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Cleanfeed Review -Is This Online Podcast Recording Service For You?

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Cleanfeed Review

When it comes to sending and recording live audio, there are many different outlets on the market, all of them well versed in this new modern phenomenon – which encompasses both online video chatting, interview software, and podcasting. 

While there are numerous companies on the market, each offering something a little different, there are some which stand out from the crowd – with one example being Cleanfeed. 

But what exactly is Cleanfeed, and what services do they bring to the table? 


The online recording studio for your audio!

What Is Cleanfeed? 

Cleanfeed considers itself to be the ‘online studio for live audio and recording’, boasting an easy to use service, and high audio quality production capabilities, reinforced with their audio balancing technology. 

What Is Cleanfeed Used For? 

There are many applications for Cleanfeed and their services, including music recording and production, podcasting, live radio broadcasting, as well as post production sound editing for television and film. 

What Does Cleanfeed Cost? 

There are different price brackets for Cleanfeed, with each one offering different services and features. 

Free Starter Pack

One great thing about Cleanfeed is that they offer a free, basic starter pack for their services, giving potential customers a taste of what their business can offer, without costing them anything in the process. 

While these might be limited to the basic service, there are still many features that still come along with it, including unlimited recording sessions, and the availability of commercial use. 

Cleanfeed Pro

Cleanfeed Review

The next priced pack is Cleanfeed Pro, which offers a more advanced version of their services, for a moderately priced monthly subscription fee. 

This grants users full access to the services that they offer. It allows the recording of separate tracks. For best results, a multitrack audio editor is recommended to get the most out of this service.

There’s also email support from experienced professionals, and a monthly payment scheme that can easily be canceled when the service no longer becomes suited to your business model. 

Enterprise & Education

They also operate an enterprise and education package, which is more suited for business use, and allows potential customers to apply for an ‘enterprise’ license through the company itself. 

This does not come with a monthly subscription, but is a more prestigious state to be in.

It includes the consolidation of Cleanfeed licensing across the whole team (of your business), convenient payment and invoicing options for businesses, customization and branding, and the availability of 5 or more Cleanfeed Pro licenses. 

The latter is not for personal use and only works on a business-wide scale, which is why it is not open to purchase from members of the general public.

However, what this feature offers is staggering, and would undoubtedly be a great asset to media companies, or professional entities who are intending to start a podcast branch to their business. 

What Features Does Cleanfeed Have? 

The most technically advanced system of this type, Cleanfeed offers many high-quality features that are just not seen elsewhere on the market. 

Built-In Recording

The built-in recording feature allows for high-quality audio content to be recorded and stored, all without the need for external mixers, mix minuses, and other complex (and expensive) pieces of equipment that would otherwise be used in the industry. 

This essentially means that everything you need is already built in, and doesn’t require further expense, time, or effort transporting everything around, and can be secured by simply subscribing to the price bracket that best corresponds to your needs. 

Multiple Parties

Cleanfeed also allows for multiple parties to be brought together on the audio session, which can be great for businesses that have diverse and disparate staff located around the world, or for musicians and podcasters who are not based in the same location, but who need to collaborate regularly. 

This function even gives you the option to choose how you record them, allowing for single or multiple track recording to make the editing process much easier and more streamlined. 

Connect To Anyone

You also have the freedom to connect to anyone, with only one member of the party needing a Cleanfeed account, and the others simply requiring a web link to the feed. 

What’s more, Cleanfeed is compatible with most device types – including Mac, Windows, Linux, or Android – which means that just about anyone can easily connect and be part of the action. 

Cleanfeed also has an ‘advanced invite’ feature, which means you as the host have absolute control over who is on the feed, and who has to go.

This can be a useful tool when it comes to ensuring professionalism on a podcast, or for maintaining safety and security during live chats with potential strangers. 

Crystal Clear Audio Files

Perhaps most importantly though, Cleanfeed prides itself on offering excellent studio quality sound, not to mention a sense of ease and simplicity when it comes to processing the completed file. 

Offering full duplex audio with the best codecs, high bitrates, and stereo audio, Cleanfeed works great through wired and wireless networks, and on both 3G and 4G data types. 

What Would The Audio Recording Process Look Like? 

When using Cleanfeed, ease and simplicity are the names of the game, and this ethos translates to every aspect of the process.

This makes Cleanfeed a great tool at your disposal for not only establishing a podcast or recording audio with vey good sound quality, but also for solving the little, annoying issues with connectivity that can occur at any moment. 

Cleanfeed Review (1)

On the Go Audio Repair

This is an amazing feature for those annoying connectivity issues that always seem to crop up when recording or chatting online. 

Microphones can go haywire, connections can fail, and things can go awry, but with Cleanfeed, you have the option to repair audio signals during recording.

This allows you to continue audio recording and remaining on track, while providing online repairs to the signal on any one of the linked devices. 

Channel Mixer

Cleanfeed also gives you the ability to alter the balances of the various sound files as you record audio.

This means that when you hear some unwanted background noise, or if you think a microphone, instrument, or piece of music is too loud, you can change the levels at a moment’s notice (also see, ‘How To Make Your Mic Sound Better‘).

This ensures the best quality right there in the studio, and removes the need for extensive editing in post (also see, ‘Podcast Editing Tips 101‘). 

Multiple Sources

Cleanfeed also allows for multiple sources to be attached at once.

This could be a USB microphone, a mixer, or any number of different pieces of equipment, allowing you to record them all onto separate channels, making them easier to edit (or discard) later in the process. 

Studio Tools

There is a reason why Cleanfeed is regularly used by media corporations, as well as the top podcasters out there, and that is because of the range of on-the-go features the host has access to. 

This could be any number of jingles, intros, idents, and beds, and also allows for live playback, all while maintaining a clean, crisp recording. 

Higher Bitrates

If you are experiencing a poor output while recording, and you need to turn things up a notch, then Cleanfeed allows you to increase the bitrate of your audio.

This ensures that you have crisp, high-quality sound at every step of the process and that no podcasting gold gets lost to the cutting room floor as a result of failing sound tech. 

What Are The Benefits Of Cleanfeed? 

There are many positive aspects to Cleanfeed’s business model, many of which we have touched on above, however, certain aspects really stand out from the rest. 

Pricing Plan

The fact that they offer a distinct pricing plan really sets them apart from their competitors, especially with regards to the free package, which offers high grade, industry standard features for absolutely nothing. 


Creative freedom and control is also an important element of their business model, allowing creators to change and hone their feed as it is being recorded.

This essentially offers radio station levels of on the go editing, for what could potentially cost nothing at all. 


They also offer industry-standard quality at accessible prices.

Even the payment plans are reasonable, allowing individuals or companies the option to affordably gain access to the best systems around without breaking the bank. 

What’s more, Cleanfeed really stands in line with everything great about the modern podcasting industry – taking control of quality products, and putting them in the hands of independent, street-level creators. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Cleanfeed, the services it provides, and its place within the audio production industry. 

Cleanfeed is clearly at the forefront for a good reason, and after examining just a fraction of the services they provide, it is not hard to see why they are so popular amongst content creators, musicians, and corporations alike. 

So if you are looking for a professional set up for your podcast, or if you want to experiment with industry-standard, free software, then why not give Cleanfeed a try?

Something tells me they’ve got what you need!

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