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Best Rich Roll Podcast – Top 10 Most Popular Episodes

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Best Rich Roll Podcast Episodes

Whether it be a quick listen during our commute to work, a relaxing tool used to help you sleep, or simply one of your favorite things to do when you settle down in the evening, podcasts continue to grow massively in popularity.

With over 26 million downloads to date, one of the most popular podcasts is Rich Roll’s ‘The Rich Roll Podcast’.

Started in 2012 and quickly nominated for the 2013 Stitcher Award for Best Health Podcast, Rich Roll’s podcast features inspiring guests and empowering conversations that primarily focus on wellness.

Telling some of the most amazing stories, Rich Roll’s podcast is probably already one you’ve listened to. If not, you seriously need to. In fact, today is the perfect chance for you to start.

Today, we’ll show you what The Rich Roll Podcast has to offer. In this article, you’ll find the best Rich Roll podcast episodes to date. Stick around if you want something great to listen to.

Who Is Rich Roll?

Before we get into our list of the best Rich Roll podcast episodes, we’d like to give you a bit more information about the host.

Rich Roll is often described as an ultra-endurance athlete, vegan activist, and author.

Famous for his book, Finding Ultra, amongst others, Rich Roll is also a full-time wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate, public speaker, and father of 4.

The 55-year-old is a huge inspiration to millions of people all over the world. Many see him as a transformative example of healthy and courageous living.

A man that has never been afraid to change things up and make a difference in the lives of his followers, Rich’s story alone is an inspiring one, but his impressive ability to put guests at ease has led to him producing one of the most interesting and unique podcasts in the world.

Best Rich Roll Podcast

Why Should You Listen To The Rich Roll Podcast?

So, why should you listen to The Rich Roll Podcast? The answer to that question is pretty simple, Rich Roll’s podcast is totally awe-inspiring.

With over 700 episodes to listen to, Rich Roll’s podcast is like no other. Instead of sitting down with the biggest celebrities, Rich Roll reserves his podcast’s hot seat for inspiring guests that have empowering stories to tell.

While Rich has held conversations with well-known public figures, most guests on his podcast are people you have probably never heard of. But he also has some top guests you will have heard doing the rounds on podcasts, like Joe Rogan experience. If you like under a rock and have never checked out the top podcasts, then here is what Joe Rogan’s podcast is all about.

As a result, every episode of The Rich Roll Podcast is full of intrigue. With a large focus on health and wellbeing, you should also listen to this podcast if you’re someone who either has an interest or struggles with their own health and wellbeing.

Every two-hour episode tackles challenging topics, aiming to inspire the audience and improve their knowledge.

Above all else, The Rich Roll Podcast is incredibly entertaining, so make sure you give it a listen.

Best Rich Roll Podcast

#1 Navy SEAL David Goggins

The first episode of The Rich Roll Podcast that you should listen to is the episode that features Navy SEAL, David Goggins.

David Goggins has appeared on Rich Roll’s podcast twice. His first appearance was in episode 266 and his second was in episode 413.

Whilst both episodes are well worth a listen, David’s first appearance is our favorite. In this episode, Rich and David take a closer look at David’s life.

We learn more about how David’s battle with malaria whilst operating as a Navy SEAL never stopped him from reaching his goals.

Taking a deep dive into the mindset of one of the toughest groups of people on earth, David talks about how his experiences helped him not only compete but finish in the top places in some of the most challenging endurance challenges in the world.

The inspiring conversations between the two reveal how Goggins mentally prepared for the Ultraman World Championships.

He shares his own philosophies regarding overcoming grueling mental and physical conditions, whilst explaining how anyone can overcome their own challenges with the right consistency and motivation.

Overall, this is a very inspiring episode that will make you believe you can take on the world too.

#2 Mastering The Mystical: A Deep Dive On Spirituality

Next, we have one of the most thought-provoking episodes of The Rich Roll Podcast. In this episode, Rich Roll shared big truths from some of his biggest podcast guests, taking an in-depth look at all things spiritual.

Whether you believe in spirituality or not, this is an interesting episode to listen to.

Rich takes a deep look into the world of spirituality, looking at the latest evidence and scientific findings on the subject.

He takes a look at concrete examples and non-secular spiritual practices that offer value.

