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How Much Is SoundCloud Pro?

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How Much Is SoundCloud Pro?

SoundCloud is a website and platform that allows you to upload your music to their website and you can also save and repost other artists’ music too.

While the standard version, SoundCloud Basic is free, there is also a premium version known as SoundCloud Pro Unlimited. 

SoundCloud Pro is very much like the standard version, but it comes with extra features such as unlimited upload storage, tools for insights into your plays and engagement, editing track files after they have been uploaded, and much more. 

If you are using SoundCloud just for listening to music, then chances are you won’t really need the Pro version.

If you are a recording artist and you want to get your music out there and have more control over it, then you will definitely want to use the Pro version. 

So you are probably wondering how much SoundCloud Pro is and is it actually worth it? Well, we’ll be going over everything you need to know here, so let’s get started. 

How Much Is SoundCloud Pro? 

So first and foremost, how much is SoundCloud Pro? Well, that depends. You can pay for it monthly or yearly, so if you opt to pay for it monthly it is going to cost you $16/month.

If you would rather pay for it in yearly installments it’s going to cost you $144/year. 

Is SoundCloud Pro Worth It? 

How Much Is SoundCloud Pro

Now you know how much money you’re going to be spending on SoundCloud Pro, you’re probably trying to work out if it’s worth the price. 

There are a few things to consider before you take the plunge and get this subscription, and we’ve broken them down into pros & cons so you can make an informed decision.

So let’s take a look at them. 


There are lots of pros if you choose to use SoundCloud Pro.

You’ll have access to all the features of the standard version, but there are also plenty of extras that are specifically good for any musical artists out there. 

  • One of the biggest pros of SoundCloud Pro is of course the unlimited upload storage. If you use SoundCloud in its standard version, then you probably already know that it has a limited number of minutes you can upload in terms of tracks. SoundCloud Pro takes this issue away and you will not be limited to how many tracks you can upload. 
  • Another great thing about SoundCloud Pro is that it lets you have an ad-free listening experience. On the standard version, ads pop up every 4 to 5 tracks in some cases, which can get very annoying if you listen to a lot of music. 
  • SoundCloud Pro allows you to change and edit track files that have already been uploaded without affecting the stats they have already accumulated. 
  • You can pin tracks to the top of your profile and you can also add banner cover art and clickable banner links. 
  • You get access to Repost Network access which also allows you access to marketing tools and pre-saved links. 
  • You also get access to SCPlanner which allows you to schedule uploads in bunks, and it also allows you to expand the reach of your music. 
  • You also get analytic tools that are incredibly useful and in-depth which will help you in gaining more followers. 
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There are a lot fewer cons to SoundCloud Pro, but these cons can have quite an impact depending on what you are using the Pro version for.

Hopefully, understanding these cons will give you better clarity on if SoundCloud Pro is the right choice for you. 

  • Unfortunately, the Repost Network distribution will take 20% of revenue from your streaming royalties, so if you’re just starting out and you’re still quite unknown, this can cause a bit of stress if you are trying to make money off your music. 

Is SoundCloud Pro Good For Artists?

Overall, SoundCloud Pro is definitely good for artists. In most cases, it’s better for artists than anyone else.

Casual users or standard music listeners can get a lot out of SoundCloud Pro, especially if you are tired of listening to ads, but the unlimited uploads and Repost Network is definitely more catered to artists. 

If you’re trying to make a name for yourself as an artist, especially as an electronic artist, you’ll find SoundCloud Pro to be very helpful and useful.

The additional features will also help you greatly with marketing and getting more followers too. 

If you’re more of an indie artist though, then SoundCloud Pro might not be foryou.

It’s very helpful to electronic artists that SoundCloud is already filled with people who are a part of the electronic music community, which is why they are usually more successful on the platform. 

You might find some use out of SoundCloud Pro if you fall outside of the electronic subgenres, but it will probably take you a bit more time and you might not be happy paying $16/month for a longer process that may not yield any results. 


So there you have it. SoundCloud Pro will cost you $16/month or $144/year.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using SoundCloud Pro, and if your music is the right fit for the community, it’s definitely worth investing in. 

The extra features alone are enough of a selling point for why SoundCloud Pro is good.

The unlimited upload time is especially good because if you just have the standard account, you will eventually have to delete things. SoundCloud Pro takes this problem away. 

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