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Spotify Wrapped For Podcasters

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Spotify Wrapped For Podcasters

Who’s excited for Spotify Wrapped this year? 🌟

If you’re a podcast creator, especially with Spotify’s booming popularity in Central and South America, you’re in for a treat! Not only does Spotify offer a seamless platform for sharing your podcast, but it also provides crucial data to track your growth and performance.

But let’s talk about the highlight: Spotify Wrapped. It’s not just for music enthusiasts! Did you know it includes podcasts too? As a podcaster, you’ll get a comprehensive rundown of your podcast’s annual performance.

Whether you’re new to Spotify Wrapped or eagerly awaiting this year’s insights, our guide dives into how it works for podcasters. Discover how to leverage your podcast data and share your success with Spotify’s engaging “summary video” of the past year.

Ready to unwrap your podcast’s success story? Let’s dive into Spotify Wrapped for podcasters! 🎧🚀

Key Takeaways from Spotify Wrapped 2023

CategoryTop Contributor
Most-Streamed ArtistTaylor Swift
Top Global Song“Flowers” by Miley Cyrus
Most-Streamed Album“Un Verano Sin Ti” by Bad Bunny
Top PodcastThe Joe Rogan Experience
Rising GenreAfrobeats
Cultural ImpactEurovision’s Influence
Trending Music SceneColombian Enthusiasm for Mexican Music

When was Spotify Wrapped 2023?

Spotify Wrapped 2023 debuted on November 29th, earlier than the expected timeline of the first week of December.

2023 Wrapped on Spotify: Key Features

  • 🎵 Your Favorite Artists & Songs: Discover which artists and songs you listened to the most over the year.
  • 🎧 Podcast Playback: Recap of the podcasts you had on repeat.
  • 🔍 Personalized Insights: Get a deeper look into your audio preferences uniquely tailored to your listening habits.
  • 🗣️ Conversation Starter: Share and compare your Wrapped highlights with friends and the wider community.
  • 🌟 Exclusive to Spotify: Available only for Spotify users.
  • Easy Access: You just need a Spotify account and several hours spent listening to your favorite tracks and podcasts.

2023 Wrapped for Podcasters Preparation

Personalize Your Show Page

  • Add Recommendations: Guide new listeners to your “Best Place to Start” episode and share favorite content on Spotify.
  • Link Social Accounts: Connect social profiles to increase interaction and reach.

Engage Your Audience

  • Create Q&As and Polls: Increase listener engagement and potentially double content consumption.
  • Publish Listener Responses: Share and highlight listener interactions on your episode page.

Wrapped for Podcasters is Coming

Get ready for exclusive data on your show, your fans, and the biggest insights of the year. Enhance your show’s visibility and appeal to a broader audience.

🚨 Use the Spotify for podcasters checklist to ensure you are ready for #Wrapped2023

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What Is Spotify Wrapped, Exactly?

Before we get any further, we think it would be a good idea to outline what Spotify Wrapped is, as this will help you understand how you can utilize it as a podcaster this year.

To cut a long story short, Spotify Wrapped is essentially a viral marketing campaign created by Spotify that was first launched back in 2016.

Once a year (typically at the beginning of December), Spotify releases a compilation of data showing each user their unique activity and listening habits in a fun and engaging video.

Spotify Wrapped is a video summarizing each user’s recent year on Spotify.

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This includes top artists, the most popular podcast, and music genres. This is a list that typically includes comedy shows like The Joe Rogan Experience and shows that a true crime junkie loves, such as True Crime Garage.

But, that’s not all.

Besides being made available annually to users of the platform, Spotify Wrapped is also made available to Spotify’s creators, including shows created by the world’s top artists all the way to podcasters and more.

If you’ve already experienced Spotify Wrapped as a user, then we’re sure that you’ll already be familiar with the format, which goes like this:

In the weeks following the release, Spotify will hint on social media of its arrival to create a buzz.

This isn’t hard to do as one of the year’s most anticipated events.

Then, during the day, Spotify greets each user with a pop-up window to transport them to their own Spotify Wrapped video.

So, how does it work for podcasters? This brings us to our next section.

