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Podcast On Instagram: How to Create and Promote a Successful Podcast On Instagram

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Podcast On Instagram

Instagram’s popularity is not going to fade away any time soon.

The platform is expected to expand rapidly in the coming years, and it has already become the most mobile application among Americans aged 12 to 34.

Given these figures, there is absolutely no doubt that Instagram must become a key aspect of your podcast marketing plan.

So, how can you post your podcast on Instagram and grow your podcast listeners?

Is It Possible To Post My Podcast On My Instagram Account?

Yes, it is certainly possible. You certainly can! Even though Instagram is primarily a visual social media platform, there are several simple ways of using Instagram configurations to share your podcast via Stories, IGTV, and posts.

Posting Your Podcast On Your Instagram Stories

With apps like the Spreaker Podcast Player App, you can easily create Insta Stories by uploading one podcast episode from your show.

So, let’s see how that would work:

Download The Spreaker App

Using your mobile phone, iPad, iPhone, or tablet, download and launch the Spreaker Podcast Player App. If you haven’t already done so, you can do so for free from the relevant page.

Play The Episode And Then Click Share

Launch the App Player. Alternatively, when you’re on the app, pick and play the latest episode you wish to post on your Instagram Story.

The player screen includes every single one of the features you can use for listening to an episode as well as the options for interacting with it.

Find the Share button and click on it.

Select Instagram Story

Choose “Instagram stories” from the drop-down menu.

The application will send your podcast on the Instagram app for you to edit a Story with the episode’s cover and title.

Edit The Story

You can easily alter the size and placement of the cover, as well as add more visual elements if you wish to.

Make sure to add the episode’s link and redirect people to your podcast and make it simple for your podcast audience to listen to it with a single tap.

Share Your Story

After you have completed all these steps, share your Story with your Insta followers!

Alternatively, you can use podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts which offer sharing options for most social media.

This way, you can follow similar steps and get your podcast posted on your Stories.

Posting On IGTV

Posting On IGTV

Instagram has introduced the IGTV option, which enables users to publish video posts that are over 1 minute.

When you are simultaneously recording videos of your podcasts whilst hosting them, IGTV is then an excellent place to provide a longer preview of what is to come.

Alternatively, share a blooper video or other clips that can entice your followers to play your podcast and become members of your target audience.

Adding Your Podcast Link To Your Instagram Bio

Because Instagram is all about visuals (photos, videos, etc), your bio serves as the only spot where you can include a unique link.

Take advantage of this because text alternatives (such as post descriptions, and so on.) seem to be scarce.

Add your podcast’s link to lead your audience to your podcast’s website or page on any hosting platform, such as Spotify.

By including a link to your show’s website, your followers can learn more about it, beyond what is shown on your socials.

Because this will be the very first thing your existing, and future followers will see on your Instagram profile, it is a fantastic way to promote your brand and podcast show.

Posting On Your Profile And Creating A Catchy Instagram Feed

smartphone with instagram

As we have already noted, Instagram is a platform dedicated to visuals, so your posts are the most important thing when it comes to promoting your podcast on Instagram.

The best way to perfect your Instagram profile is by creating an eye-catching Instagram clip that is also coherent.

Even if you have already published some podcast episodes prior to creating your Insta account, start by adding posts from the oldest episodes and then get to the latest ones.

That way, you can have all the episode information on your feed and make it easier for your followers to see your podcast’s history by scrolling down.

The aesthetics of your feed are also important, so once you find your style, stick to it and try to create the perfect coherence along your posts.

Finally, regular posts and consistency are crucial if you want to keep your audience engaged, so even if your episodes go live fortnightly, create relevant content you can post throughout those two weeks in between.

Using The Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent way to narrow down your audience.

By using the appropriate hashtags in your podcast clip, you can have them appear in places where the right audience will see them.

However, the hashtag with the utmost significance is the one you will use for your own podcast.

This hashtag will be unique, and it typically will contain your podcast’s title or an abbreviation of it.

By generating a unique hashtag for your episode link, you can strengthen your brand’s image.

Add this hashtag to all your posts so that whenever someone clicks on it from your personal link, they can scroll down the entire gallery of your posts, any video clip, or other posts people make for your podcast and use your hashtag.

Other hashtags necessitate a bit more thought; they can assist you in reaching a larger audience while also directing audiences to your Instagram post and, ultimately, your podcast.

Look for recent trends and ubiquitous things relevant to what you’re discussing. When hashtags are used correctly, your posts will appear on Instagram’s Explore page.

Top tip: The optimal number of hashtags per post is 9-11, so aim for that in every post.

The Bottom Line

Podcast On Instagram

These are some of the best tips for making your podcast popular on Instagram and growing your follower base.

However, the most important thing to remember is that you, as the podcast host, are the main story behind the brand.

So, make sure to share a couple of things about yourself too!

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