #189, #190, #1919/11 Series
2LPOTL #397Heaven’s Gate Part I – A Cabo or a Wabo
3LPOTL #392Sexual Liaisons with the Aliens
4LPOTL #422The 1971 Manson Family Western Surplus Shootout
5LPOTL Best ofCannibalism
6LPOTL #489“The Children of Thunder Part I – That’s Not Gritz!”
7LPOTL #419Jodi Arias Part I – WAP
8LPOTL #378Mormonism Part I – When You’re Here You’re Family
9LPOTL #359Illuminati Update
10LPOTL #345Hangmen and Headsmen
11LPOTL #334Flat Earth
12LPOTL #315The Assassination of John Lennon
13LPOTL Best ofRoswell
14LPOTL Side StoriesRIP Art Bell
15LPOTL #300Jonestown Part I – Everyone in the World is My Friend
16LPOTL #261L. Ron Hubbard
17LPOTL #335The West Memphis Three
18LPOTL #293Bill Cooper – The Granddaddy of Conspiracy
19LPOTL #265Chris Benoit
20LPOTL #248Children of God Part I – Mother’s Peanut Butter
21LPOTL #413Lobotomies
22LPOTL #358The Electric Chair
23LPOTL #285Norwegian Black Metal Part I – Chainsaw Gutsfuck
24LPOTL #323The Men in Black
25LPOTL #341The Order of the Solar Temple
26LPOTL #344The Book of Revelation
27LPOTL #320Biggie and Tupac Part I – Sugar Bear
28Episode 200“H.H. Holmes, Part I: The Horrid Meat”
29Episodes on CultsScientology, Peoples Temple, Aum Shinrikyo (Specific episode numbers not provided)

Best Episodes Overview

Hikers following a trail in the forest
  • Episode 200: “H.H. Holmes, Part I: The Horrid Meat” – This episode begins a series on H.H. Holmes, who is often referred to as “America’s first serial killer.” The series delves into Holmes’s early life, his infamous “Murder Castle” during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, and the numerous lives he took under the guise of various scams and fraudulent activities.
  • Episodes on Cults (Scientology, Peoples Temple, Aum Shinrikyo) – The podcast has several deeply researched series on cults, which are a recurring subject due to their complex and often dark nature. They cover:
  • Scientology: An exploration of the modern religion/cult founded by L. Ron Hubbard, its beliefs, practices, and controversies.
    Peoples Temple: The tragic story of Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre, where over 900 people died in a mass murder-suicide.
    Aum Shinrikyo: A look into the Japanese doomsday cult responsible for the deadly Tokyo subway sarin attack in 1995.
    Episode 397: “Heaven’s Gate Part I – A Cabo or a Wabo” – This episode revisits the topic of the Heaven’s Gate cult with a more detailed approach than their previous coverage. The series examines the group’s origins, its bizarre blend of Christianity and sci-fi beliefs, and the mass suicide that claimed 39 lives in 1997.
  • Episodes 189, 190, 191: 9/11 Series – This three-part series covers the events of September 11, 2001. It’s described as one of the most intense and somber series in the podcast’s history, featuring detailed accounts of the day’s events and the aftermath, as well as audio recordings from the attacks. The hosts approach this sensitive topic with the gravity it deserves while still providing the informative and engaging content listeners expect.
  • Episode 489: “The Children of Thunder Part I – That’s Not Gritz!” – This episode delves into the story of the “Children of Thunder,” a name used by three individuals involved in a series of crimes in California. The series examines their occult leanings, connections to European witchcraft, and how they became entangled with the sinister “Black Lodge” from Crowleyan mythology.

The Last Podcast on the Left covers a wide range of topics relating to true crime, paranormal cases, and various dark and unsettling subjects. As a fan of this podcast, I have enjoyed some incredible episodes that touch on these themes. One thing is for sure – their in-depth research and discussions provide a unique mix of humor and horror, making these episodes immensely enjoyable.

Some of the most outstanding episodes are those diving into the cases of notorious serial killers. For instance, the episodes on Pee Wee Gaskins and Henry Lee Lucas had me hooked due to their detailed analysis and shocking revelations. The hosts do not hold back in presenting explicit information, as well as the psychological context, which adds to the intrigue and authenticity of the content.

Top Last Podcast on the Left episodes

When it comes to dark and horrifying moments, episodes about Edgewood and Hollow Earth stand out for me. These episodes unravel disturbing truths that are hard to comprehend but essential to explore. Their take on the world of magick, including Left Hand Path, Right Hand Path, and Chaos Magick, is both fascinating and eerie.

