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Is Tim Wohlberg Podcast Coach Worth It?

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Tim Wohlberg Podcast Coach

With the rise and subsequent popularity of the podcasting industry, there are countless successful podcast ‘gurus’ who have made their living instructing and guiding new podcasters on their own journeys to success. 

One such person is Tim Wohlberg, who through his website ‘Podcast Performance Coach’, provides instruction and inspiration for those looking to get started in the industry

But just how effective is Tim Wohlberg, and what are his teachings based on? 

Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Who Is Tim Wohlberg?

While the name might not be familiar to everyone, those who frequently consume podcasts of this nature will know him quite well. 

Wohlberg spent much of his adult work life in talk radio, where he became well versed in the medium which, to all intents and purposes, was the spiritual forefather to modern podcasting

Within radio, he was involved with comedy, business, sport, male and female formats, not to mention a producer on more shows than you could fathom (also see, ‘Types Of Podcasts -Different Formats For Podcasters‘).

But in recent years, he shifted his focus from radio to podcasting, after realizing the power of this blossoming industry. 

Podcast Performance Coach

How to make money podcasting Tim Wohlberg

Dubbing himself the ‘Podcast Performance Coach’, Wohlberg established his own website, offering coaching, resources, detailed instructional posts on podcasting, and much more.

With these, Wohlberg aims to take his understanding of radio and podcasting, and pass it onto this new generation of internet personalities. 

Wohlberg also keeps his audience informed of the latest podcasting news and industry trends; giving thorough insights into new technology as it becomes available.

Some of his latest podcasts on AI podcast hosts vs human podcast hosts, choosing the right sound equipment, and proper interviewing techniques have been highly successful in offering guidance to inexperienced podcasters.

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What Services Are Provided?

Within his website, there are many resources available to those looking to learn the basics of podcasting. 

Informative Posts

The main section of his website is dedicated to instructional ‘essays’ as you might call them, each of them a page based around a specific topic.

These feature plenty of detailed information, ensuring that each important corner of the industry is covered sufficiently. 

These range from issues such as becoming as successful as Joe Rogan, to the 5 mistakes most podcasters make, to how to craft a very compelling interview podcast (also see, ‘Podcasts Like Joe Rogan‘).

There are also articles discussing which equipment is the best, which pitfalls should be navigated, and which easy mistakes can be avoided along the way (also see, ‘Podcast Starter Kit‘). 



He also has a short, free series of podcasts surrounding various aspects of the industry – such as ‘The Basics’, ‘Technical’, ‘Performance’, ‘Content’, and ‘Marketing’. 

These are short in duration, and offer clear, to the point advice on the best steps to take for noticeable podcasting success. 

Free Coaching

Wohlberg offers a free 15 minute coaching session, which in essence acts as a consultation window wherein he can prescribe the best course of action for you and your podcast. 

Now, this is perhaps some kind of trap in the money making sense – as 15 minutes is not long enough to reach some major epiphany, and only really serves as an advertisement for his further coaching sessions.

However, judging by the testimonials, he has a wealth of satisfied customers, all of whom praise his coaching for getting them where they need to be. 

How To Make Podcasting A Career

Podcast Tune-Up Program

Following the free coaching session, Wohlberg prescribes one of two things: the podcast tune up process and concept to casting. 

In the former, Wohlberg takes an existing podcast that might not be achieving its full potential, and he helps the individual through the things that are holding their podcast (and themselves) back. 

This tackles many different things, including the business side of podcasting (and how to make the most of it), podcast SEO strategy, as well as things like reaching the most people possible, and creating a niche that can become a selling point for listeners. 

Concept To Casting Program

This is for the absolute beginners, the ones who perhaps don’t even have an idea they want to pursue, but have the desire to break into the world of podcasting. 

In this program, Wohlberg helps foster these concepts in aspiring podcast hosts, before guiding them through the process to make these ideas a reality and become an authority building podcast. 

Equipment & Resources

Wohlberg also has a large number of resources and suggestions as far as the podcast production process, equipment, podcast hosting, and software goes, something that could be very useful for those looking for new gear, or for those who are starting out and have no clue where to begin. 

In this section, Wohlberg tells you what to avoid, and the best, most cost effective ways to get the gear you need to start your own professional-looking, great-sounding podcast episode. 

Is It Worth It? 

On the face of things, Wohlberg offers a wide array of free, easy to understand information that could be a great asset for anyone looking to start out in the industry. 

This seems to be the case for much of what he offers – however, the business model for his more in depth coaching sessions is focused around purchases, namely various coaching packages. 

For this reason alone, we would probably recommend exploring what free information he has, and using this information to propel you to do more research before making any purchases. 

There are numerous podcasting ‘experts’ out there, several of which are industry leading, and who charge nothing for the information they pass on. 

Things To Remember

The main thing to remember is that while the podcasting industry is saturated with content, it is by no means exclusive. 

This means that, theoretically at least, there is a place for everyone, and there are countless talented and experienced people who are more than happy to contribute advice, information, and answers to any questions you might potentially need answering – all without charging a premium.  

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Tim Wohlberg, and the coaching he offers through Podcast Performance Coach. 

While there are countless podcasting gurus around, it is clear that Wohlberg stands out, thanks to his vast experience in radio, and the transferable skills he has amassed during his transition from that industry to podcasting. 

So if you are looking for a great source of information, recommendations, and advice, then Tim Wohlberg might just be the guy for you!

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