He discusses how an awakened state can help in our daily lives, and explores how new practices can elevate our thinking and behavior.

What’s great about this podcast episode is how unbiased Rich Roll is. At no point does he say one way of thinking is right or wrong.

Instead, he simply shares stories and beliefs about how spirituality may or may not help.

This episode is perfect for those of you that are already part of a spiritual tradition or anyone looking to start their spiritual journey.

It’s also a great listen for those who struggle to believe in spirituality, but wish to learn more.

#3 Roll On: Life Lessons Learned From 10 Years of Podcasting

Next up, we have a fantastic episode of The Rich Roll Podcast that suits anyone looking for a relaxed, yet interesting podcast to listen to before bed.

In this episode of Rich Roll’s semi-bi-weekly version of his podcast, Rich and Adam Skolnick sit down for a lighthearted conversation full of banter.

Rambling on about their own interests such as sports, culture, literature, art, and politics, the two reflect on what they have learned throughout their lives.

More specifically, Rich reflects on what he has learned from his 10 years of podcasting.

Whilst discussing his thoughts and feelings about what he has learned, Rich also talks about self-betterment.

This is an interesting topic that will make you think about what you have learned in your life so far.

Followers of Rich Roll will also enjoy this episode because of the conversations that take place about endurance and other episodes.

Rich spares some time to talk about the latest endurance news, and recaps some of his most recent episodes.

#4 Max Fisher

An investigative reporter for the New York Times, The Rich Roll Podcast episode where Max Fisher takes the hot seat is an interesting one.

A Pulitzer Prize finalist, Fisher is the author of the extremely important and incredibly popular book: ‘The Chaos Machine: The Inside Story of How Social Media Rewired Our Minds and Our World’.

In his book, Max explains how social media and big tech platforms have been able to monopolize our attention and fracture the world.

In his episode of the podcast, Max covers a wide range of topics, most of which focus on his journey into the world of journalism.

Max opens up about how he started reporting on politics and social media, interestingly going on to explain how social media platforms have changed user morality.

The eye-opening interview takes things deeper, with Max also discussing how algorithms have made people more violent.

The conversation then moves on to how social media creates an over-exaggerated feeling of intolerance and outrage, leading to more and more people falling for false information.

The whole episode is completely mind-blowing, making us all think about how we use social media.

#5 Prophets Walk Among Us: Stories From Our Listeners

One of the most amazing episodes of Rich Roll’s podcast is where he uses his audience’s stories to empower and inspire.

In an attempt to harness the power of community, Rich Roll used this episode of his podcast to tell the transformative journey some of his listeners have gone through.

For this episode, Rich appealed to his audience to send in their own stories. In the episode, he and his team then told those stories, sharing powerful stories and tales of perseverance that everyday people like us have faced.

Touching on sensitive topics such as sobriety, losses, new identities, and new beginnings, this is a wonderful, heartfelt podcast full of laughs, tears, and inspiring moments.

What’s absolutely fantastic about this podcast episode is how we get to hear from the average Joe.

We can’t all relate to Navy SEALs and endurance athletes, but we can all relate to other people like ourselves.

Helping us all find our purpose in life, this episode could be exactly what you needed to hear.

Listening to other people’s stories about their personal demons and battles they’ve faced can help you understand more about your own issues. These stories can then help you overcome them.

#6 Eric Adams

Episode 260 of the Rich Roll Podcast takes a closer look at the impressive life of NYC’s first vegan mayor, Eric Adams.

While most of us will know Eric Adams as a strong political figure and a big fighter for law and order, not many people know about the struggles he faced in life.

At the age of 54, Adams woke up unable to read the time on his alarm clock. After visiting a doctor, he was told that he has advanced type II diabetes.

As a result, progressive eyesight loss and nerve damage were inevitable.

At one point, he was heading down the path of amputation. However, refusing to give up, Eric worked hard to find a solution to his illness.

Unbelievably, he found research and science that suggested a change in diet could help.

Within a matter of weeks of his nutritional shift, his illness had subsided, until finally his diabetes was miraculously reversed.

With a new lease on life, Rich and Eric talk about his inspiring story about never giving up.

Eric also talks more seriously about how healthy food is a basic human right. This inspiring story is one we can all enjoy.

