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How To Get A Job Podcasting?

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How To Get A Job Podcasting?

Many of us who are creatively minded are finding more and more job opportunities in the media industry that suit our strengths.

If you’ve found yourself searching for podcasting jobs in the industry, but are struggling to know where to begin, don’t worry, because you’re not alone.

To be hired as a podcaster or podcast producer, you’ll need to be skilled both in project management and sound design, which will both be integral to the job itself.

As well as being creative, you’ll also need to be good at the management aspect of the job.

To find out more about how you can get started with a job in the podcasting world, keep reading to find out more below.

Tips For Getting Started With Your Podcast

Find Your Niche

How To Get A Job Podcasting?

Before you get started with your podcasting journey, first you’ll have to brainstorm some ideas about what you’d like to talk about.

There are so many different kinds of podcasts out there today, that it can be difficult to find a new topic to explore.

The good thing is that you don’t need to necessarily find a different topic or niche to everyone else, but rather, have a different way of thinking about it (also see, ‘How To Get Into Podcasting‘).

It will be your unique spin on things that will be essential to your podcast’s success.

Practice By Yourself

We’ve all heard the saying that practice makes perfect, but in the world of podcasting, this is really true.

Because you’re going to be spending so much time talking, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve practiced adequately in order to make sure that you sound as natural as possible (also see, ‘Average Words Per Minute Speaking‘).

It helps to talk about things that you feel passionately about, as this will help your conversation to feel more fluid.

Develop Your Creativity As Podcast Producer

You’ll need to develop your creativity if you want a job as a podcast host or in podcast production.

If you’re aiming to be part of a podcast production team, it will help if you are knowledgeable in the different aspects of podcasting (also see, ‘Top Podcast Production Companies’).

You can get started by playing around with audio production by exploring audio editing software (also see, ‘Audacity vs Camtasia‘), as well as thinking about the broader theme of your show.

You can even get involved with some graphic design, which is one of the production skills that some people may not realize is a part of podcasting too.

Getting involved with the cover art of your own show can be a good way of establishing your brand, which will be important for its success.

If your podcast takes off, this branding can eventually be made into merchandise that your listeners can purchase, so it’s a good idea to establish this early on.

Work On Your Organization Skills

organization skills

Organization skills are important for most creative jobs, but especially for podcasting.

You will be responsible for your podcast throughout each stage of its development, from the original concept to the end product. These stages most often include:

  • Conceptualization
  • Script writing
  • Creating a production schedule
  • Audio recording
  • Audio editing and sound effects
  • Online marketing strategies, such as social media marketing

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Some of the ways in which you can help to stay organized is by creating a content calendar, which states what you’re going to talk about during your podcast episodes.

You can also try and schedule some guests to speak on the podcast, and conduct some admin work to find out more about booking them.

You will also need to organize your social media accounts, in order to make sure that you’re notifying your audience each time that a new episode is out.

This is also a great method for promoting your podcast.

Get Some Training In Management

One of the best things you can do for yourself in setting up your podcast for success is to get some management training.

There are lots of different courses out there that can help deliver you the skills you need to be successful.

This will also help you to network with other people, such as other podcast hosts and podcast producers, who are on similar journeys to you.

What Are The Benefits Of Setting Up A Podcast?

Get Some Training In Management

In order to be employed full time as a podcaster, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve taken the majority of the steps above in creating your own podcast, to prove that you’re reliable.

Building up a portfolio of content will be your key to success.


By setting up your own podcast, you’re showing that you have a strong sense of dedication to the industry.

The longer your podcast has been running, the more evidence you’ll have that you’re committed to the sector.


Another important aspect of having your own podcast is that it shows that you’re reliable.

If you release an episode on the same day each without fail, this will show future employers during your job search that you’re able to follow a strict routine and meet deadlines.

Skillsets Required For Podcasting Jobs

podcasting sounds

Probably the main benefit of having your own podcasting company is that it shows off your long skillset to potential employers.

They will be able to see that you’ve been the podcast designer, audio producer, and overall content creator of your own podcast without any assistance from others.

This proves that you have the required skill set for podcast hosting.

You can show off the skills in your portfolio simply by bringing along samples of your work, whether for your own or for someone’s podcast, in audio clip format.

Another good idea is to take along the scripts that you wrote for them.

Along with this, you can also bring along sketches, and designs you’ve created for the show’s logo.

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It’s also a good idea to demonstrate your social media presence, especially if you’ve managed to gain quite a following.

Make sure to bring this up with potential employers, as they’ll be able to see your promotion skills.

Final Thoughts

Although it may seem difficult at first, it is completely possible to break into the podcasting industry.

The key is to always start your own podcast first completely from scratch, so that you’re able to show potential employers your wide skill set.

Creating your own podcast shows that you’re dedicated to craft, as well as being a reliable potential employee, who is able to meet deadlines.

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