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A Guide to Starting Your Dream Podcast Job

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Podcast Job

As a booming industry that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, podcasting offers many potential roles for those looking to break into the business. 

But what podcasting jobs are there, and what are the best ways to attain them? 

Podcasting Jobs: The Facts

There are a few jobs in the podcast industry that could be perfect for those wanting to break into the industry – ranging from various elements of production and post-production. 

Podcast Producer

This is perhaps the most important role on the set of any podcast.

While these roles are generally undertaken by the podcast host on smaller productions, on more established shows the producer is not only in charge of making sure the camera equipment is optimized, and the sound is perfect for production, but they are also responsible for editing the whole thing together. 

This varies somewhat from other ‘producing’ roles, such as those held within the TV and film industries, in that it is not a managerial position – more of a ‘producer’ position in the truest sense of the word, i.e. producing episodes of a podcast. 

The extent of the responsibilities that a producer will have on a podcast varies depending on the success level and the scale of the operation, and it is not uncommon for successful podcasts to have several people handling different aspects of production and post-production. 

Skills that can come in handy in the different aspects of podcast development include public relations, marketing strategies, audio engineering, budget management, and project management.

The producer should also have a good understanding of the podcast’s content, and audio editing software. They should also be able to work with presenters to create engaging content that meets industry standards.

Social Media Curator

The key to podcast production success is a strong online presence, and as such this is an important part of the whole process – and one that requires an equally skilled social media curator, who knows the best way to create viral moments, and encourage an upward trajectory. 

These roles are incredibly common within the current state of the industry, and in many cases are the best way to get on board and get started in the world of podcasting. 

As well as posting on social media platforms, you could also be tasked with creating content for sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, as well as communicating with requests and queries from fans and customers via email and social media applications. 

These roles tend to require more flexible schedule, and aren’t generally isolated to office hours – meaning that a degree of passion and drive is required in order to live and breathe what the podcast stands for. 


Depending on the nature of the podcast you want to be involved with, you could use any artistic skills you have to design things like logos, emojis, and website banners for podcasts. 

This is more of a freelance endeavor, and requires a degree of skill, savvy, and technological know-how – but remains a fulfilling part of the industry, and one that many podcasters rely on to create a strong, visual aesthetic. 

The Host

Of course, you could be the host of the podcast, but this is incredibly unusual unless you create a podcast under your own steam. 

Granted, if you have a degree of success with performing and presenting, and you happen to sign a contract with a podcasting network, then you have a distinct chance of jumping on board a planned podcast project, but by and large, this only really happens through independent projects. 

Ultimately, people will want to watch and listen to you if you have the goods – which in the case of podcasting means a) a specific skill set or qualification that makes you an authority on a subject (such as mental health etc), or b) have a substantial following, and a distinct presenting style that makes you an attractive asset. 

What Is The Best Course Of Action? 

What Is The Best Course Of Action? 

The best course of action very much depends on which area of podcasting you are wanting to break into. 

Technical Roles

If you are interested in joining a podcast in a technical support capacity – such as a producer, editor, or social media curator – then these things can be applied for in the same way that any other job could be, either through arts specific job applications, or through a specific company’s website. 

Podcast Editor Jobs

These generally have more clearly defined skills, and allow for a much more conventional career trajectory, depending on the skills and qualifications you might have. 

Creative Roles

If you want to fulfill a creative role, such as the podcast host or a designer, then the process is a little different. 

As mentioned above, the best way to become a host is to create your own podcast, which you will then have creative control over, and have a degree of control over the steps you wish to make. 

If you are looking to undertake design work for podcasts, then this tends to be freelance contract work, and will require you as the designer to develop a portfolio highlighting your best work.

This tends to act in place of a resume in most cases, and shows potential employers that you have the right skills for their needs. 

Is Podcasting Tough To Get Into? 

This entirely depends on the sort of role you are looking to attain, and the nature of the project you are working on.

It is worth saying that most podcasts are either self-started projects, or the side projects of people who are already famous and influential – such as celebrities, comedians, and various industry experts. 

The best way to undertake any creative role is to try and do it yourself, and there are countless networking events and conferences that let potential podcasters form teams, and make like-minded allies in the business. 

The process is still very DIY, which will play in your favor!

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about podcasting jobs, and the best ways to attain them as a beginner. 

The podcasting industry is exciting and vibrant, and remains popular for numerous reasons, making it an attractive career for those with the skills, the inclination, and the proper work ethic. 

Matt Brook

With a background in Journalism and years of experience in the industry, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge to the WiredClip team.

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