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Amazon Audible Review: Unbiased Insights on Features

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Amazon Audible Review

As an avid book lover, I found myself struggling to find time to sit down and read. That’s when I decided to give Amazon Audible – the popular audiobook service – a try. Having explored the various aspects of the platform, I discovered some pros and cons that could help others decide if it’s worth investing in.

In 2023, Amazon Audible isn’t just about audiobooks anymore. Now, they’ve got a ton of podcasts too. Sure, Spotify is still the big name when we talk about podcasts, but Audible is catching up.

But, is their podcast game strong? Should you pick Audible or just stick with Spotify? Let’s break it down and find out!

Amazon Audible offers different membership options, catering to various budgets and preferences. With a vast library of audiobooks, podcasts, and other content, the platform has something for everyone. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with a range of devices, making it convenient for users on the go.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon Audible provides a range of membership options and pricing plans.
  • The platform features a diverse selection of content, including audiobooks and podcasts.
  • Audible is compatible with various devices, ensuring convenience for users.
Audible Plus
  • Leading Audiobook Platform
  • Podcast Originals
  • Popular Podcast Offerings
🔍 Category📌 Details
🎧 Membership OptionsAudible Premium Plus: $14.95/month (1 credit/month, unlimited listening, keep any book)
Audible Plus: $7.95/month (unlimited listening, don’t keep books)
📚 Library SizeOver 200,000 audiobooks
🛍️ Relation with Amazon PrimeNot free with Prime. But, Prime members get 2 books during the Audible Premium Plus free trial.
🆓 Free Trial30 days. Books you get during the trial are yours to keep.
🤔 Subscription Needed?No. But you get more benefits with one.
📖 Keeping Books after CancelingAny book bought or received with credits remains in your library.
👍 Pros – Unlimited listening with any subscription
– Huge exclusive selection
– User-friendly app
– 30% off on audiobooks
– Various affordable plans
👎 Cons – Can’t keep books with Audible Plus
– Owned by Amazon, so focus might vary.
🔗 Trial LinkTry Audible Free for 30 Days

Membership and Pricing

Subscription Plans

I found out that Audible offers two main subscription plans, which cater to the needs of different users. The Audible Premium Plus plan gives you access to a vast library, and with it, you can choose a title to keep each month and listen to any title they have. Audible also offers a more affordable option called Audible Plus, which essentially functions as a streaming service for audiobooks, allowing you to listen to as many books as you want within any given month.

Amazon Audible Membership

Cost of Membership

The cost of membership varies depending on your chosen plan. For the Audible Premium Plus plan, you can either choose the monthly membership, which comes at a usual price of $14.95 per month, or the annual plan. If you’re on a budget, the Audible Plus subscription could be a better option as it’s more affordable.

Discounts and Offers

Audible often features special offers and discounts for new subscribers. One example is the occasional sales on their popular Gold monthly membership, allowing potential users to save some money on their first few months. Additionally, there are daily deals available to all members, and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you might get added bonuses when using Audible.

For those who want to give the gift of an Audible membership, you can learn how to gift someone an Audible membership easily, making it the perfect gift for friends or family who love audiobooks and podcasts.

Content and Features

Audible Library

I appreciate the extensive library Audible offers, which includes over 470,000 audiobook titles. As a member, I receive a certain number of credits each month, allowing me to redeem them for audiobooks of my choice. This provides a flexible way for me to explore new selections and enjoy my favorite genres.

Audible Originals

In addition to their vast audiobook collection, Audible also produces their own Originals. These are high-quality, exclusive works created specifically for Audible members. Some Originals even resemble podcasts, offering unique listening experiences that engage my interests.

Sleep Timer and Bookmark

I find the sleep timer feature particularly useful when winding down at night or during a long drive. It allows me to set a timer for the narration to automatically pause, ensuring I don’t lose my place in the story. The bookmark function is another great addition, making it easy for me to save specific passages I want to revisit later.



One feature I appreciate is Whispersync, which seamlessly syncs my audiobooks across devices, including any synced Kindle e-books. It allows me to easily switch between reading and listening without losing my place, providing a truly engaging and immersive experience.

