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Podcasts Like Joe Rogan

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Podcasts Like Joe Rogan

At this point it would be undeniable to say that Joe Rogan has grown into the biggest and most popular podcaster within the space today who has changed the way podcasting has functioned forever with his lengthy in depth discussions with such a wide variety of guests that you learn about a whole new set of information every episode.

If we are avid listeners, sometimes we can get burnt out and want to try a similar podcast, or we can like the style of one, but prefer a bit of a more focused angle on a certain topic that we are interested in.

If you find you are getting this feeling with the Joe Rogan Podcast, then we have compiled some of the best podcasts that are very similar in style and topic, but are unique in their own ways to offer a different experience.

Joe Rogan Podcast Alternatives To Listen To

Joe Rogan Podcast Alternatives

#1 Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank

You may recognise Ari Shaffir as a regular guest on the Joe Rogan podcast. His comedic style mixed with a curious intrigue for how the world works and how we as people function within it is at the center of this fun filled podcast. 

While Ari gets a huge variety of guests to co-host his episodes much the same as Rogan does, his episodes will often center around one introspective topic such as how we can best control our emotions or conspiracy theories over what’s going on behind the scenes, mixed in with a few comedic episodes to make this an extremely informative but also funny podcast. 

#2 The Adam Buxton Podcast 

Adam Buxton is a UK comedian who not only has an incredible knack for interviewing, but has also grown his podcast to attract some of the most inspirational guests on the planet from politicians to researchers.

The beauty of this podcast and what makes it unique is you never feel as if you are losing track of what the guest is talking about or the road of thought they are going down because Adam easily follows and leads the conversation, knowing a lot about each and every topic that is discussed.

With a huge variety of guests full of information that are incredibly easy to follow, this is a great educational podcast that you can listen to while on the go or even while working. 

Podcasts Like Joe Rogan

#3 Monday Morning Podcast

Whether you are a huge fan of Bill Burr and his comedic rants on stage or have never checked him out before, it’s hard to deny that he is incredibly fun and interesting to listen to.

Bill Burr translates his comedic stage antics into the Monday Morning Podcast where he gets on a whole range of guests to discuss a wide variety of everyday topics from relationships to politics, sports and even the occasional conspiracy theory.

The uniqueness of this podcast comes from Burr himself who often leads a lot of the conservation, but still gives his guests plenty of time to speak their mind to create a free flowing conversation that is a great way to start or unwind in the day. 

#4 Under The Skin with Russell Brand

If you love the personal profile of some of the guests on Joe Rogan and really enjoy them talking of their personal stories and how they came to be the successful person they are today, both physically and mentally, then Under the Skin is the perfect alternative hosted by none other than the infinitely charismatic Russel Brand.

Brand brings on a range of guests including intellectuals such as Nom Chomsky to talk about the planet and our purpose as humans, along with other celebrities Russel has a close relationship with such as Ricky Gervais.

If you are craving a podcast that takes a bit more of an in depth and contextual look into its guests and almost acts like a self-help book where you can gain wisdom on a wide variety of aspects in our lives, definitely check out Under The Skin with Russell Brand.


We all need a switch up from our favorite podcasts after a while, and luckily the beauty of podcasts is how varied they are.

If you like a particular style, such as the lengthy interviews with fascinating guests on the Joe Rogan podcast, then you are sure to find many others of a similar style that change things up just enough to become another personal favorite.

Always remember to try branching out to a few of these podcasts rather than sticking with just one as this can help you narrow down what exactly it is about a podcast that draws you to it and will keep you coming back for more including the tone of the episodes, the type of host and the guests they choose to speak to on each episode.

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