4 Practical Cost of Hosting a Podcast on Castos To Fuel Your Growth

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cost of hosting a podcast on castos

After creating a podcast that’s ready to be shared with the world, you’ll need a podcast hosting platform to bring that dream to fruition. Castos is a popular platform choice among all types of podcasters, but you’ll need to find a plan and setup that suits your budget.

To determine the cost of hosting a podcast on Castos, you’ll have to look at their different plans and the features that they offer. Castos’ plans range from $19.99 a month for smaller podcasts to up to $499 a month for entire podcast network hosting. 

If you’ve been thinking about the cost of hosting your podcast on Castos but aren’t sure if the costs are worth the features that they offer, this guide will help you out.

We’ll break down each level of membership with Castos and the features that you can expect, so you’ll know what’s what.

What is Castos?

Have you ever wondered what happens to a podcast after it’s recorded but before it’s listenable on Spotify and iTunes?

Castos is a media hosting platform that serves as the middleman between these steps, giving you all of the tools that are needed to publish your podcast for the world to listen to.

Among the features offered by Castos, you, as a podcaster will be able to enjoy things like a free website, publishing to all of the popular streaming services, in-depth analytics, and the chance to monetize your podcast.

They serve as a one-stop shop, with varying features and benefits, depending on the plan that you’re signed up for (also see, “Castos Review“).

Why Should You Host With Castos?

Why Should You Host With Castos?

A quick look online will show you the myriad of options for podcasting hosting services that are out there for beginners to use. Castos is arguably one of the bigger names, and if you sign up to host your podcast with them, these are some of the features they offer:

Easy Website Setup

Having a website that links to your podcast is a smart move, and Castos makes it easy to do. They have a WordPress plugin called Seriously Simple Podcasting that lets you create a website with just a few simple clicks.

Having an online base for your podcast is ideal as it helps with monetization, SEO, and branding, which are all important for growth. 

Podcast Transcription

The audio file of your podcast is how most people will receive your content, but it’s not the only way, with transcripts now becoming the norm as well.

With transcription of your podcast, you’ll improve SEO, reach a larger audience, and get a better look at the content that you’re creating. Rather than having to transcribe it yourself, Castos offers an automatic service for a small fee and this can be invaluable. 

Supercharged Dashboard

The dashboard where you control and analyze all aspects of your Castos podcast is like no other out there and it will help you to continually grow and improve your series.

By using this one control point, you can track the performance of your show, including audience engagement, listener count, and profits earned, so you’ll know what areas you should focus on next.

Multiple Shows

Unlike other podcast hosting services that limit you to just one series, Castos lets you create as many as you want. There’s no extra fee for creating new series either, so you can explore other creative avenues without going over your budget.

Variety of Plans

You only pay for what you need with Castos, thanks to their selection of four different plan types.

Even at the lowest level, the cost of hosting a podcast on Castos still has all of the tools and features that a professional podcaster needs in order to grow and it gives you the chance to make money from your content.

Cost Of Hosting A Podcast On Castos

What the Paid Plans Offer

Castos has four different plans for podcasters to sign up for, with the cheapest starting at just $19.99 a month.

As your podcast audience flourishes and you want to be able to do more with your content, you should move up to the next plan to ensure that your growth doesn’t become stunted.

Here are the four plan types, the cost of hosting a podcast on Castos, and the unique features of each:

  • Starter: At $19.99 a month, this is the cheapest plan with Castos and the best one for beginners. At this level, you’ll get unlimited podcast storage, 20,000 downloads per month, and 100 private subscribers.
  • Growth: When your podcast starts to grow, you’ll need your hosting plan to do the same. The Growth plan costs $49 a month and has additional features, like Headliner Audiogram integration, 75,000 downloads a month, and video republishing to YouTube at the click of a button.
  • Pro: If you have a serious podcast and want to extend your offerings to include video content, the Pro plan, at $99 a month, is the way to go. As well as all of the other features, you’ll also benefit from advanced analytics, 200,000 downloads per month, video file hosting, and up to 500 private subscribers.
  • Premium: Castos Premium is the most serious plan level and is for podcast networks and publishers with a high volume of content. This plan is tailored to suit the individual and it starts at $499 a month. With the Premium plan, you’ll be able to enjoy increased audience limits, a personal account manager, and custom contracts and invoices, for easier monetization and money management.

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Grow Your Show With Castos

As one of the biggest hosting platforms available, you can save on the cost of hosting a podcast on Castos and earn money from your podcast when you put your trust in Castos.

Choose a plan that works for the size and goals of your specific podcast and let them support you with the rest.

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