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How To Gift Someone An Audible Membership

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How To Gift Someone An Audible Membership

Do you know someone who adores audiobooks and podcasts? If so, an Audible gift membership will be an amazing gift for them.

So for the book lovers of your life’s birthday or Christmas, you may want to gift them with Audible gift memberships.

Luckily, it’s super simple to gift a membership. If you are unsure of how to do this, our helpful guide will lead you through the entire process.

How To Gift An Audible Membership

Ideal for people who love listening to podcasts and audiobooks, membership will allow the recipient to listen to a wide assortment of online materials. All you have to do is:

  1. On your device, locate the Audible Gift Center.
  2. Choose the membership that you want. There are four different levels of membership. The first level lasts for one month, the second is for three months, the third is for six months, and the final is for twelve months. You should bear in mind that the price increases for every membership.
  3. Once you have made your decision, click “Gift Membership”.
  4. On this next page, enter all of the details that are required. This includes your name and the email address of the recipient. You must pick whether you want to print the membership card off or whether it will be sent by email. Moreover, you can add a note with this gift, which allows you to personalize it.
  5. Click “Continue”. You will then be presented with more personalization options, which is a great way of ensuring that this gift suits the recipient. Once you have made your selections, press “Continue.”
  6. You will then be able to see a preview of your purchase. If you are unhappy with these choices, simply go back to change them. Meanwhile, if you are satisfied, press “Buy Now.” You may need to add financial details if you have not already provided them.
  7. If you chose to email the Audible membership, it will be sent to the recipient on the date that you selected. Meanwhile, if you opted to print it out, you will now be able to do so!
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How To Gift An Audible Audiobook

Have you been nagging your friend to read one of your favorite books? 

If you think that someone will enjoy a specific audiobook but you don’t want to pay for a long Audible account membership, Audible has an option that enables you to buy specific audiobooks.

This way, you can give someone a specific audiobook as a present. To do this, all you need to do is:

How To Gift An Audible Audiobook
  1. Find the specific audiobook on your Audible app that you wish to give as a gift. Click on this book to take you to its summary page.
  2. Tap “Give as gift.” You will now be presented with numerous purchasing options to gift audiobooks. 
  3. Choose whether you wish to pay using a credit card/ debit card or Audible Credit. If you opt for the latter payment method, you must ensure that you have enough gift membership credits to cover the cost of the audiobook. Coupons will not be a valid payment option when purchasing an audiobook.
  4. Now, you will have to decide how you want the recipient to receive this lovely gift. They can either be sent in the form of an email or you can be given a printable gift card, which can be given to the recipient.
  5. Provide the necessary information, such as the email address of the receiver and your full name.
  6. Check that all of the information is correct. If there is anything you want to change about the order now is the perfect opportunity. If you are satisfied, click “Confirm purchase.”
  7. Depending on which option you selected, access to the audiobook will either be sent to the giftee or will be given to you. If you selected this second option, you can print off an aesthetically pleasing gift card to give to your friend, colleague, or family member. You will also be provided with instructions on how to print and fold this card.

What Is Audible?

Founded in 1995, Audible is an online service that delivers amazing audiobooks and phenomenal podcasts.

It is the largest audiobook provider in the United States, demonstrating just how popular the service is.

Audible is home to an impressive collection of audiobooks, both new and old. This includes many best-selling books, meaning that you are practically guaranteed to find something that you enjoy.

Interestingly, Audible is a subsidiary of So if you thought that the layout looked very similar to that of, this will explain why.

Is Audible Worth It?

audible listening on mobile phone

If you eagerly consume books, Audible is certainly worth it. It is particularly targeted at people who enjoy audiobooks, so it may not be as beneficial if you prefer physical copies.

As a consequence, we firmly believe that Audible memberships make great gifts.

This is especially true of people who read regularly, as it can save them a fortune when buying books. Not to mention, audiobooks are more convenient than physical copies.

Alternatively, the ability to gift specific audiobooks is a wonderful idea because it enables you to recommend books that are suitable for the recipient.

Have you ever read a book and thought that a friend or family member would love it? If so, this is the ideal solution.

The great news about Audible is that it offers a 30-day free trial. Therefore, if you are unsure as to whether this service is suitable for you, simply test it out without any obligations.

Just remember to carefully consider the various membership options before committing to one of them.

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Final Thoughts

If you know someone with a passion for reading, audiobooks are an amazing gift. This is because they are more flexible than books since you can access them on your phone.

These podcasts and audiobooks are ideal for listening to whilst traveling to work or relaxing at home.

So if you think that an Audible membership is a fantastic gift for one of your friends or family members, use this simple technique to make them incredibly happy!

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