How Does Spotify Wrapped Work For Podcasters?

So, now that we’ve covered how Spotify works, we’re sure that you’ll now be keen to learn a little more about how it works for podcasters.

To cut a long story short, Spotify Wrapped essentially works for creators in a similar way to its users.

How Does Spotify Wrapped Work For Podcasters?

When Spotify Wrapped is ready, you can access your Spotify Wrapped video directly from your Podcasters Dashboard area, which all podcast creators are given access to on Spotify.

As a podcaster, we’re sure you’ll already be familiar with Spotify’s podcast dashboard area.

The podcast dashboard is designed to help podcast creators understand how their show or newly published content performs.

It provides various analytical statistics, including big wins, time spent listening, episode streams, fan behavior, content played, and other relevant listener data that creators can utilize to improve their podcast shows.

That being said, the addition of Spotify Wrapped for creators can also be utilized to help understand how a podcast is performing and gain insights on attracting more listeners.

If this is your first year as a podcaster on Spotify, you can expect to receive a summary video of your podcast’s year that will include a variety of additional interesting facts about your podcast, including top episodes, the top countries, and other fun facts.

Does Spotify wrapped include podcasts?

Yes, Spotify now includes Spotify Wrapped podcasts. Podcasters can use this feature to analyze their show rankings and gain insights into listener engagement. Discover how Spotify Wrapped for Podcasts 2023 can help you enhance your podcast’s performance and audience reach.

Why Do Podcasters Have Spotify Wrapped?

person listening to spotify on phone

As mentioned above, Spotify has become an increasingly popular platform for creators to host their episodes.

So, it should also come as no surprise to hear that podcast consumption on Spotify has increased steadily since the year that it was first made available, with over a 39% increase on average for each quarter.

When you pair all of this information with the fact that there are over 500,000 podcasts currently available on Spotify to stream (and that figure is ever-growing) it only makes sense that Spotify should include podcast creators in their yearly wrap-up event.

Even though Spotify Wrapped is a super fun event that almost every Spotify user looks forward to, Spotify Wrapped is also a great way for podcasters to be able to gain insight into listening trends and other data facts that otherwise might not be made available via the podcast creator dashboard area.

Plus, besides being an absolutely great way to see how your podcast performed while simultaneously serving as a tool to create a marketing strategy for the following year – Spotify Wrapped is also a celebration of your podcast show’s achievements and milestones over the previous year. 

A Personal Insight: Leveraging Spotify Wrapped for Podcast Growth

spotify wrapped personal experience

Exploring Spotify Wrapped opened my eyes to the power of connection through podcasting.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t always the episodes I expected that captured my attention the most.

This revelation showed me the depth of content that resonates with listeners, often beyond the reach of marketing efforts.

The geographical insights were equally enlightening. Learning about where other listeners were tuning in from helped me feel part of a broader, diverse community

When podcasters shared their Spotify-wrapped summaries, it brought us closer to the creators. It was like being part of an annual celebration, highlighting our shared journey through the content.

This sharing built a stronger listener community and emphasized the significance of being guided by listener preferences and the unique bond between podcasters and their audience.

What Happened Previous Years in Spotify Wrapped

Here is a breakdown of the top songs, artists, and podcasts for Spotify Wrapped 2022. I’m excited to see what happened in around a month’s time with Spotify Wrapped 2023.

Spotify Podcast Charts – Updated

Spotify Wrapped 2022

Top Global Artists

  1. Bad Bunny: Most-streamed artist globally since 2020.
  2. Taylor Swift: Second-most-streamed artist globally.
  3. Drake and The Weeknd: Among top five, representing Toronto.
  4. BTS: K-Pop sensation in top five global artists.

Most Viral Artists Globally

  1. Taylor Swift: Top spot with ‘Midnights’.
  2. The Weeknd and Bad Bunny: Following closely behind.
  3. BTS and Lana Del Rey: Complete top five for viral artists.

Top Global Songs

  1. As It Was” by Harry Styles: Most-streamed song globally.
  2. Heat Waves” by Glass Animals: Second place.
  3. STAY” by The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber: Third place.
  4. Two songs by Bad Bunny in the top five.