I also appreciate their coverage of conspiracy theories and thought-provoking topics, like Hollow Moon and the 9/11 The Day episode. Although the latter is not a light-hearted or funny one, the hosts present an emotionally charged and deeply moving portrayal of the tragedy. It may be a difficult listen, but it’s an important episode.

In summary, the best Last Podcast on the Left episodes manage to capture the essence of true crime, dark and paranormal topics, while still maintaining a perfect balance between creepy and comedic.

In-Depth Episode Analysis

Last Podcast on the Left river in forest

I’ve listened to several episodes of the Last Podcast on the Left, and I must say the creators have done an excellent job at creating entertaining, informative, and engaging episodes. Let me guide you through some episodes that provide in-depth analysis of trials, cults, serial killers, and true crime news:

The Freeway Killer (Randy Kraft) – One of my favorite episodes, this story covers the horrifying actions of Randy Kraft, known as The Freeway Killer. This serial killer terrorized the highways of Southern California in the 1970s, and the hosts provide in-depth coverage of his crimes, victims, and eventual capture.

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Albert Fish – In this episode, the twisted tale of Albert Fish, also known as The Werewolf of Wysteria, is explored. Fish was a notorious child murderer, cannibal, and sadist who confessed to at least five heinous killings during his time. The host’s research and presentation of this chilling case keep me captivated throughout the entire episode.

Cults – The Last Podcast on the Left has covered multiple cults in their episodes. Some of my personal favorites include the Jonestown Massacre, Heaven’s Gate, and the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult. These episodes delve into the background of each cult, their leaders, followers, and the tragic events that ultimately led to their downfall.

Serial Killers – Last Podcast on the Left has discussed numerous serial killers, including famous ones like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy. In each episode, the hosts take a detailed look at the killers’ backgrounds, motives, methods, and capture, providing a gripping experience for listeners.

True Crime News – Occasionally, the podcast covers current true crime news stories, keeping listeners informed about the latest developments in the world of crime. These episodes usually revolve around ongoing investigations, controversial trials, and breakthroughs in cold cases.

In these episodes, I find the hosts’ commitment to thorough research and attention to detail admirable. Additionally, their ability to maintain a confident, knowledgeable, and clear tone throughout each episode makes the content easily accessible and enjoyable for all listeners.

Exploring the Side Stories

Ferris wheel against a clear sky last podcast on the left

As I’ve been listening to Last Podcast on the Left, I’ve delved into the interesting and sometimes chilling world of the Side Stories. These episodes provide a break from the show’s main content, focusing on tales involving conspiracy theories, unusual experiences, and strange events. Here, I’ll share a few notable Side Stories that have caught my attention.

In one episode, they covered the Men in Black, a mysterious organization often discussed in UFO and conspiracy circles. The show delves into stories of encounters with these ominous figures, speculations about their true identities, and potential purposes. As a listener, I gained a deeper understanding of the various Men in Black lore and theories.

Another Side Story that intrigued me revolved around the elusive Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot. Through the hosts’ engaging storytelling and thorough research, I felt as though I was embarking on a fascinating journey to uncover the truth about this legendary creature. The discussion went beyond the typical Bigfoot narrative and included sightings, strange piece of evidence, and how these stories have impacted popular culture.

Conspiracy theories are also a popular topic in Side Stories. For instance, the hosts explored well-known theories involving the government, ancient history, and paranormal events. By providing a leveled analysis, they offered a skeptic’s perspective on the plausibility of these ideas while still taking them into account. The episodes tackled subjects often relegated to the fringes, granting them a platform for thoughtful discussion.

In summary, the Side Stories of Last Podcast on the Left provide an informative and entertaining exploration into topics such as Men in Black, Sasquatch, and conspiracy theories. If you’re looking for a new perspective on the strange and mysterious, I highly recommend checking out these episodes.

Key Characters and Cases

In my experience with the Last Podcast on the Left, there have been many episodes that stand out due to their focus on infamous key characters and cases. One of those is Charles Manson. Episode 147, “Charles Manson Part 1: An Incarcerated Life,” dives deep into Manson’s tumultuous life and nefarious deeds. This multi-part series sheds light on his motivations and the impact his actions had on society.

Another chilling character that the podcast covers is Jeffrey Dahmer, a notorious serial killer and cannibal. Known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, his heinous crimes are explored in great detail in episodes like “H.H. Holmes, Part I: The Horrid Meat.” The podcast’s hosts go beyond Danher’s gruesome acts and discuss his troubled upbringing, providing a more comprehensive understanding of what led to his murderous spree.

