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What Is The Best Star Wars Podcast?

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What Is The Best Star Wars Podcast

Star Wars is one, if not the best movie sagas, of all time. With nine core films that make up the Skywalker Saga (along with three spin-off films that tie into the Star Wars saga: The Clone Wars Film, Rogue One, and Solo), it can be hard to keep track of all things Star Wars.

All the 12 films, video games, books, comics, and many TV shows mean there is so much content to be discussed and future content to look forward to, that you may want to find that perfect Star Wars podcast to digest all of it.

Luckily we have put together a list of some of the best Star Wars podcasts in the hope of finding that one perfect one for you to enjoy.

Hopefully one of the podcasts on our list is right up your alley and you can start listening today.

The Resistance Broadcast

So if you are just making your first look into the world of Star Wars podcasts then there is no better place to start than ‘The Resistance Broadcast’.

This is the official podcast of the Star Wars News Net, it appeals to all fans in the Star Wars community, be that casual or the most dedicated Star Wars fan. It is perhaps the best way to start your journey into interesting Star Wars conversations before going on to binge some more of the niche podcasts available.

There is no focus with this podcast; they will talk about any and all things to do with Star Wars discussion ranging from Star Wars rebels, Star Wars novels, upcoming projects and releases to dissecting fan theories.

Cantina Cast

Cantina cast logo

Next up we have the Cantina Cast.

This is the perfect next step, they focus more on some critical analysis of the Star Wars franchise and have less of a focus on the news and rumors that surround the franchise.

This is the podcast for you if you wish to learn all about the Star Wars canon and you are less interested in what could have been.

This podcast has existed for years so there is a big backlog to enjoy and learn with the hosts as time goes on as they also do not know all there is to know about Star Wars.

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Force Center

Force Center logo

This podcast really makes you understand the hosts’ love for Star Wars, you can feel and hear their love for the franchise.

You will learn a lot from the discussions and debates that come between the hosts.

They offer criticism of the franchise when necessary but their vast knowledge on the subjects they speak on makes the podcast very unique.

If you want a passionate Star Wars focused news podcast from some of the experts, then you will love this podcast.

The Star Wars Underworld

Star Wards Underworld logo

If you want some discussion of the current Star Wars Galaxy franchise then this podcast is for you. They have some in-depth discussions of the Star Wars show the ‘Bad Batch’ or the latest news around ‘The Mandalorian’.

This podcast is the best way to keep up to date with all the latest news and breakdowns of the latest episodes.

They also have guests on from other podcasts and from YouTube channels that also cover Star Wars topics.

It is amazing for the casual listener and it feels like you are in a group of friends all talking about Star Wars, be it Star Wars movies, Star Wars comics, among others.

Coffee With Kenobi

Coffee With Kenobi logo

This is the official podcast of a long running website, in the podcast they dive into collectibles, comics, and also the latest news.

The show is marketed towards some of the most hardcore Star Wars fans so it if you are just starting out then maybe watch one of the other podcasts on our list before diving head first into this one.

Tatooine Sons

Tatooine Sons podcast logo

This podcast is not like the others on our list as it is not just a podcast centered around Star Wars but pop culture in general.

The majority of the content that they talk about is Star Wars but they will also discuss some news related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC.

They discuss the two just as heavily as Star Wars so do not go in thinking you will only be hearing discussion centered around the franchise.

This podcast is ideal for those who share an interest in multiple film franchises, if you love Star Wars and also will not mind some other content mixed in then give it a go.

The Star Wars Minute

The Star Wars Minute logo

This top shelf Star Wars podcast is very niche as the name describes the podcast perfectly. This is because the hosts discuss Star Wars a minute at a time.

It does seem a weird concept to make a podcast on but it somehow works with the hosts taking a look and having a lengthy discussion about just 60 seconds of a Star Wars film.

It allows them to get a deeper look into the films than any other podcast ever can.

The show allows you to discover just how dense the Star Wars Universe is and you get to see your favorite Star Wars films dissected minute by minute.

Full Of Sith

Full of Sith podcast

This podcast is made up of writers from all over the Star Wars industry with members who contribute to, Star Wars Insider, and also IGN.

This ensures that listeners will be able to trust that they are getting accurate information on the franchise from some of the most trusted in the industry.

There is no format to the show but it covers everything that you can expect from a Star Wars podcast such as interviews, theories, news, and much much more.

Along with some of the other entries on this list, it is a great podcast for newcomers to start out with as it covers so much in an easily digestible format.

The Star Wars Report

The Star Wars Report logo

Next up we have ‘The Star Wars Report’. They offer up some of the most in-depth discussions on everything Star Wars related.

The podcast does appeal to more dedicated fans of the series, as they do not just cover the news and the current ongoing events in the franchise.

The podcast that used to be a blog also focuses on theoretical topics and covers older Star Wars content that has either been decanonized or just not in the news with the newer content that is constantly churning out.

If you wish to learn about some of the more unknown topics within the Star Wars franchise then this podcast is for you as you will learn things that you never could have imagined taking place in this universe.

Rebel Force Radio

Rebel Force Radio podcast logo

This award winning podcast is certainly one of the best available, it effortlessly combines fun, with education and covers anything that you can think of from all three trilogies to the animated series.

If you can think of something this podcast has covered it may not be the best for newcomers to the franchise but it will teach you plenty about the universe without making it overwhelming or boring.

They have episodes with celebrity guests and constantly give their opinions on the franchise whilst adding in comedy and contests that keep the community feeling involved and also gives them rewards for tuning in.

The Best Star Wars Podcast?

So is there a stand out amongst the list that we have accumulated? No.

The answer to the article is impossible to answer because we are all looking for something different. Be it a newcomer looking for a podcast that will help them to begin learning about the incredible universe of Star Wars, to a veteran fan looking for something new there is also something for you to be tuning into.

There is no clear stand out in the list but any one of the ten we have listed will be perfect for Star Wars fanatics and those just getting started out.

So get out there and begin exploring the deep world of Star Wars podcasts.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we have talked about a podcast that has grabbed your attention. If all of them did, then do not worry all of them have extensive backlogs of podcasts so you can be safe in the idea that you will never be running out of Star Wars podcasts.

Of course, there are many more podcasts (also see, ‘Best Podcasts’) out there probably just as good as the ones we have listed in this article. We have just scratched the surface of the iceberg that is podcasting in the Star Wars landscape but each one that we have listed here will be perfect to start with.

Adding any of these shows to your podcasting library will give you the perfect fix of Star Wars content and beyond that there are some that love audience interaction so you may well be able to be featured on some of your new favorite podcasts.

We hope you have found the podcast for you and if you wish to do your own research then use this list as a base.

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