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Best MMA Podcast: 7 Must-Listen Podcasts on Mixed Martial Arts

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Best MMA Podcast

Over the last few years, the podcast world has emerged as an incredibly popular new form of media due to the fact that any person can simply start up their own podcast without the need to invest much money.

This makes it a big change in the media world where being successful is usually reserved for the few who know people in the industry. 

Podcasting has risen in popularity along with the world of Mixed Martial Arts means that the podcast space is flooded with many MMA enthusiasts trying to become the next Joe Rogan.

Some of the podcasts in our list are run by former and current fighters to broadcasters and fanatical fans.

Anyone associated with the world of MMA seems to have a podcast of their own; this does include the announcer himself Bruce Buffer who has his own podcast and is a really fun listen.

You do not have all day to be scanning through the hundreds, maybe thousands of MMA podcasts. 

So we have done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best MMA podcasts so sit back and relax as we explain why our chosen podcasts are well worth listening to.

1. The Luke Thomas Show

Luke Thomas is one of the best analysts and is considered to be one of the leading voices in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

The man is very well respected and has had his reputation built from speaking from the heart and not sugar coating the truth on certain topics. If you love MMA then his podcast is an absolute must to get the full experience. 

He is truly loved by the fans of the sport because he does not shift his opinion to any trending topics, the company he works for and also what people would want him to say, he always sticks to his morals.

He tends to also cover some topics that are considered taboo in the big media but he sheds light on these things making his voice incredibly important.

2. MMA Fighting

The podcast MMA Fighting is one of the best podcasts around for keeping you up to date with the latest MMA news and they have been doing so for many years making them a very trustworthy source to learn all about the world of MMA.

The group initially ran under the name ‘The MMA Hour’ and was one of the first podcasts to cover the sport and although they ended the show in 2019.

The idea of the podcast live on in the improved MMA Fighting that focuses on making top quality content.

They now bring you the latest news in the MMA world and typically are the first podcast to the latest breaking news, MMA events, and upcoming fights of your favorite UFC fighters.

If you follow them and listen to their content then you can never miss the latest MMA fights, news, and drama in MMA.

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3. Weighing In

Weighing In is hosted by a former UFC contender and his beliefs as a fighter are paired with his co-host veteran UFC unfiltered referee Big John.

This podcast is lauded by its MMA fans for how real the podcast is, there is no selling of fake stories or hyping up fights and events. 

The pair take a relatively objective approach to covering the sport and the happenings within it.

Josh the former UFC fighter will approach his opinions from the viewpoint of a fighter whereas the referee Big John takes a more business angle on his views on the topics discussed on the podcast

The podcast being serious adds to the fact that MMA fighter Big John is one of combat sports’ pioneers. He is aware of all the rules, how the judging process works, and the sport as a whole and can give insight on topics many will never touch. 

If your aim as an MMA fan is to learn about the sport then you will learn a bucket load with every episode. 

4. Below The Belt

4. Below The Belt

Next is Brendan Schaub’s podcast Below The Belt. Schaub is a devise figure amongst a large part of the MMA community but his podcast is still one of the most popular so the man must be doing something right.

Brendan is a former UFC fighter and has been in and around the podcasting world for years.

His weekly podcast discusses the UFC, MMA, and the boxing world. He will often have on some famous faces from the world of sports that he is discussing on the episode so he can have an in-depth look at some of the hottest topics in the world of martial arts. 

If that has not sold you then Schaub has a segment where he takes out some of the most popular people in the world of MMA out for lunch and they sit and discuss their careers, the show is well worth a go even if you are not a big fan of the host

5. Believe You Me

This podcast host was one of the original podcasters on the scene ‘Believe You Me’ is hosted by former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping who started the podcast back in 2016 with the comedian Luis J. Gomez. 

The pair make a great duo and the comedic MMA commentary provided by Luis is complemented by the former UFC champion Bisping’s deep knowledge of MMA – making the podcast a brilliant listen.

The show keeps the listeners updated with all the latest news and trends in the MMA world with the two knowing when to be serious in covering topics like the business, fighters’ careers, and life in general. 

If you are going to dive into this podcast then be ready to learn a lot of new things you never knew about the world of MMA, whilst also having fun during the consistent jokes told throughout each episode.

6. Submission Radio

This podcast is an Australian podcast and is a part of the SB Nation Network. It’s an incredible podcast and is seen by many as the best MMA podcast in the world.

Of course, that is up for debate and heavily dependent on personal opinions but the quality is for sure up there with the best. 

The show airs every Monday and includes many famous guests whilst also keeping you up to date with the latest news.

The hosts Kacper Rosolowski and Denis Shkuratov are masters of multiple fighting styles and are brilliant journalists.

When listening to the podcast you can hear the love of MMA coming from the hosts from just hearing how passionate they are about it.

The podcast’s aim is to make the MMA community a positive place and their podcast has a heavy weight on being positive. They also interact with MMA junkie fans commonly and the podcast is really fun to listen to.

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7. It’s Time

Finally is the one that you have probably been waiting for since we briefly mentioned him in the intro it is time to discuss Bruce Buffer’s podcast.

Buffer is the voice of the UFC (literally) he is the legendary announcer who is commonly known as ‘ The Voice of Mixed Martial Arts.’ 

It can be weird to hear his voice over a long form podcast but once you get past the initial weirdness then you get a brilliant podcast that discusses UFC news, MMA fighters, pop culture, and much more.

We usually see him hyping us up right before the fights begin so hearing him being chill is a very fun difference. 

Buffer is a knowledgeable man and that really comes across well on the podcast. He plays a major role in the UFC and is an iconic name in the sport as well as being one of the pioneers.

If you decide to listen to this podcast you will get an amazing insight into the world of the UFC and things that you will not be able to hear on any other podcast. 

As well as all of this you get some incredible stories from the behind the scenes of the sport coming straight from the mouth of one of the most iconic voices in all sport. 

Final Thoughts

Best MMA Podcast

So there we have it, seven of the best MMA podcasts that you can find. All of them have a long catalog of amazing content to get through before even needing to worry about moving onto the next one. 

Now is there an answer to the question of one of the listed podcasts being the best? Many people would tell you that every one of the podcasts is the best and thousands will claim that theirs is the best. 

So you should take your time and start listening to some of the podcasts we have listed and find your favorite but each of them offers a different experience ranging from journalists, to the in-ring announcer giving their opinions on the sport we all love.

So have fun and remember once you get through all the podcasts on our list that there are thousands more all waiting for you to discover them or for you to even start your own.

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