Top Global Albums

  1. Un Verano Sin Ti‘ by Bad Bunny: Most-streamed album.
  2. Harry’s House‘ by Harry Styles: Second place.
  3. SOUR‘ by Olivia Rodrigo: Third most-streamed.
  4. Albums by Ed Sheeran and Doja Cat in top five.

Top Global Podcasts

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience: Most popular podcast of the year.
  2. Call Her Daddy: Second most popular.
  3. Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain: Third place.
  4. Caso 63: A multi-language podcast in fourth.
  5. Crime Junkie: Completes the top five.

Global Trends

  • Nostalgia: Dominant in listener queues.
  • 2022 Aesthetics: Defined by varied audio preferences.
  • Wedding Celebrations: Post-pandemic rise in related content.
  • ‘Little Miss’ Memes & Corn Kid: Influential memes.
  • Show and Movie Themes: Reflect broader interests.

Additional Highlights

  • Most-Streamed in the U.S.: Includes Kanye West, Morgan Wallen.
  • Most-Streamed K-Pop Artists: Led by BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE.
  • Songs with Most Shared Lyrics: Tracks by various artists.
  • Spotify’s Global EQUAL Playlist: Top artists featured.

Spotify Wrapped 2023

Top Global Artists

  • Taylor Swift: 2023’s most-streamed artist globally.
  • Bad Bunny: Continues his streak with “Un Verano Sin Ti.”
  • Harry Styles: Solidifies his position with the hit “As It Was.”
  • Miley Cyrus: Captures global attention with “Flowers.”

Top Global Songs

  • Flowers” by Miley Cyrus: The most-streamed song globally, with over 1.6 billion streams, showcasing its widespread acclaim.
  • Kill Bill” by SZA: Another top global song, contributing significantly to the year’s streaming trends.
  • As It Was” by Harry Styles: Continues to be a notable hit, maintaining its popularity from the previous year.

Global Trends

  • Eurovision Impact: Songs from the contest, like “Tattoo” by Loreen, saw a spike in streams.
  • Genreless/Genre-hybrid Trend: Gen Z’s listening habits reflect a seamless movement between various music styles.
  • Rise in Mexican Music in Colombia: Demonstrated an 85% increase in consumption, highlighting cross-cultural music trends.
  • Growth of Indian Classical Music: Showed a significant increase in streams, especially among younger listeners.

Top Global Podcasts

  • The Joe Rogan Experience: Maintained its position as the top podcast globally, marking its fourth consecutive year at the top.
  • Call Her Daddy: Continued to capture listeners’ attention, securing the second spot again.
  • Huberman Lab: Ranked third, reflecting the growing interest in science and education topics.
  • Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain: Took the fourth spot, resonating with younger audiences.

Top Global Albums

  • Un Verano Sin Ti” by Bad Bunny was the most streamed album for the second consecutive year, demonstrating Bad Bunny’s global impact.
  • Midnights” by Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift’s album followed closely, showcasing her enduring appeal.
  • SOS” by SZA: Claimed the third spot, reflecting her strong presence in the music industry.
  • Starboy” by The Weeknd: Continues to be a favorite, securing a spot in the top albums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my Wrapped?

You can access Wrapped in the Spotify mobile app by tapping “Home” and selecting the Wrapped feed. On desktop or web, visit

What dates does Wrapped cover?

Wrapped covers your streaming activity from the start of the year up to a few weeks before its launch.

Is Wrapped available on Spotify Lite?

Wrapped is not available on Spotify Lite; it’s accessible through the main Spotify app and the website.

Does the frequency of listens order the ‘Your Top Songs 2023’ playlist?

Yes, the songs are arranged from most to least frequently played.

Do Private Sessions and offline listening count towards Wrapped?

Yes, both offline listening and Private Session listening are included in Wrapped’s total playtime and chart statistics.

Final Thoughts

There we have it! You’ve made it to the end of our guide.

Now that you have taken the time to read through all of the above, we hope that we have been able to clear up any confusion you might have had surrounding Spotify Wrapped for podcasters, as well as helped you to learn more about what type of data you can expect to get from it as the creator.

Thank you for reading!

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