A lesser-known, yet equally disturbing figure is Adolfo Constanzo, a cult leader and serial killer who practiced human sacrifice. In their episodes on Constanzo, the podcast delves into his twisted beliefs and the brutal rituals he performed on his victims. His story is a shocking reminder of the darkness that can hide within seemingly ordinary people.

Richard Chase is another figure that comes up in the podcast. Known as the Vampire of Sacramento, he believed that he needed to drink human blood to survive. The podcast explores his gruesome killings and his descent into madness, providing insight into the mind of a predator who lived on the fringes of society.

Cannibalism is a recurring theme in many episodes of the Last Podcast on the Left. Apart from Dahmer, episodes like “Norwegian Black Metal, Part I: Chainsaw Gutsf**k” also tackle this macabre and repulsive subject. These episodes are not for the fainthearted, as they discuss the motivations behind such actions and the grisly methods employed by the perpetrators.

I hope this provides an idea of the range of topics and cases Last Podcast on the Left has covered. Remember, these episodes often contain graphic descriptions and are not suitable for all audiences. Explore them with caution and an open mind.

Examining Cults and Religions

Candles lighting the entrance of a dimly lit room

In my exploration of the best Last Podcast on the Left episodes, I’ve noticed a recurring theme of cults and religions. Some of the most captivating episodes revolve around notorious cult leaders and their twisted ideologies. As I delved further into these episodes, I discovered how the hosts managed to discuss some of the darkest corners of humanity in an informative yet entertaining manner.

One such episode that caught my attention focused on Mormonism. While not a cult itself, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a fascinating history and devout following. The hosts delve into the origins of this religion with an insightful and objective view, presenting a well-researched exploration of its foundations and practices.

Another standout episode delves into the horrifying tale of Jonestown – the infamous mass murder-suicide of over 900 people led by cult leader Jim Jones. The hosts explore the twisted motivations behind this tragedy, as well as the disturbing details of the event itself.

The Last Podcast on the Left also tackles the ever-controversial Church of Scientology and its enigmatic founder, L. Ron Hubbard. I found the discussions about Scientology’s secretive nature, aggressive legal tactics, and mysterious practices to be eye-opening. The hosts manage to analyze the church’s controversial activities without letting personal bias cloud their narrative.

An episode that I found particularly chilling involved the Vampire of Sacramento, Richard Chase. From his disturbed early life to his horrifying killing spree, the episode provides detailed insight into the mind of a deeply troubled individual. The hosts strike a balance between presenting the gruesome details and understanding the societal and psychological factors that contributed to his crimes.

In conclusion, the Last Podcast on the Left contains a wealth of information about cults, religions, and some of the most enigmatic and dangerous figures in history. The episodes mentioned here are just a few examples of the extensive range of topics the podcast has covered. The hosts’ ability to provide well-researched information in a confident, knowledgeable, yet entertaining manner makes this podcast a must-listen for anyone interested in the darker side of humanity.

The Creepypasta Connection

The dark and foreboding woods at twilight

As I delved deeper into the most talked-about episodes of the Last Podcast on the Left, I stumbled upon one engaging area of focus: creepypastas. These internet horror stories, often shared on forums and websites, have become a beloved feature of the podcast. The hosts explore a variety of creepypastas, touching upon elements related to demons, ghosts, and other supernatural occurrences.

Episode 541, “Creepypasta XIX – The Law of the Jungle,” stood out to me as a fascinating discussion revolving around spine-chilling stories. These tales walk the line between fiction and reality, offering both thrills and chills to the listeners. The hosts use their remarkable storytelling skills and delivery to keep listeners hooked and craving for more spooky content.

One element I appreciated throughout these creepypasta episodes was the way hosts brought the supernatural elements of demons and ghosts to life. They would weave discussions of folklore, urban legends, and pop culture into the narrative, providing insight into the origins of these tales. By including this context, the hosts helped to paint a vivid picture of an otherworldly plane that mirrors our own.

If you’re new to creepypastas or a fan eager to listen to more hair-raising stories, give one of these Last Podcast on the Left episodes a try. Whether it’s haunted houses, hellish demons, or other supernatural phenomena, this podcast has something for everyone when it comes to horror and the paranormal.

True Crime Roundup

I have explored some interesting and gripping true crime episodes of the Last Podcast on the Left that both captivate and inform listeners. Let me dive into a few of these impressive episodes that demonstrate the depth and variety the podcast offers.

