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Best Podcast For Teachers

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Best podcasts for teachers

You can find a podcast for anything these days. So it’s no surprise that so many teachers have utilized podcasting for professional development to give each other tips on student psychology, how to improve student writing, and other aspects on how to teach their students better.

Learning new methods is easy, and you can multitask as you listen. However, it’s not about learning but letting off stress.

Teaching and the teacher life is a demanding profession, and it can feel lonely at times. So these podcasts can help you find other teachers to relate to.

That’s why we’ve found some of the best podcasts for teachers and how they can help you improve your skills.

Take a look at this list, and we’ll help you find the right one for you. To help decide on the best podcasts, we’ve chosen a variety of different types.

From lighthearted to educational and informative, these podcasts should help to provide you with the right content you need.

Regardless of the type of podcast you want, there is one for everyone here.

To help you decide, we’ve included details on what each podcast is about. Not only that, but we’ve also found reviews that can help you see what other listeners are saying too. 

Cult Of Pedagogy

Jennifer Gonzalez hosts Cult of Pedagogy as she discusses all things teaching.

Join her as she interviews all sorts of educators, school leaders, parents, students, and administration staff about the psychological and social dynamics of the school, including teacher pay.

She’ll tell you about the trade secrets and some juicy topics you wouldn’t pick up in your textbook.

You’ll also find episodes that can give educational advice and make your teaching more effective and fun.

So if you’re looking for a podcast about classroom management, teaching strategies, educational technology, and education reform.

Reviewers have praised Cult of Pedagogy podcast for the amount of research Jennifer put into interviewing her guests and supplying sources.

Cult of Pedagogy’s easy to understand, and she finds ways to make her topics interesting for all teachers, not just herself. 

The Creative Classroom

the creative classroom

The Creative Classroom is a great way for teachers to get a spark of creativity at the beginning of the week.

On this weekly podcast, Dr. John Spencer releases a new episode every Monday that is filled with 10 to 15 minutes that will inspire your creative process.

You’ll find that the episode lengths vary, and he’ll interview educators, explore new research methods and provide real-world examples of how design thinking works in action. 

So many educators have found inspiration from John Spencer’s podcast, which helps build a sense of student engagement, student empathy, and agency.

You’ll find that John Spencer is able to help you come up with new methods to inspire your students.

As a former teacher in middle school and a current college professor, Dr. John Spencer is a bastion of information and will share a multitude of ways that his research can impact design thinking.

Truth For Teachers

Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers podcast offers real talk on practical tips on educational topics and teaching experience from educators.`

Truth for Teachers is about encouraging teachers from diverse backgrounds to enrich their practical teaching strategies and motivate them to improve.

Specialized for K-12 schools, Truth for Teachers is all about pursuing the truth and history that has been whitewashed.

After all, instead of focusing on what teachers do, they’re here to humanize the teaching profession, so it’s more about who the teacher is.

Now that Truth for Teachers has over 200 episodes; it’s one of the top K-12 podcasts available today.

Along with having 11 years of classroom experience, Angela Watson has also worked as an instructional coach.

She uses these experiences to help other teachers improve their work too. There’s a new episode released each Sunday, and you’ll find that she covers the real issues facing teachers out there, including self care tips.

While her advice is helpful, she’s also honest about her approach. So, if you want to hear about the real issues facing teachers today, this is for you.

Teachers On Fire

Teachers on Fire is a passion project from Tim Cavey, who wants to inspire 21st century educators to upgrade their thinking.

As a fan of the growth mindset, Tim Cavey shares how creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking can be used alongside education technology.

He gets insight from fellow educators and discusses with them how they can make a difference to their students.

They also encourage people to recommend any amazing educators they know to discuss how they teach.

Tim Cavey presents an empowering podcast that is relatable to all teachers, new and old. Many reviewers are always excited to learn more, and there are always a variety of different guests.

Best Podcast For Teachers

Teachers on Fire doesn’t only focus on one topic, so the content is always changing, and the format is always different.

Even if you don’t have much time, you can easily listen to a few episodes as many short and sweet episodes are available.

Teacher Needs A Drink

teacher needs a drink

Teacher Needs a Drink is an education podcast that has a new episode released every Wednesday. Designed for all those teachers, from early age to high school English teachers alike, who love their job but also need a drink in the middle of the week.

With a drink in hand, you’ll find different guests in this teacher podcast who talk about the profession’s pros and cons and how insane the educational world can be.

It’s a great way to relieve stress and let off some steam as you hit the middle of the week. 

If you’re looking for a laugh about your profession and the issues teachers face, Teacher Needs A Drink is the one for you.

You’ll find that many reviewers have praised the humor and love in this podcast, and it shows how much these teachers love their job.

Not only is it a place to vent, but it’s a way to support other educators and provide insight into what educators have to deal with in their jobs.

Many of the topics are relevant; sometimes, you just need a bit of humor to help you get through the day. 

Educational Duct Tape

educational duct tape

Hosted by Jake Miller, Educational Duct Tape is a podcast all about using education technology to the best of your abilities.

Much like duct tape can fix anything in our lives, technology can also fix problems in the classroom.

In each episode, you’ll find Jake answering questions from fellow teachers about some great ideas on how they can utilize tech in their classrooms. 

Many reviewers have praised Jake’s podcast as a means of helping them understand how ed tech can be used in the classroom.

It’s not just a technical podcast, but one filled with humor and uplifting messages too.

He delves into the theory and practice of how teachers can use tech and provides so much information to help teachers understand.

Classed as an invaluable resource, Educational Duct Tape is a great resource to help modernize your classroom.

One Tired Teacher

One Tired Teacher is a podcast from Trina Deboree, who has been involved in the education sector since 1997.

Over the years, she’s worked in classrooms, admin, student behavior, and special area teaching.

Trina knows that teaching is one of the most important jobs out there and understands the stress of the job.

Her goal is to help empower teachers to make the right choices that align with their core values. 

Reviews for One Tired Teacher have praised it as a podcast that has helped reignite their love for their jobs.

This podcast tackles the trials and tribulations that happen and how you can triumph over these challenges.

Of course, it’s not only about the classroom.

Once you’re a teacher, you’re always a teacher, so this podcast is perfect for anyone in education and how you can get a better insight and understanding of the inner processes of teachers and students alike.


MindShift is a KQED podcast that goes in-depth about genuine learning discussing the way that grades, test scores, and extracurriculars can impact a child’s education path and how teaching is more than this.

They explore the future of education and highlight innovative ways that teachers can improve their students’ learning and help them all succeed.

While sometimes it’s counterintuitive, MindShift is about helping students succeed.

You’ll find that reviewers of MindShift range from teachers to parents who want to understand the educational system better.

All of the content in this podcast is both well-produced and researched so that it can provide a well-rounded view of education.

Education podcasts such as MindShift focus on how kids should be allowed to be kids and not focus on their grades and test scores so much, but it’s all about improving their own mental health too. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best teaching practice podcasts available online today. There are many different teaching podcasts, such as interview style podcasts, and whether you want to learn or vent, there’s one available for everyone.

Feel free to try out any of these podcasts, and remember that there are more than just the ones on this list out there. 

If you want to find any other podcasts, feel free to check out some of our other posts too! 

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