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How To Land The Perfect Podcast Editor Jobs

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Podcast Editor Jobs

Podcasting is one of the most popular forms of media in the modern age, furthered by the presence of the internet in our daily lives, and made accessible to all thanks to the availability of cheap, good-quality equipment. 

For this reason, podcast production remains a prominently DIY industry, with countless new podcasts springing up each week, and in numerous different genres and styles. 

As such, it has become attractive for many people, ranging from creatives, to technical producers, sound engineers, and editors – with the latter in particular being a particularly attractive role for those with the means and the know-how.

But how exactly can you get started editing podcasts, and what does the role involve? 

What Does Podcast Editing Entail? 

Within podcasting, the role of the podcast editor can vary depending on the nature of the podcast in question. 

Video Editing

If the podcast has video, then the video editor would be involved in cutting and clipping the podcast into a format that both makes sense to the viewers, and tells the visual story the podcast host was shooting for. 

When it comes to regular film and television editing, the skills are often transferable. However, the format differs in that it isn’t based on a script and requires more collaboration with hosts and other members of the post-production team to achieve the right flow for each episode.

Sound Engineering

If the podcast is purely audio-based, the role of the podcast audio editor could involve various tasks. This may include sound engineering such as enhancing existing sound, adding music, jingles, and sound effects, or even going through the rerecording process prior to the final edit and release.

Strong knowledge of audio editing software such as Pro Tools or Adobe Audition is essential, and it’s also important to be familiar with the podcasting process itself.

Additionally, sound editors must have a strong understanding of audio editing techniques such as mastering, mixing, and EQ processes in order to get the most out of their podcast recordings.

How To Get Editing Roles

When it comes to securing editing roles in podcasting, there isn’t just one route you could take.

This is because the industry itself is somewhat varied and changing, meaning that there isn’t one prescribed path for budding technicians and editors to go down. 

Job Hosting Websites and Industry Creative Sites

job search

One of the main ways to get into podcast editing is through job hosting websites – which, as with any regular job, can be specifically honed to meet the specific needs you have.  

Websites like can be great places to find roles all around the world, and for more industry-specific roles, sites like Americans For The Arts – a job bank that prides itself on connecting industry professionals and amateurs alike with suitable opportunities. 

These job hosting sites are also great sources of remote work gigs, such as remote audio editing jobs – something that is becoming increasingly popular with the rise in demand for digital content. 

Aside from these websites, another great way to get into podcast editing is by joining forums and groups specifically set up for audio engineers and podcasters.

Groups like Audio Engineering Society (AES) or Creative Cow are great places to meet other professionals in the industry and exchange ideas.

Go Solo – Freelance Audio Editor

Podcast Editor Jobs

Of course, one of the best ways to secure a successful, fulfilling job within the arts is to have a portfolio of podcast content that you can use to represent you at interviews. 

This is the same whatever the pursuit might be, and just as it is important for painters, writers, and musicians to have a back catalog of work, it is vital for editors to have reels they can show potential employers. 

This could involve starting a podcast with friends, and taking on editorial responsibilities yourself, or it could be attending networking events within filmmaking, media, and podcasting to try and make connections that could prove fruitful down the road. 

Some good podcasting conferences include the Podcast Movement in Dallas, Texas, the Independent Podcast Conference in Swedesboro, New Jersey, and Podcast Movement: Evolutions, which takes place in Los Angeles, California. 

Logic Pro X 10.5 – Apple Pro Training Series: Professional Music Production

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Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Sell Yourself

One important tool at your disposal is free, and only really requires a computer and an internet connection.

Of course, I am talking about social media – that beast that we all wrestle with, but which, as creatives, we are bound to forever. 

Social media can be a great tool when it comes to advertising the skills you do have, and for spreading the word amongst your friends and family.

They too can share it with their friends, and so on, allowing you to put the word out that you are the person for the job when it comes to editing

You can create social assets and host any work you have done online, either through your own website or social media pages.

It can also be a great way of getting freelance work, and even potentially long-term working relationships with like-minded people.

Do Podcasts Need Editing? 

How To Get Editing Roles

On the face of things, it might seem like podcasting doesn’t require editing, or at least not in the same way that films and television shows do.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

With the continual expansion of the industry, production values have soared, with graphics, sound effects, quick cuts, and above all else, video, becoming ever more prevalent. 

Fans of podcasts now expect more from their favorite podcasters. Gone are the days when it was enough to have episodes recorded in a bedroom, filled with stream of consciousness.

Today, production quality, sound clarity, and video excellence are crucial for perfectly packaging and selling your product.

So, How Important Is Editing? 

As the above section details, editing is pivotal when it comes to the success of a podcast, and more and more, we see creative hosts pairing themselves with knowledgeable podcast producer and editors to make their podcast episodes look and sound the best they can be. 

This is because the industry has become more saturated and established, and to truly compete at the highest level, you have to deliver something that ticks a lot of boxes, making the job of the editor all the more vital. 

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Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about podcast editor jobs, and the best methods for attaining them with the podcasting industry. 

Podcast editing can be a great role for those with the means and the inclination, and can be a great way to get experience in a constantly advancing industry that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

So if you are an editor looking for a new role, then maybe podcasting is the gig for you?

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