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Ocenaudio Vs Audacity: See Which Audio Editing Software Is For You

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Ocenaudio Vs Audacity

Audacity is the most well-known brand in the free audio recording editing software industry. It is open-source software that has become available since the year 2000.

It is really efficient in its function and can be employed for more than merely audio capturing and editing. However, there are other audio editing platforms nowadays, like Ocenaudio that have come to compete with Audacity (see also ‘Reaper Vs. Audacity‘).

While Audacity (see also ‘Audacity Vs Pro Tools‘) is great and we strongly suggest that you give it a shot if you have not done so already, considering some audio editor alternatives like Ocenaudio might be a good idea for your podcast.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in doing, then keep on reading below as we go into further detail about the options Audacity (see also ‘WavePad Vs Audacity‘) and Ocenaudio offer.

Audacity is an open-sourced and completely free audio editor.

Audacity is among the most widely used audio capturing and editing programs. It’s open-source software, and its popularity stems partly from its community roots.

It was created by a group of folks, was and still is freely available for download, and you can do whatever you wish with it.

It is an audio recording and editing application that allows you to capture live audio with the use of a microphone, mixer, or software playback on a multitrack recording.

Audio files can be imported, mixed, and/or combined, and edited.

Audacity Audio Editor

Benefits Of Using Audacity Audio Editing Software

There is really no doubt that audacity is well-liked for a reason. Listed below are a few of the benefits of using Audacity to record your podcasts:

Compatibility With Windows, Mac OS, Others

Audacity is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, as well as other operating systems.

Mac users will be happy to know that it can well work on any Apple device or a Windows desktop. This is useful when you are working with people who do not use the identical operating system as you.

Audio Recording And Audio Files Editing In One App

With the same software, it’s extremely easy to capture, record live audio, and edit your audio. It is practical and time-saving to be able to record and edit your audio within a single app.

Record live voice recordings, playbacks from a desktop, or transfer pre-recorded audio file. You can then utilize all the features of Audacity to edit your recordings, cut and adjust your audio, and include sound effects.

Separate Audio Tracks

The platform has additional features with an automatic system for recording your audio inputs separately, making post-production editing much simpler.

Small Software Suite ‍

If you decide to download Audacity, it will not take up a large amount of storage space on your PC and will not consume a large amount of processing power.

Low-Cost Audacity Price And Simple To Use ‍

Audacity is entirely free to download, making it an excellent choice for people on a tight budget.

It was created with people in mind, so the UI is simple and easy to use. There is no need for specialist skills or know-how.

Drawbacks Of Using Audacity

Drawbacks Of Using Audacity

Limited Post-Production Capabilities

Even though the option of audio recording and editing your podcasts in the same system is appealing, advanced users will miss out on more sophisticated audio effects and editing features.

If you intend to make a career out of podcasting, you may find this restrictive.


Creating and formatting recordings with Ocenaudio is an easy task, and the software uses server resources sparingly, and it will not end up crashing even with big-sized wave or other audio files.

Ocenaudio includes a number of built-in filters and enables VST plugins for more advanced features.

However, in the Ocenaudio vs Audacity battle, Ocenaudio loses a little bit since it is not an open-source platform, so there is no means to tweak its code if it fails to satisfy your specific needs.

Benefits Of Using Ocenaudio

Program Compatibility

Ocenaudio can be opened and used on every operating system, so irrespective of what OS you have and what kind of computer you own, Mac OS or PC, Ocenaudio is available to everyone.

Great User Interface

Ocenaudio comes with a UI that is less challenging than the one Audacity has, although it is still a high-quality audio editing platform.

The files you have opened at a certain moment are listed on the left and the chosen one is presented as a sound wave on the left. It is that easy!

Volume Axes

It is really important to note that, compared to several other free audio editing apps, Ocenaudio has clearly documented axes instead of a random volume indication.

There is also a spectrogram choice that provides a lot more information about sound features.


Most free audio editor apps only allow you to auto trim and clip recordings, but Ocenaudio further allows you to copy and paste audio segments as well as apply effects and filters.

Even when the sound files are many hours long, you will need less than a minute to copy and paste things, while you can encode and filter everything in the background.

That way, the post-production part will not interfere with your overall work.

Drawbacks Of Using Ocenaudio

No Multi-Track Editing

Sadly, there isn’t any way to stockpile filters and then tweak and reorder them afterward.

If you wish to change the same things in various segments of the document, you can make various selections and modify them all at once.

You could also turn sections of the document into labeled ‘regions’ that you could then edit one by one or weaved for a simpler arrangement.

The Bottom Line: Audacity vs Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio vs Audacity

Ocenaudio and Audacity are comparable in that they are both accessible for free and work across all computers and operating systems.

Audacity has more functionalities overall, but Ocenaudio is simpler to use. The lack of the option to edit multi-track audio on Ocenaudio is the most frustrating aspect for podcast hosts with several participants.

Therefore, if you need a sophisticated editor but find Audacity too intimidating, Ocenaudio is the platform for you but knows that it lacks that one option.

It may eventually turn to become premium software, so take advantage of it now that it is still free.

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