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How To Share Computer Audio On Zoom?

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How To Share Computer Audio On Zoom

Audio is an important part of our lives, and even when we are in a Zoom call. Sharing your screen is often not enough because more often than not, sharing computer audio is paramount as well.

We could have the best presentation known to man, but if we are not able to share music or the audio is not there, it may not be half as good.

Knowing how to share our computer audio on Zoom can ramp up our presentations and slideshows and really show our colleagues what we are made of in meetings.

There are a few different ways you can go about it, however.

Also, it is worth noting that while in the past, Zoom would not allow you to play audio if you were using their mobile app, this is an issue of the past now, so you actually can do this!

Stick around if you want to learn how!

Sharing From The Toolbar

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First up, you can share audio via the toolbar on your meeting screen. This is probably the most common way you can do so.

  • To start off, you need to start a new meeting in Zoom, or join one.
  • Next you will need to go to your meetings toolbar and start to share your screen via the ‘Share Screen’ option.
  • Now, select whichever window or application you want to start sharing. There will be a variety of options available to you, you can choose from the options ‘Basic’, ‘Advanced’, or ‘Files’.
  • Now that you have shared your screen via the Basic option, you will be able to click on your Zoom Toolbar, which will allow you to click on ‘More’.
  • From here you will be able to ‘Share Sound’ from the option in the drop-down menu. This is all there is to it.

This is the most common method of all, it works really well with the Screen Sharing option on Zoom, however, with that being said, there is an even simpler way to get it.

Check out our next option!

Using Simple Clicks

How To Share Computer Audio On Zoom?

If you are in a hurry, you probably do not want to be doing all that we said above, you just want something simple.

Here’s a faster way to share your Zoom audio device.

Really, while the above option is the most common, this is the simplest, and we recommend it.

It is basically the shortcut way everyone who is tech-savvy uses. Firstly, start or join your Zoom meeting.

Then you want to ‘Share Screen’, and you will need to select what sharing window or screen you wish to share.

Then you need to click on the ‘Share Audio’ option and choose your Zoom audio device which is available in the bottom left of your dialogue box.

And… that’s it. That is really all there is to it.

It is really simple, and once you know how to do this, we see no reason why you would go back to using the other method at all.

It is simpler, easier, and quicker to get your meetings off the ground.

What You Need To Know About Sharing Computer Sound

What You Need To Know?

Before you get all excited and start sharing audio in every meeting, let’s just stop for a minute and take in some information about how sharing audio works with Zoom.

Zoom computer audio sharing is one of the many screen share features on Zoom.

It is a very handy tool when you need to share the computer’s audio from a 3rd party video,

So, if you needed to show your colleagues a YouTube video on health and safety, it could be done in this way.

However, for this to work you will need to have the Zoom desktop app, it will be available on Windows and on macOS.

What you do need to be aware of, however, is that you will not be able to share your computer’s audio if you are sharing multiple screens.

This is the only real restriction to Zoom audio sharing anymore, while there used to be some more, Zoom has advanced and adapted its program and now this is the only restriction still in place as of 2022

Using Your Smartphone

Now, we did say you used to be unable to share your computer audio via your Smartphone.

You can’t technically do this… still. But, there is a hack for everything these days, so, why not this?

There is a way you can access a meeting on more than one device and merge your two devices together.

Okay, it is not ideal if you leave your laptop at home, and you need to give an audio based presentation on a moving train, but it is a good way to work around this issue.

You can join your meeting on your smartphone, and then on your PC.

You receive audio through your smartphone but receive the video/ shared screen via your desktop.

If you need this to work you need to give your Meeting ID and participant ID.

If your Share computer sound option is checked on your PC, then the audio stream will come through both devices.

You will then be able to mute one of them to get the audio through via a single channel.

If you want to stop it, just select ‘ Stop Share’ at the top of the window for the meeting.

Got Problems?

During the pandemic, half of our meetings were all ‘Can you hear me?’, ‘Do you have your mic off?’, and all the other hilarious and eventually frustrating aspects of getting to terms with zoom.

If you have issues always check your volume and gear levels, and ensure the computer and in-app volumes are high.

You can also test the gear before the meeting.

Note ‘Share computer audio’ should also never be muted, but if everything is fine and there is no audio… turn it off, and turn it back on again.

If on a Zoom call, you can’t hear anything read these useful tips.

It just needs a wake-up call!

Wrapping Up

Zoom audio is actually pretty easy to work around, the app was designed with ease in mind, and all you need is a few clicks to share your PC audio!

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