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Audioboom Podcasting Host: Is It Worth It?

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Is Audioboom Good For Podcasting

If you’re in the market for a podcasting platform to be the home for your content, there’s nothing more comprehensive than the services offered by Audioboom.

With features like monetization, publishing, distribution, and hosting, they go above and beyond what most of the competition is doing.

Is Audioboom good for podcasting? Audioboom is one of the biggest podcast hosting platforms that do more than just host.

For podcasters looking for an all-in-one service that allows them to earn distribute their content and earn an income from it, their tools let you do all of this and more.

Audioboom is the way to go for serious podcasters or those willing to spend a little more to get top-quality service and features.

If you’ve been thinking about upping your podcast game and want to use a hosting platform that the professionals rely on, check out this quick guide to Audioboom to see what they have to offer.

What is Audioboom?

What is Audioboom?

As one of the world’s biggest on-demand podcast distribution platforms, Audioboom has likely been one of your top considerations when choosing a host.

Known for being more than just a hosting service, you can go to Audioboom to do it all for your podcast, including distributing episodes, publishing your content, connecting you with other creators, and making money from your podcasting passion.

The company has been in operation since 2009, and although they were trading under a slightly different name at first, they’re one of the longest-running in the podcast space.

Over that time, they’ve amassed some of the biggest names in podcasts and have a whole suite of brands that have relied on their software including The Guardian, Cumulus Media, Russell Brand, and Yahoo! Sports Radio.

There are two tiers of service offered by Audioboom, depending on your current audience and how your podcasts are published.

The first is their Standard or Plus accounts which suit up to 50,000 downloads per month of podcasts, and the second is the Podcast Pros Account for anything over that.

Both have loads of features that you can use as little or as many of as you like, depending on the goals you have for your podcast.

The Coolest Features

The Coolest Features

At first glance, most podcast hosting services seem to offer much of the same, but when you look into what Audioboom is all about, you’ll see just how much more they have.

As well as the usual benefits that podcasters will enjoy, these are some of the noteworthy features that set Audioboom apart:

  • Distribution partnerships: Audioboom has spent years developing partnerships with the biggest and best podcast services which you can then use to your advantage. Some of the names that Audioboom is compatible with include Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, CastBox, and Deezer. The distribution portion of the platform is automated so there’s less effort from you to get your content out there.
  • Advertising: Audioboom uses a built-in ad network so that podcasts and advertisers can be partnered up accordingly. If you’re concerned about spending money on advertising and have never run ads in your podcast, they’re one of the better platforms to put your trust into as they make sure ads are targeted and offer a good return on investment.
  • Global reach: As one of the larger podcast platforms, you’ll benefit from the fact that Audioboom has offices all around the world. This means they have audience engagement and reach in locations that others might not, so no matter where you’re from, there’ll be a way to get your podcast shared in all the right places.
  • Unlimited episodes: Audioboom lets you publish unlimited episodes on all of their plan levels, so you can create and share as much content as you like, and even make multiple podcast series. On their cheapest lowest plan, you can have up to 10,000 plays per month, so it’s a great way to get your podcast off the ground without having to spend a fortune.
  • Advanced features for pros: Once you get into the higher tier plans, you can benefit from a whole new suite of perks. The professional podcasts on this platform will enjoy features like branded events, targeted ad networks, sponsorships, and more. if your goal is to take your podcast from the ground up and become one of the biggest, Audioboom can help you on the journey.

Monetizing Your Podcast With Audioboom

Monetizing Your Podcast With Audioboom

A good podcast host gives you the chance to earn money from your content, but they usually do this with guides or tips on various methods you can use.

The biggest difference with Audioboom is that not only do they teach you all of the ways possible to earn a profit, but they also help them do it.

Advertising is a key monetization method and with Audioboom, they’ll match your podcast to advertisers who would best suit what they’re selling.

The podcasters ensure their ads are suited to the audience and the advertisers are only promoting their brand to people who will be interested, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

They also allow you to insert a midroll advertisement into your podcast, which is when it’s played in the middle of the episode.

Rather than playing them at the end or beginning, when most listeners will skip through, these midroll ads get more attention because people are less likely to skip them. Although a seemingly small difference, it’s features like these that set Audioboom apart.

Who Should Use Audioboom for Podcasting?

Who Should Use Audioboom for Podcasting?

Audioboom has been created to suit all types of podcasters with varying levels of experience. However, because of the sheer number of features available, we believe that it could be overwhelming for those who are absolute beginners.

If you’re willing to spend some time reading and researching all that Audioboom has to offer and you feel comfortable technically learning the ropes, nothing is stopping a beginner from signing up.

Those with more experience or businesses looking for a larger-scale podcast host to suit their needs will find Audioboom has more than enough to keep them satisfied.

One of the biggest disappointments with Audioboom is that there’s no free trial available so you have to take a leap of faith when using this software.

Given their stellar reputation and years of happy customers, it’s safe to say they will deliver on their promises, but it is always good to offer potential users a chance to test your software so they can see if it will meet their requirements.

Tips for Getting Started

Tips for Getting Started

Before signing up with Audioboom, we recommend looking through their website to get a grasp of all of the features they offer.

With more than most podcast hosts, there’s a lot of information to digest and you want to make sure it’s suited to the current status of your podcast and what you plan on doing in the future.

We also recommend checking out the Creator Network after you sign up to your chosen plan. You can connect with others in the podcast space to share ideas, troubleshoot problems, and develop a wider network.

Having contacts like this will prove valuable as you continue creating and publishing podcasts, so it’s a nice extra touch.

Audioboom has a support center that you can access to see all of the help categories and commonly asked questions that others have. Topics include embedding players, episode publishing, podcast settings, and dashboard sections.

You can also access their customer support via online chat or email, with premium members having a personal account manager allocated to them.

How to Migrate Your Old Podcast to Audioboom

How to Migrate Your Old Podcast to Audioboom

If you’re moving over to Audioboom from a previous podcast host, they list the steps needed to do so on their website.

The two main steps are copying and pasting the RSS feed link from your old host onto your Audioboom site, and then creating a permanent 301 redirect from the old feed so that people are sent to your new one automatically.

Any future episodes you create will be added to your Audioboom RSS feed, but it’s best to check this in the early stages.

Furthermore, the publishers you choose to list your podcast with, like Spotify and Google Podcasts, should automatically update their services with any new episodes you release, but you should confirm that this is happening as well.

The Audioboom Difference

The second you click on the Audioboom website to check out their features, you’ll notice the difference.

This podcasting platform does it all including hosting, distribution, monetization, and more, so they cover all aspects of what your podcast will need to grow well into the future.


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