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RSS.Com Review: The Ultimate Solution for Podcast Hosting?

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One form of media which has been steadily growing traction in recent years is podcasting.

A lot of people are aware of this type of media, and more and more people are tuning in to listen to their favorite podcasts.

It is also shown that more people are able to turn their podcast into a business and make it their main source of active income.

However, if you are a podcaster and want to take your podcasting to the next level, you will need to use a podcast hosting service, and this is where services like come in. is seen to be one of the best ways to start and then grow your podcast, and it is growing in popularity for the impressive features it offers at an affordable price.

This service specifically offers an unlimited amount of storage, as well as episodes, options for monetization, scheduling features, a free website, good analytics features, as well as plenty more.

However, just how good is at doing all of these features, and are there any areas where it is lacking? See where it features in our Podcast Hosting Platforms Comparison.

If you are considering using, we recommend you read through this review so you can know exactly what you are signing up for, and how much use you will be able to get out of this service.

So, if you want to know if is worth it, keep reading!

TLDR; Is Any Good For Podcasts is a comprehensive podcasting platform.

  • Features include detailed analytics, automatic episode publishing, a customizable website, episode transcriptions, and audio-to-video conversion for YouTube.
  • The platform is free to start, with no credit card required.
  • It provides excellent customer support and a user-friendly interface.
  • Users can enhance their podcast with unique cover, episode, and chapter art.
  • handles the distribution of episodes across all major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google and Samsung Podcasts.
  • Detailed analytics provide insights on download trends, peak times, listeners’ geolocation, and the platforms/devices they use.
  • Monetization options include finding sponsors through partnerships and dynamically-inserted advertisements for high-traffic podcasts.

Quick Summary of

RSS Com Review

While there is a massive variety in the types of podcast hosting services which are available, it would be hard to deny that is one of the best which is available!

This is one of the best services for letting you track your analytics, as well as making the process of distributing your podcast simple.

The CMS is simple to use so it is a great choice for beginners who want to start podcasting.

The biggest strengths of this service are the RSS feed results being the gold standard, but its biggest weakness is that it does not support WordPress plugins.

There are occasionally annual discounts going down to 35% off, and the cost of the service begins at $4.99 monthly.

Hosting Made Easy
  • Podcasting Made Easy
  • Start
  • Grow
  • Monetize

"5 star product, couldn't be easier to get started"

Is Podcast Hosting Worth It?

It is well known that is one of the best services available for either new or advanced podcasters with the service letting your host files, but also other features to help your podcast grow and thrive. makes it very simple to share episodes over all your social media, and the service includes marketing tools to help them grow like embedded podcast players and transcripts.

When there are so many podcasts available, having features like this are what will help your podcast stand out.

Who Is Podcast Hosting Good For?

This service is perfect for people who are aiming to start a podcast, or are looking to change hosting platforms for either extra features or to save money.

The main features which sell to people are the unlimited storage which is not something commonly offered, the free website it will provide, and the incredibly detailed analytics.

These are all features which will help your podcast grow and will ensure that you have all the tools you need.

A lot of tools like this are expressly focused on either beginners or veterans, so having a service which is good for both groups is a great selling point and lets you know that you will want to stick to this service. Podcast Hosting Functionality

Ease Of Use

When it comes to platforms like, one of the biggest detractors is that occasionally they can be difficult to use, but this is not the case with which makes the process of setting up your podcast simple and does not take too much of a time investment either. allows unlimited downloads as well as supporting recording on any platform which you aim to use.

You can share your podcasts over as many platforms as you want, and this service makes that simple.

RSS Com Review

Podcast Websites

A bonus for signing up with is that you will also get access to a podcast website for free and you will be able to customize the interface to make your site look as unique as you want. You can show off cover art, specific episodes, or specific chapters.

You can also add descriptions as well as external links, and even a built-in donation platform.

Social Media Integration

The features which RSS provides for social media integration are also very useful and are great for improving efficiency in this area.

This is further aided by the useful analytical features which will display your engagement levels.

Detailed Reporting And Analytics

As mentioned in the previous point, but the analytical features of RSS are incredibly useful as well as interesting to work with.

The website helps you by providing cross-platform information and data which will give you the insights necessary to tweak your content and your distribution style.

You want to make sure that you have the right data to work with to get the best results and RSS ensures that this is happening.

RSS will show data like; how many subscribers you are getting over a certain period of time, the amount of downloads you are getting in a certain time period, the best performing episodes, the locations of your listeners, trends, what apps are being used for listening to your podcast, when people are usually listening to your podcast, and even more.

Unlimited Storage And Bandwidth

RSS will not limit the amount of audio storage which they provide which is very useful and ensures that you are not limited in how many episodes you are working with.

This makes RSS particularly popular with podcasters producing a lot of content.

Easy Distribution

When you are uploading your podcasts using RSS all of your content will only need to be uploaded once to be posted everywhere you want to post it. Podcast Hosting Pros And Cons

RSS Com Review

If you want some of our clear-cut advantages and disadvantages on we will cover them here so you know what you are getting!


  • If you are looking for a good service for distributing and tracking your podcasts content, then RSS sets the standard.
  • The ease in distribution of content on RSS makes managing your podcast a lot easier and ensures that you do not need to deal with too many sources.
  • As well as making uploading podcasts easy, the process of working with RSS is very simple in comparison to some of its competitors which can be frustrating occasionally.


  • There are currently no WordPress plugins featured on RSS which severely limits the capabilities of this service in certain areas.
  • The free plan for RSS is quite limited making it not the best budget option.
  • A lot of services like RSS will include a mobile app, but RSS does not which makes it a bit less convenient if you like working on your podcast from your phone.


There are simple pricing options featured on RSS which means that you can adjust what you want from the service based on your budget making it quite an accessible option.

We will go through the available pricing options here so you know all the options which you will have!

There is the Student and NGO plan which will cost you $4.99 monthly and includes:

  • Unlimited episodes
  • Cross platform analytics
  • Unlimited duration
  • The RSS feed for tracking your podcast
  • The free website for promoting your podcast
  • Use of the embedded player
  • Episode scheduling capabilities
  • Automatic submission and distribution
  • Cross platform social media sharing
  • Access to customer support

Then there is the All-in-One Podcasting package which will cost $8.25 monthly which includes everything from the previous pack as well as monetization through sponsors.

There is then the Pro and the Enterprise plan which has custom pricing depending on your needs which has everything from the previous plans as well as; use of dynamic ads, a custom analytic report, 24/7 support, and more.

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Product Support

It is referenced in the previous section, but the customer service for is incredibly high quality and ensures that you will be getting all of the tools you need to ensure that your podcasting on the service gets everything which it needs.

You will be shown how to use all of the tools you are offered making use of the service easy.


An underrated feature of RSS which is not offered by some of its creators is use of music integration from services like Spotify letting you add any full tracks you want.

Summary is so popular for a reason and we can see why it is so popular. The main reasons we love it is for how good the customer service is and just how many features you get for such a competitive price.

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