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PodServe Review – Get Your Podcast Discovered

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PodServe Review

Getting to grips with things if you’ve just started podcasting can be tricky (also see, ‘Starting A Podcast Checklist‘).

There are so many aspects to keep track of including the audio levels, the setup of the studio, and actually uploading your show to some of the major podcast directories including Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts (also see, ‘Google Podcast vs Apple Podcast‘).

There is never any shame in getting some help from one of the many podcast hosting services. 

This includes PodServe, a straightforward solution to podcasting that gives you everything you need without trying to lock everything behind a paywall, unlike many podcast hosting sites. 

Here is a full breakdown of PodServe including how it works, if it really is superior to its competitors, and whether you should consider paying for it when you need a little assistance with your show. 

What Is PodServe? Review

PodServe is dedicated to doing a lot of the hard work for you when it comes to podcasting, especially in the marketing department.

Unfortunately, many podcast hosting providers will try and throw so many different features at their customers that it can be very easy to become overwhelmed, turning a lot of beginners away. 

PodServe however provides a much more streamlined and easy-to-understand service where you know exactly what you’re getting for a relatively low price. 

Here is a deeper look into the intricate features of Podserve and if the service is worth paying for when you’re trying to set up and advertise your show as much as possible. 

Podcast Promotion 

podcast promotion

When it comes to getting a podcast off the ground and reaching as many of your target audience as possible, marketing your podcast the right way is crucial.

This is definitely the most significant benefit of paying for PodServe since the site is founded by the creators of PodParadise, one of the most popular places to listen to podcasts

With thousands of eager listeners visiting PodParadise every single day, having your podcast displayed along the front page or within some of the more specific menus and genres on the site is an excellent way to promote your podcast right off the bat.

In this day and age, with thousands of new podcasts appearing every single day, it’s virtually impossible to advertise your own personal show to your intended podcast audience without being drowned out by much bigger shows that have a similar content matter.

This is something that PodServe makes far easier.

This kind of free podcast promotion really is very unique to PodServe, thanks to the relationship between them and PodParadise, and something that just isn’t as straightforward or effective as other podcast hosting platforms that offer a similar feature. 

This is what makes PodServe so helpful and is the kind of straightforward promotion you would struggle to get with the majority of other similar podcast networks. 

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Uploading Podcasts

Another excellent feature made incredibly easy through PodServe is uploading your podcast to the biggest streaming services

All you need to do once you’ve recorded your podcast episode is to actually create your podcast on PodServe and then select which channels and platforms you would like to distribute to.

Once you then upload your audio file, PodServe will do the rest for you, saving so much of the time it usually takes to upload a podcast, allowing you to move on to the next episode immediately. 

Another massive benefit to using PodServe is they never wait around once you have sent the audio files.

Instead, your podcast will be available for the world to see in usually a day or two, so you can be sure your episodes will be in safe hands. 

Detailed Analytics 

One of the more underappreciated but incredibly beneficial features that PodServe offers with each purchase is its advanced analytics and statistics.

Of course, it’s always important to know exactly how your podcast listeners are engaging with each episode to gain a better understanding of what they’re looking for and ways you can improve.

This is why having the statistics of your latest episodes is a convenient feature (also see, ‘How To See How Many Listeners A Podcast Has‘).

PodServe offers these statistics in two ways, HQ analytics and through its podcast dashboard.

The HQ analytics allow you to see what episodes your audience has listened to and for how long, along with showing engagement spikes. 

The podcast dashboard on the other hand lets you know how many times your episodes have been downloaded over the last few hours, weeks, or days, with both providing you with enough data to ensure you are getting the most engagement possible out of your listeners. 

Extra Features

PodServe Review

While the promotional features and the easy uploading are the main reasons PodServe is so popular, a few other features come with each subscription that provides fantastic benefits and make setting up a podcast so much easier. 

One of these is the unlimited storage which allows you to record lengthy episodes without needing to pay for more storage down the line (also see, ‘Free Podcast Hosting Unlimited Storage Platforms‘).

It also means you can record multiple podcast episodes at a time on PodServe, which is always a fun idea when you have a few different topics or subjects you want to discuss with your guests. 

They also provide an RSS feed for every podcast published (also see, ‘Podcast RSS Feed‘).

PodServe Review (1)

There is also the incredibly helpful and reliable 1-on-1 customer support, which is a step above the rest compared to many other popular podcast app.

PodServe provides fast and efficient replies from their experienced team of podcasters for each and every question, no matter how big or small. 

This kind of support makes the process of recording and sending a podcast even more accessible than it already was, with a helpful team there to assist you each step of the way. 

It should be noted that while the features included with PodServe are extremely useful and easy to understand, you won’t be getting as many of the features as you would with many other similar sites.

For example, you won’t be getting many learning materials that can teach you the ins and outs of how to present a podcast confidently and effectively and there is also no integrated plugin feature. 

Therefore if you’re looking for a podcast hosting plan to provide you with all the necessary tools and information to become an experienced podcaster in no time, PodServe is definitely lacking in this department.

However, when it comes to straightforward marketing and promotion, it is definitely the most superior in this position. 


While many major platforms will offer their customers a few different subscription options depending on how much assistance they want for their shows, PodServe only offers one monthly plan of $19 each month. 

This may seem a little limiting, and it definitely can be if you want more choice over the exact features that you require to improve your podcast.

However, it does also make the plan very simple and straightforward as you know exactly what you’re getting for what is a reasonably generous price. While there are no unlimited downloads, they have a soft cap of 2,000 GB of bandwidth monthly.

With the unlimited storage, free promotion, and easy uploading all packed into this one monthly plan, along with the exceptional customer support, there definitely aren’t as many immediate bonus features as other podcasting services often include.

However, for just how much exposure your podcast will receive immediately, it’s definitely still worth buying to get a new podcast off the ground. 

Additionally, PodServe also offers a free 14-day trial to test out the platform before you buy it and ensure that the features it includes are right for you, which is a huge plus over the standard 7-day trial that many other sites often use. 

Final Verdict 

PodServe may not have all of the extensive extra features that other podcast hosting sites provide, such as learning about each and every detail of podcasting or support for your audio recordings to make sure they are as concise and clear as possible.

However, for what it does offer, you will still be getting some incredible benefits for its reasonable price. 

If you’re just getting started with podcasting but have a good grasp on managing the audio and visuals, Podserve can be an excellent service to help market your show as this is where the service shines the most.

You really won’t be able to find any site that can market your podcast as efficiently as PodServe does.

This is all down to their relationship with PodParadise which allows your podcast to be seen by thousands of listeners each and every day so you can be sure your audience will start growing gradually rather than remaining stagnant. 

The small number of extra features that PodServe does come with, primarily the in-depth analytics and fantastic customer support, also make managing and running your podcast incredibly easy.

These are perfect for when you just need that slight bit of assistance lifting your podcast off the ground. 

While the single payment plan does limit the variety you get, it makes PodServe simple and straightforward.

In all, Podserve is a great overall package for when you already have a decent idea of how to run a podcast and just need some assistance with advertising and uploading it to other streaming services. 

Compare Podserve With Other Podcast Hosting Services

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🏆 Best Overall
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