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Podtrac Vs Blubrry

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Podtrac Vs. Blubrry

Going online and typing in ‘best podcast hosting platform’ is bound to give you many results, with many lists giving you 10 plus options, and if this isn’t overbearing enough, you have the issue of pricing plans that offer many services.

Some of these you might not need, and some might only be available to you through premium plans, so how do you find a platform and plan that works for you?

Then you want a service that allows you to accurately analyze the performance of your episodes so they can appeal to the most people, rather than relying on instinct or insights.

We will look at two of these services, Podtrc and Blubrry (see also our comparison of Blubrry and Castos), and take a closer look to see which one is the best for you to invest your time and money into. Read on to discover how to get the most out of your podcast.  


This platform is all about giving you insights into your podcast and offers you ways to build on what you have or start to grow an audience if you’re starting anew, as you receive a key metrics report that shows your performance or see daily episode downloads.

You can also receive industry data that gives you insights into what podcasts are popular and offers industry trend data, and all you need to do is share your RSS feed to get started.

Their analytics can also show you how other podcast publishers and categories perform by showing audience numbers, so you can use this to your advantage when thinking about the sort of content you want. 


The integration of this service into your podcast is relatively straightforward, and you can access a standard or abbreviated audience survey that shows you analytics specific to your podcast.

This feature allows you to get feedback from your listeners, and the more who complete it, the more accurate your results will be, so this makes your shows more interactive and helps you identify the more liked parts of your shows.

The fact that you have services like this to analyze growth is all the proof you need to see how popular this mode of content is, and seeing how much traffic you have is a nice extra to have if you’re looking to build your audience.


This service isn’t a vital tool for you if you’re starting and you’re only making your podcast as a hobby, as these detailed analytics might not even be appealing to some who are happy with their audience.

If you decide you want to go with this service, you’ll find that the free or grow your own show plans are varied in price, and you only get 90 days of data and won’t have access to enhanced reports.

If you want to look into top podcast category rankings and analysis, you’ll be paying an obscene amount of money which might only be useful for building an advertising strategy or building a business.

Podtrac Vs. Blubrry


This service has some impressive numbers, with over 125,000 podcasters using this service, over 8.1 million episodes measured, and over 8.61 billion podcast listens to delivered.

The quality of their statistics is IAB certified which shows their competence and skill within the digital media industry.

You also get access to a directory that gives you the exposure that will provide you with listeners from just being listed, and a chance to be featured in the editor’s pick section gives you even more reason to give this service a go.


Blubrry Podcast Hosting makes publishing a breeze!

Pricing from just $10/mo


With each hosting plan, you get a free optional WordPress site that can help you manage your podcast and comes in a handy plug-called PowerPress in that allows you to easily publish your podcast to your sites and directories all at once.

We can’t stress enough how great this is for people who are looking to increase their visibility online and improves and helps with search engine optimization so that you can build your own organic search results.

If this doesn’t interest you, you can get a simple landing page that you can share anywhere you like and auto-generates every time you upload an episode, and it is easy to navigate.


The biggest problem is that you can set up a free account, but you have to subscribe to either a standard or advanced plan, and some of these features, like additional themes and plug-ins or domain mapping, may be surplus to requirements.

You also have to consider that while some of these features are great, this does mean that you may have to do some of your own marketing to get your podcast off the ground, and it is vital if it is central to your business functions.

You might also have to spend a considerable amount of money on higher-tier packages that give you more bandwidth, and so this model discourages organic growth to an extent.

Which is The Best Option For You? 

Straight away, you’ll want to use Blubrry if you’re starting out, as we can’t see the value you would gain from some of Podtrac’s in-depth analytics, but you could take a look at this if you have a sizeable budget that you have available.

The main draw of Blubrry (see also ‘Blubrry Vs Spreaker‘) 
is the exposure you get to its directory, which is going to appeal to many podcaster types and can work alongside any marketing strategy you may have.

Bottom Line

Whichever service you decide to go with, be sure that if you’re purchasing a plan, you take advantage of all its features, especially the extra storage you get, which can be a stumbling block for some beginners.

Take advantage of any free trials or discount codes you can find to see if it works for you, that way, when the trial expires, you’ll have a good idea of how useful it is to you.

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