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Electro-Voice RE20 Review

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Electro-Voice RE20 Review

Are you currently in search of a new microphone? Whether you’ve recently decided to start streaming to a live audience or you simply want to invest in your podcast to take it to new heights – the right equipment is an absolute must.

If you’ve already begun to do some research of your own, then we’re sure that you’ll have already heard of the Electro-Voice RE20.

A classic in the podcasting and streaming community, this microphone is known for its dynamic design and high quality sound.

But, despite the rave reviews that this microphone gets, is it worth all the hype that it gets? This is what we are here to help you uncover. 

So, if you’re currently in the market for a new mic for streaming or podcasting and you’re curious about the Electro-Voice RE20 – rest assured that you have come to the right place! (Also see, ‘How To Livestream A Podcast‘)

In this article, we are going to be taking a closer look at this mic to help you decide whether or not it is going to be the right option for your recording needs. 

Whenever you’re ready, just keep on reading! 

Electro-Voice RE20 Overview

If you don’t have much time and you’d like a quick summary of what you can expect to get from this mic if you do go ahead and purchase it – this section is for you. 

The Electro-Voice RE20 is an industry-standard dynamic mic specifically designed to offer maximum background rejection abilities, all while ensuring that the quality of the vocals being recorded is not compromised in any way.

As with most dynamic mics, you and your guests can enjoy a deep, rich, and authentic sound quality that captures vocals accurately and without any distortion. Impressive or what?

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As for the build? The Electro-Voice RE20 is durable – which means that this mic can withstand general wear and tear, without any issues.

The only potential downside here is that due to the bulkiness of this mic, you might struggle with mounting it successfully. 

You might also be interested to learn that the Electro-Voice also features a variable D response, which ensures that you will be able to enjoy a uniform and smooth sound of your vocals no matter how close or far away from the microphone that you happen to be.

Variable D is a patented technology that eliminates the need for loudspeakers or other accessories to get an even sound field. The RE20 is a great choice if you’re looking for top-notch audio quality while still having the ability to adjust your sound in post-processing.

Variable D makes the RE20 great as a versatile mic that also excels in recording electric bass and acoustic guitars.

We really like this, as it means that you can hold a conversation or switch seating positions while recording without causing any changes to the quality of the recorded audio. 


  • Excellent value for money
  • D response for authentic, crisp vocal capture
  • Industry standard design at par with top broadcast microphones
  • Dynamic, ideal for podcasters and streamers


  • Bulky size

Electro-Voice RE20 Sound Quality

electro voice re20 models

Described as being “industry standard” the RE20 dynamic microphone has built up a reputation for being one of the best dynamic broadcast mics in the industry – and for good reason, too.

Compared to condenser mics, the RE20 provides a much-needed level of durability and flexibility that is often lost with condensers. Its design helps to capture clean, warm tones in any environment without the need for extra processing or EQ.

Specifically optimized for live broadcasts, the RE20 mic offers impressively high rejection ability across all types of background noises.

The RE20 has been used by major broadcasters and radio stations for years, including NPR, BBC Radio One, and ESPN – all of which speak to its quality and reliability.

Its wide frequency response makes it capable of delivering a full range of sound, from low-end rumble to high-frequency detail. It also has an internal pop filter that reduces low-frequency hums and noises, keeping your recordings free from unwanted noise.

The RE20 mic has a huge dynamic diaphragm that helps to capture and deliver the fullest possible range of sound, giving you the most natural-sounding recordings.

There’s also a super thick foam windscreen included in the package to ensure that your recordings stay clean and free from unwanted ambient noise.

As a side note, given the fact that this is a dynamic broadcast mic – many people often tend to feel put off by the potential risk of an RF-interference.

However, the good news is that the RE20 has been carefully designed with a thick, metal body that neutralizes any signals that this mic potentially picks up when recording.

With its rugged construction, wide frequency response, and internal filter and shock mount, the RE20 is a great choice for anyone wanting an industry-standard dynamic mic.

Bundles are also available with a mic stand and XLR cable, so you can be sure that your recordings are captured with the highest quality possible.

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Electro-Voice RE20: Additional Key Features

1. Durable Design

Along with the impressive sound quality that this microphone offers, it is also worth keeping in mind that the RE20 has also been built to last, too.

It features a super tough metal body that has been carefully engineered to resist damage, as well as general wear and tear.

However, despite the fact that this mic has been built with longevity in mind – the bulky size might make this mic a little harder to mount than other models currently out there on the market. 

2. Big Sweet Spot

As we have already briefly mentioned in a previous point above, the RE20 also has a pretty large sweet spot that we think is super impressive – especially given the price.

Unlike other mics on the market right now, the RE20 has been given a huge sweet spot which means that you will be able to change the proximity of your vocals to the mic without any change to the audio sounds quality.

This makes it ideal for recording vocals, where it is common for speakers to move while speaking, or even change their seating position. 

When used on kick drum, bass and other low-frequency sources, the RE20 can deliver a powerful sound that is both punchy and dynamic. Kick drums are specially enhanced with the RE20’s natural-sounding lows.

The bass roll off switch is incredibly handy, too. It helps to reduce any unwanted low-frequency rumble or noise that might be picked up during recording.

Its internal shockmount also helps to minimize handling noise and vibration. This makes it great for use in areas where there’s a lot of movement or vibration, such as on stage or in the recording studio.

3. Ability To Reject Background Noise

Last but certainly not least, the final key feature that you should consider when deciding whether or not this mic is going to be right for you is its ability to reject background noise (also see, ‘How to Make Your Mic Sound Better‘).

Featuring a dynamic design, the RE20 has the ability to offer you the maximum background rejection possible, which means that unwanted sounds such as a chair scrape, fallen object or even reaching for a drink will not be picked up by the mic.

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The Bottom Line: Should You Buy The Electro-Voice RE20 Microphone?

man recording a podcast while standing up

Should you buy the Electro-Voice RE20 microphone?

All in all, there’s simply no denying that the RE20 is a fantastic piece of equipment that has been carefully optimized for vocal recording – so it’s an ideal choice for podcasters, streamers and those that want to broadcast live sessions. 

The microphone is considered to be an industry standard as far as condenser microphones and studio microphones are concerned.

It features a variable D response that will be able to give you the peace of mind that no matter how much you or your guest speakers might move around while talking – the sound quality will stay totally uniform and consistent for the entirety of the recording. 

Along with this convenience, it is also worth keeping in mind that the RE20 is able to offer you maximum sound rejection of unwanted background noise, all while ensuring that the quality of the vocals that it is recording is not compromised in any way shape, or form.

Even though this isn’t a lightweight and cheap condenser mic (which might make it more difficult to mount), the RE20 offers consistent sound quality that has been specifically optimized for vocals and even radio broadcasting.

For these, we think that it’s a must-have and a go to vocal mic for any upcoming podcaster or streamer. 

Thanks for reading, we hope that this guide has been helpful to you. 

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