#7 Mary Cain

Next we have an incredible episode of the podcast that sits down with one of the most amazing women.

Mary Cain was just 16 when she first qualified for the Olympic trials. At just 17, she became the youngest American track and field athlete to qualify for the world championships.

Olympic gold seemed inevitable for Mary, that is until she joined Nike’s elite Oregon Project run by coach Alberto Salazar.

Under severe pressure, Mary’s mental and physical health crumbled, along with her body. Her running career ended before it even began. See also the top podcasts about mental health.

After seeming to disappear, Mary Cain is now back with a vengeance, bravely sharing the horrific treatment she endured.

On the podcast, she shares her powerful story and shares the bitter truths about female sports.

She explains how she plans to fix female sport and shares her own story in regard to overcoming the whole ordeal.

#8 Matthew Walker

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the science behind sleep, this is definitely the podcast episode for you.

Featuring neuroscientist and sleep expert Matthew Walker, this episode of The Rich Roll Podcast looks at everything sleep.

Looking at everything from why we sleep and why it’s important to what happens and how we can do it better, this podcast episode is incredibly insightful and informative.

Matthew explains what his own research into sleep has found and what the implications are of sleep deprivation.

With an impressive academic background, you’ll find yourself totally immersed in the conversation and more than likely inspired to learn more.

If you are interested in biohacking or sleep hacking be sure to check out some of the best Tim Ferriss episodes, known for his best-seller book the 4-hour body.

One of the most interesting sections of this episode is when Rich and Matthew dive into the reasons we have dreams.

During this section, Matthew also talks about the causes of sleep paralysis and sleepwalking.

For those that struggle to sleep, you’ll appreciate the section of this episode that looks at what we can do to improve and prioritize our sleep.

To finish off, Matthew answers some of the most commonly asked questions regarding sleep.

#9 Maggie Q

One of the biggest guests Rich Roll has had on his podcast is Maggie Q. Maggie Q is a famous athlete, activist, entrepreneur, and actress that has plenty of stories to tell.

Aside from being all of the above, Maggie Q is also a fashion designer, plant-based icon, and environmentalist.

In this episode of The Rich Roll Podcast, Rich and Maggie discuss a wide range of topics that center around Maggie’s life.

Maggie shares her career path, sharing stories about learning martial arts from Jakie Chan to performing her own kickass stunts in various movies and TV shows.

Rich then asks Maggie to talk about her life off-screen and it’s fair to say she has an impressive and very rewarding one.

A successful entrepreneur, it’s her environmental work that she seems most proud of.

During the interview, she discusses how her hard work has led to new animal laws being put in place in California.

In addition to this, Maggie Q also talks about her clothing brand which is made from 100% recycled materials.

All in all, this is a very pleasant, laid-back, and enjoyable podcast that tells us a lot more about a wonderful woman.

#10 The Minimalists

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live a more minimalist lifestyle, you should give episode 577 a listen.

Episode 577 features Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Millburn, otherwise known as The Minimalists.

Only a few years ago, this pair lived a typical corporate lifestyle, bringing home six figure salaries and getting stuck in the grind of business life. They would spend their money living the American dream.

After realizing that money and material objects didn’t make them happy, Josh and Ryan turned to a more minimal lifestyle. In this episode of The Rich Roll Podcast, they share their experiences.

They talk about their journey to feeling free, and how a simpler, less material lifestyle can lead to greater happiness and mindful retention.

Rich also asks his guests to tell us more about what they do now they’ve left their corporate lifestyle.

This is where we get to learn more about the pair’s books, website, podcasts, and films that they use to promote their way of life.

Final Thoughts

As far as entertaining, inspiring, interesting, emotional, and thought-provoking podcasts go, The Rich Roll Podcast has it all.

Offering a little bit of everything, this podcast has over 700 epic episodes to listen to, all of which feature the most amazing guests and incredible stories.

Focusing mainly on health and wellbeing, we’ve shown the best episodes this podcast has to offer.

Admittedly, our list could have gone on and on. Having said that, we’re confident that we’ve highlighted the best of the best.

Now you have this list of episodes at your disposal, head over to the Rich Roll website and give each one a listen. We know you won’t be disappointed.

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