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Mixcloud Vs Soundcloud: A Comparison

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mixcloud vs soundcloud

Choosing between Mixcloud vs. Soundcloud is one of the toughest decisions producers, musicians, and DJs have to make. The best option would be one that allows your fans to enjoy and track down your music. 

Soundcloud has a long history within the music industry which makes it the most popular option. However, Mixcloud has also been gaining popularity in recent years. 

While Mixcloud is typically favored among DJs and mix-tape designers, Soundcloud is targeted towards more indie musicians, DJs, podcasters, radio shows, and music producers. This is where you go for music outside of the mainstream. 

Both streaming services have their fair share of benefits and issues. With this in mind, this article will be diving into the two streaming services to find out which one comes on top. 

Introducing Soundcloud

Launched in 2007, Soundcloud provides professionals and musicians with the opportunity to share their music beyond Myspace.

This was a time when social media was dramatically changing and evolving, where people became disinterested in Myspace and, instead, turned towards Soundcloud.

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By 2012, the streaming service had already gained 15 million users.  Mostly serving as a personal music player, you can add albums, upload single tracks, playlists, and mashups to your Soundcloud profile – as long as they don’t infringe copyright restrictions.

Although, free users only have access to 3 hours of imported material. Moreover, downloading tracks on Soundcloud is simple.

As a free user, you can make up to 100 downloads, whereas professional users have access to 1,000 tracks. 

If you’re looking to generate interest in your music while building audience engagement, then Soundcloud is an excellent platform to do so. 

Benefits Of Soundcloud

  • Easy to access all kinds of content – You can upload anything from podcasts to DJ mixes on Soundcloud while having access to a range of music. 
  • Excellent audience engagement – Fans can comment, share, and like your content, providing instant feedback. 
  • Easy to use – Soundcloud’s interface is easy to use and straightforward; although, the mobile app could be tweaked to make it simpler. 
  • Data analytics – Easily check songs are gaining the most attention. 
  • Good audio quality options – Even without a premium service, you will receive great audio sound quality.

Issues With Soundcloud

Profitability, piracy, and label issues are among the largest problems related to Soundcloud. In 2014, the service lost approximately $43.9 million in revenue.

However, in 2016, their revenue was up once again at 43%. Due to Soundcloud’s impressive growth, record labels started demanding their shares in profit, while many users were involved in copyright problems (also see, ‘How To Use Copyrighted Music In Podcast‘)

To settle the piracy matter, Soundcloud implemented a new algorithm. However, some users argued that this was removing legitimate tracks.

The hardest hit were DJ mixes since they usually incorporated copyrighted material, whereby the appeal process was notoriously difficult. 

Introducing Mixcloud Mobile App

mixcloud logo

Launched in 2008, Mixcloud was released just after Soundcloud. In 2012, the streaming service recorded over 3 million active Mixcloud users.

Essentially, Mixcloud’s goal was to be the “YouTube” of radio, allowing producers and DJs the opportunity to share their music and allow legitimately download music files with a vast audience. 

Material can be easily monetized on this platform, even for DJ mixes! Whereby the system ensures that everyone is receiving the correct revenue for their share in the music.

In 2019, approximately 12 million people were visiting Mixcloud, with the majority of visitors from the U.S.

Benefits Of Mixcloud

While Mixcloud may not be as large as Soundcloud, it is growing at an impressive rate.

As of 2018, there were over 1 million audio creators on the platform, with approximately 12 million DJ sets uploaded to the site. Per day, Mixcloud claims to endorse over 1,000 hours of music. 

In addition to this, Mixcloud pulls around 10 million unique listeners a month, has approximately four hours of content uploaded per minute and has raised millions in financial support. 

Benefits of Mixcloud include:

  • Excellent reach – This allows you to gather new listeners within your target audiences.
  • Mix competitions – Upload DJ mixes and help to generate more attention for your DJ brand.
  • Great back-end environment – Extremely easy to use, even if you’re a beginner.
  • Ideal for longer tracks – As well as podcasts, DJ mixers, and radio shows that fall outside of the mainstream.
  • Fewer piracy issues – Fewer tracks are pulled down due to piracy claims. 

Issues With Mixcloud

Mixcloud Vs Soundcloud

While Mixcloud may sound great, it does contain its limitations. For instance, while you can stream audio online, it isn’t as sleek or streamlined as Soundcloud, and while it is generally easy to use, you may require more time navigating the content. 

Mixcloud can avoid more copyright issues with major music labels than Soundcloud; however, targeting your target audience can sometimes be difficult.

Moreover, there are no direct messaging systems on Mixcloud; therefore, you’re unable to connect with fans or other artists to collaborate with on the site. 

The occasional competitions are a great way to promote interest in your content; although, with thousands of entries, it’s difficult to win. 

Mixcloud Or Soundcloud App?

Mixcloud vs Soundcloud

Both streaming services are great tools for music creators to help make their mark in the digital world.

Soundcloud has the advantage of being in the right place at the right time when people started moving away from Myspace.

Despite Soundcloud’s huge popularity and massive audience, Mixcloud offers additional benefits, too. 

For instance, as previously mentioned, Soundcloud users suffer from vast piracy claim issues; therefore, if you’re looking to avoid this, Mixcloud may be better for you.

Other alternatives to consider would be:

Although, security is the only factor that holds Mixcloud over Soundcloud. 

Soundcloud remains triumphant over Mixcloud due to its ease of use and simplicity, a favorite among content lovers and music producers. 

Final Thoughts On Soundcloud And Mixcloud

While Mixcloud and Soundcloud essentially share similar content, they do so in vastly different ways and experiences.

If you’re looking for a platform where you can download tracks and not have to worry about copyright issues, then Mixcloud may be better for you.

On the other hand, for ease of use, popularity, and influence, you may want to consider Soundcloud.

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