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Podcasts For Road Trips – Listeners Favourites

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Podcasts For Road Trips

There’s nothing that gets friends or family together and lets us take in the beautiful sites around us like a good long road trip.

The reason we take road trips is not simply to get from point A to B, it’s all about living in the moment and experiencing the adventure on the way, seeing where we end up and what we see.

While music can work well to keep us occupied on our travels, a podcast works even better creating an ongoing discussion that we can dial in and out of ensuring the experience never gets stale.

For a road trip, you are going to need a podcast that is interesting but still informative, something you can really get invested in while you drive, so with that being said here are the most exciting podcasts to listen to while you embark on a road trip either alone or with some company.

#1 The Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries

A podcast all about the wonders of adventures including skiing, climbing, racing, hiking and so much more, in this podcast outdoor writer Fitz Cahall talks with a different guest each week about their own experiences out in the wilderness and some of the crazy unexpected stories that came with it.

Since episodes have been released weekly since 2007, there is a huge variety of unique and interesting adventures to learn from and listen to while you embark on an journey of your own.

With each episode only being around half an hour, you get a quick dose of an adventurous story that is not long winded and gets straight to the point, making each episode so fun to listen to.

#2 What We Said Podcast

What We Said Podcast

In this podcast, best friends Jaci Marie Smith and Chelsey Jade Curtis get into some fun, banterous and reminiscent stories from their memories being young in high school, as well as how much the world has changed and the type of people they have grown to become since then.

This podcast really makes you feel like you’re having a carefree chat with some friends about some of our most memorable moments in life, along with many other aspects of life including eating habits, entrepreneurship and a whole range of other topics, you never know what conversations could pop up.

With listeners being able to submit their own stories which are shared in a segment of each episode, it really does feel like one big hangout which is great for a longer road journey.

#3 Family Road Trip Trivia Podcast

Family Road Trip Trivia Podcast

If you have a full car and want some background entertainment while you chat and drive to keep you and the kids occupied, each episode Brittany Gibbons and one to two other guests play a game of trivia with a whole range of topics ranging from history to SpongeBob Squarepants.

With each episode being 10 to 20 minutes, you get a great amount of questions that vary from being easy to ones that require deeper thinking, making for an exciting challenge for the whole family as you pass across some beautiful sites.

#4 Road Trippin’

Road Trippin’

If you’re interested in getting clued up on the recent developments in sports including the NFL and NBA, then the Road Trippin’ podcast is a great and exciting experience as the hour long episodes go by so fast with how fun and engaging the conversations are.

While most episodes are based on more recent popular stories in the sporting world, there are some that take time to reflect on athletes from the past and key moments that helped make their favorite games so exciting.

As a podcast that really makes you feel like you’re kicking back with some friends while you take a long peaceful drive away from the stresses of the world, Road Trippin is a great causal pick.

#5 Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie

Many of us are fascinated by chilling crime stories and conspiracies that are often shown in documentaries, however the Crime Junkie podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat provides an intricate and intriguing look into not only high profile crimes, but also stories about missing persons, conspiracies and infamous cases with some great compelling storytelling throughout.

If you are the type of person who is fascinated by these mysterious stories and would love to learn more about them as part of a long drive, then definitely keep this podcast noted for when it gets a bit darker outside and you want something a bit more thrilling.


Because podcasts are more often than not based entirely on their audio, they are great for a radio trip where we don’t want to get too distracted but still want a compelling conservation to dial our brain into to keep us occupied.

Try out some of these podcasts to find a new favorite, or even combine them together to make for one long and exciting road trip.

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