Throughout my Audible membership, I have enjoyed a free trial and the vast selection of available audiobooks. The well-designed features have greatly enhanced my listening experience, allowing me to enjoy my favorite books in a more convenient way.

Device Compatibility

Mobile Devices

I have found that Audible is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices. Their app is available for free on iOS, Android, and Fire Tablets. The app offers a convenient listening experience with various helpful features that enhance my enjoyment of audiobooks.

books to podcasts

Desktop Compatibility

In addition to mobile devices, I can also access and listen to my favorite audiobooks on desktop and laptop computers. Audible has a Windows application that allows me to download audiobooks and play them offline, perfect for when I am working on my computer.

Alexa Integration

I love that Audible has seamless Alexa integration, allowing me to listen to audiobooks on my Alexa-enabled devices. This feature is excellent for when I want to multitask, and it makes my audiobook experience more convenient and enjoyable. To start listening, I simply ask Alexa to play my audiobook, and she instantly picks up from where I left off. This seamless integration makes listening to audiobooks a breeze, no matter which device I am using.

Audible Membership Plans |

Extensive library of audiobooks, podcasts, Audible Originals

Keep the books you purchase

Understanding Audible

What is Audible?

As someone who loves books but might not always have the time to sit down and read, I find Audible to be a fantastic solution. Audible is a leading audiobook subscription service that offers a wide range of audio content, including books, radio programs, and even TV shows. With the option to listen to content on my own time, I can do other things while still enjoying a good book.

Audible recently introduced a feature called Audible Plus, which provides subscribers with access to a vast library of audiobooks and podcasts as part of their monthly membership. This selection includes many genres and caters to different tastes, ensuring that I never run out of interesting content.

Audible and Amazon

Being an Amazon company, Audible seamlessly integrates with existing Amazon services. One example of this is the question of whether Audible is free to Prime members. While Audible is not completely free, Prime members still receive some benefits, such as access to a selection of audiobooks and discounts on monthly subscription fees.

As a book-lover who uses Amazon services, this integration allows me to transfer my audiobooks to my Kindle devices, giving me additional flexibility in how I consume my content. The synchronization also extends to the Amazon ecosystem with features such as WhisperSync, enabling me to switch between reading and listening without losing my progress in the book.

Overall, the content and integration Audible offers make it a valuable service for those looking to consume literature in a different, more convenient way.

Customer Experience

Customer Service

As a user of Amazon Audible, I find their customer service to be quite helpful. Whenever I’ve needed assistance, the customer service representatives were friendly and prompt in resolving my issues. They offer multiple options for support, such as phone, email, and live chat, making it easy for customers to get help when needed. Additionally, Amazon’s Help Center provides a wealth of information and troubleshooting tips, helping me find answers quickly without necessarily having to contact their support team directly.

User Interface

One of the aspects I appreciate most about Audible is its user-friendly interface. The app is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for someone new to audiobooks. The library and wishlist are easy to manage, and discovering new titles is a breeze thanks to Audible’s curated recommendations and search functionality. The audiobook player offers a clean design, with the essential controls at my fingertips, such as playback speed and bookmarking options. Overall, I enjoy using Audible because the experience is focused on simplicity and functionality.


When it comes to support, Audible doesn’t disappoint. As an Amazon company, Audible integrates seamlessly with my Amazon account, and I enjoy additional benefits being a Prime member. For instance, Prime users have access to a selection of free titles to enjoy each month. Furthermore, the Audible community offers a great resource for users, where we can share recommendations, reviews, and more. This creates a sense of camaraderie that makes me feel more connected to my fellow audiobook enthusiasts. In case of technical issues, the Help Center offers guides and troubleshooting tips that cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that I’m never left in the dark.

So, in my experience with Amazon Audible, the customer service, user interface, and support contribute to a positive customer experience, and I continue to enjoy my Audible membership.