First, let’s talk about an episode that revolves around a notorious killing spree. I found the coverage of Randy Kraft, who is also known as “The Freeway Killer,” fascinating. Kraft’s story is a gold star territory and spans multiple episodes, beginning with Episode 542: The Fayetteville Incident. It delves into Kraft’s relentless assault on the highways of Southern California in the 1970s. The hosts’ research and presentation hold the listeners’ attention, exploring the sinister details that make it an unforgettable listen.

Another enthralling story I came across covers the infamous killer, Andrew Cunanan. The podcast series on Cunanan offers insights into his life and the gruesome murders that led to his eventual suicide. The episodes narrate how Cunanan embarked on a killing spree that garnered much attention, particularly his murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace. By delving into Cunanan’s background, the hosts provide context for the chilling events that unfolded throughout his homicidal rampage.

Lastly, I want to mention the infamous cult leader and murderer Charles Manson. The podcast’s episodes on Manson are insightful and engaging, providing an in-depth analysis of his life, crimes, and fascinatingly twisted beliefs. As they peel back the layers of Manson’s persona, the hosts explore his childhood and its correlation to his descent into a life of crime. Overall, the episodes form a comprehensive and insightful overview of Manson’s life and his manipulation of the Manson Family cult.

In this True Crime Roundup, I’ve covered some captivating episodes of the Last Podcast on the Left that focus on infamous true crime stories such as Randy Kraft, Andrew Cunanan, and Charles Manson. These episodes showcase the hosts’ knowledge, research, and ability to engage listeners through their unique storytelling approach.

Listener Stories and Interactions

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As a regular listener of the Last Podcast on the Left, I always appreciate when they interact with their audience and include listener stories in their episodes. These segments not only provide fresh perspectives on true crimes and paranormal phenomena but also foster a strong sense of community among LPOTL fans.

Listener stories often showcase intriguing personal encounters with the unexplained, ranging from ghost sightings to UFO encounters. Many times, these anecdotes come from various regions around the world, giving the audience a broader understanding of how different cultures perceive and experience the supernatural. The LPOTL hosts – Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski – analyze these stories with their unique blend of humor, skepticism, and empathy, making for engaging conversation and memorable moments.

Another standout aspect of the LPOTL show is their ability to delve deep into topics that may not be as widely popular but are equally fascinating, such as “hardcore history” episodes. These episodes take listeners on a journey through lesser-known historical events, uncovering hidden secrets and shedding light on overlooked aspects of our past. For example, one of these episodes may focus on a little-known historical figure’s chilling tale or the dark underbelly of an ancient civilization.

Furthermore, LPOTL often incorporates multimedia elements during their episodes that enhance the storytelling experience. From audio clips and quotes to uncanny images and eyewitness accounts, these elements authenticate the tales shared by listeners or explored during the historical episodes. This approach not only strengthens the narrative but also helps establish a more immersive atmosphere for the audience.

In conclusion, the Last Podcast on the Left shines through their listener stories and deep dive into hardcore history topics, offering a unique blend of entertainment and profound exploration into the world of the unexplained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top gold star episodes?

I find that some of the top gold star episodes tend to feature particularly grisly or unsettling content, making them stand out for listeners who appreciate darker stories. A few examples include “Pee Wee Gaskins,” as mentioned on Reddit, and “Henry Lee Lucas.”

Which heavy hitters episodes are most popular?

Heavy hitters episodes focus on some of the most infamous serial killers, and they are often popular due to the deep dive into their backgrounds, crimes, and motives. For instance, the series on Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Ramirez are frequently praised by listeners.

What are the best LPOTL history episodes?

The best LPOTL history episodes are those that tackle unusual or lesser-known historical subjects. Some standout episodes include stories about Rasputin, the Donner Party, or the Amityville Horror, as they bring to light new perspectives and often little-known details about these events.

Are there any notable episodes about cults?

Yes, LPOTL has covered some infamous groups, such as the Peoples Temple and its leader, Jim Jones, in “Jonestown, Part I: Everyone in the World Is My Friend” which was released to celebrate the podcast’s 300th episode. This is a particularly notable episode that delves into the cult’s origins and activities.

What are the most recommended episodes on Reddit?

Reddit users often have great recommendations for LPOTL episodes. For example, “Pee Wee Gaskins” is frequently praised for its accurate yet hilarious portrayal of the killer’s voice. Other popular episodes mentioned on Reddit include “Henry Lee Lucas” and various heavy hitters episodes.

Which episodes focus on true crime?

There are many episodes in LPOTL’s catalog that focus on true crime, including cases involving both notorious and lesser-known criminals. Heavy hitters episodes, for example, examine the lives and crimes of well-known serial killers, while other episodes may explore events like the murder of JonBenét Ramsey or the OJ Simpson trial.

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