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How To Clear ‘Up Next’ On Apple Podcast

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How To Clear Up Next On Apple Podcast

Apple podcasts is a one stop shop for all your audio needs. With a vast variety of shows, you can find something new to listen to every day.

These podcast apps allow you to keep updated with the best podcasts on the market and always stay on the best genre trends. 

Apple podcasts is a daily podcast featuring news, interviews, and articles about the Apple Macintosh, iPhone, iPod and iPad, but how are you meant to maneuver your way around the app?

These apps are made to be really easy for you to use, but you might just need to learn a few ways to control it better and help you customize it as well. 

This guide will be giving you specific information concerning how you will be clearing the ‘up next option’ which acts as a playlist maker on the app. Another question we get asked is Why Doesn’t Apple Podcast Remember Where I Left Off?

Most people are finding how you are able to make them, but what if you want to get rid? Find out more here. 

How do I get rid of up next on Apple Podcast?

You can manage the Apple Podcast Up Next queue by following these 4 steps:

  1. Open the Apple Podcasts app.
  2. Tap on “Now Playing” at the bottom of your screen to open the full player view.
  3. In the full player view, swipe up until you see “Up Next”.
  4. To remove an individual episode, swipe left on the episode in the “Up Next” list and tap “Remove”.

If you wish to clear the entire queue, you’ll have to do this for each podcast episode in the list individually.

How To Clear ‘Up Next’ On Apple Podcast

What Are Apple Podcasts?

Apple is the most valuable brand in the world today and that’s not even counting the billions of dollars that Apple is worth. 

Apple has been at the forefront of the digital revolution for years, and its influence has been felt across the tech and music industries.

The Apple Podcasts app gives you the ability to subscribe to and listen to all of your favorite Apple-produced audio content. If you don’t already know how to check out How To Listen To A Podcast On iPhone first.

What Is The ‘Up Next’ Feature?

‘Up next’ is a feature that allows users to skip ahead to the next song in an audio playlist, album or TV show. The moment you use ‘up next,’ the current song ends and the next one begins.

The ‘up next’ feature on iTunes allows you to define how you want to listen to podcasts and music in your library.

‘Up next’ is a handy way to browse your playlist when you’re at the gym, at the beach, or just cruising around town because you do not have to think about changing them every time they finish.

Some podcasts are quite short and you don’t want to be changing it all the time. Therefore, you can put them in order for what you would like to listen to, one after the other. 

How Can You Clear The ‘Up Next’?

Whether you are looking to either rearrange or clear your ‘up next’ queue there is a process you need to go through to do this. 

When you want to rearrange your podcast list to put one past before others, you need to click on the podcast you are on and expand it by using the three lines on the right hand side.

Then you can opt for the next queue. You need to hold down on those three lines and use the drag and drop feature. You will drag it further up the page to listen to it sooner, or drag it further down to leave it for later. 

You might also want to remove podcasts altogether from the list which is slightly different. You will start the same by clicking on the 3 lines and swipe it to the right in the corner, then press remove.

You are able to do this to however many you would like to remove, to then add more. 

You will have to remove the queue you already have by following these very simple steps, to then make a new playlist in the queue. 

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How Do I Manage Podcast Storage On My IPhone?

When you are trying to manage your storage, there are a few steps you need to take. You will first need to open the Podcasts app and tap the “My Podcasts” icon. 

You now must tap on the podcast’s name and then tap the gear icon to access its settings. Under “On This iPhone ” or “On This iPad,” make sure that the episode limit is set to however many you would like it to bet.

This screen allows you to set different limits and settings for different podcasts.

Why Do Apple Podcasts Not Play In Order?

You have to add all podcasts serially or in sequence firstly before you can start trying to organize them and rearrange them to make them more personal.

You will first need to open Podcast and tap more options button which is the three dots on the side. 

Inside the popup, tap on Settings > Select “Play in Sequential Order” under the EPISODES section.


Overall, when it comes to Apple podcasts you do have quite a bit of flexibility in terms of how you clear certain sections and being able to rearrange them.

This makes the apps far easier for people to use and customize because people want to organize things in ways that are personal to them. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you clear your ‘up next’ section to keep your playlists nice and fresh and updated so you can listen to the newest trends and different podcasts you might have found recently. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Stop Apple Podcast Autoplay?

If you have the autoplay on where it will just continue playing your playlist, moving onto each podcast in your list, you might want to turn that feature off.

You might only want to choose individual podcasts to play one at a time which means you will have to open your settings and turn off the continuous autoplay. 

How Do I Line Up Podcasts On My iPhone?

To do this: Open the Podcasts app. Open whichever episode you want to listen to and tap the three dots at the bottom of your screen to move onto the next step.

You can now click Play Next and then a small pop-up will confirm that the episode was added to your list.

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