Comparison and Alternatives

Audible vs

In my experience using both platforms, Audible and offer a similar selection of audiobooks, both boasting large libraries. While Audible has a more extensive collection with over 200,000 titles, provides access to over 85,000 titles.

When it comes to pricing, Audible offers a monthly subscription model, whereas provides more flexibility with options to purchase individual books or subscribe to their membership plan. Additionally, I found that not all books on are DRM protected, unlike those on Audible, making it easier to switch devices or share books with friends.

Audible vs Google Play Books

Google Play Books emerges as a strong alternative to Audible, offering a vast library of audiobooks for purchase or rental without the need for a monthly subscription. I have found that this pay-per-title model can be more affordable for those who don’t consume a high volume of audiobooks regularly.

One aspect where I believe Google Play Books stands out is the seamless integration with Google’s ecosystem, making it easy to access audiobooks on different devices and platforms.

Audible vs Scribd

Out of the alternatives, Scribd is an all-inclusive option with unlimited access to not only a wide variety of audiobooks but also ebooks, magazines, and even sheet music. As a subscriber, I appreciate the value Scribd offers for a monthly fee that competes with Audible’s pricing.

While Audible may still have a larger collection, particularly in niche genres, I find that Scribd offers an extensive catalog suitable for most users. The unlimited access model also encourages discovery and exploration, making it an excellent choice for avid readers and listeners.


After thoroughly researching and examining various aspects of Amazon Audible, I am confident in sharing my thoughts and impressions. As a first-person user of the platform, I have found it to be a convenient option for indulging in literature. Accessibility and user experience being top-notch, it comes as no surprise that Audible has received remarkable ratings from users and reviewers alike.

Audiobook lovers appreciate the variety of titles available, ranging from classical literature to bestsellers and even original works exclusive to the platform. The expansive collection caters to an array of preferences, allowing users to discover new authors and genres while immersing in enriching stories. I must mention that affordability could be a concern for some, but weighing the convenience and available content, many regard the cost as a worthy investment.

As I continue exploring Amazon Audible, it pleases me to witness how it fosters personal growth and productivity. Listening to audiobooks has made it possible for me to multi-task without compromising my love for literature.

I hope my evaluation of Amazon Audible provides a clear idea of its pros and cons and how it can enhance your literary experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Audible Plus
  • Leading Audiobook Platform
  • Podcast Originals
  • Popular Podcast Offerings

How much does Audible cost per month?

Audible offers two main subscription plans: Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus. Audible Plus costs $7.95 per month, while Audible Premium Plus is priced at $14.95 per month. Both plans come with a 30-day free trial for new users. For more detailed information on costs.

Is Audible included with Amazon Prime?

Audible is not included with Amazon Prime by default. However, Prime members do have access to a limited number of free Audible audiobooks available through Audible Channels within the Prime Reading catalog.

What is the difference between Audible Plus and Premium Plus?

Audible Plus offers access to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and original content in the Audible Plus Catalog. With Audible Premium Plus, subscribers receive all the benefits of Audible Plus, along with one credit per month that can be used to purchase any audiobook in the extensive Audible library. Premium Plus members also receive discounts on additional audiobook purchases.

Can you access Audible books without a subscription?

Yes, you can access and purchase individual audiobooks on Audible without a subscription. However, subscribers enjoy extra benefits such as monthly credits for audiobook purchases and access to exclusive content. If you’re unsure about committing to a subscription, you can still explore Audible’s vast catalog of books and decide whether the subscription benefits are worth it for you.

Do Audible users earn money?

No, Audible users do not earn money simply by using the platform. However, authors and narrators can earn royalties for the sales and consumption of their audiobooks on Audible. If you’re interested in creating audiobooks yourself, you can explore ACX, the Audiobook Creation Exchange, which is a part of Amazon’s Audible platform.

Which is the best audiobook service?

The best audiobook service depends on your preferences and needs. Audible is a popular choice due to its extensive library and user-friendly platform. Still, there are other services like, Scribd, and Kobo which offer their own unique features and benefits. To help you choose the best audiobook service for your needs, consider reading this comparison article that dives into the pros and cons of various services.

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