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Best Podcasts To Listen To At Work

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Best Podcasts To Listen To At Work

Podcasts can be based on anything whether it’s a documentary, a book club or even an educational or self help podcast, but what truly makes them unique is that you don’t have to sit down and listen to them with full attention all the time since they can easily be taken and listened to on the go. 

Sometimes we can have a slow day at work or are just not feeling up for the day ahead and need something other than our trusty cup of coffee to keep us going, and this is where podcasts come in being easy to set up and listen to.

At work, it is usually best to have a podcast which is more casual and with light background noise so we don’t become too distracted, so with that in mind here are some of the very best podcasts that can be easily listened to and digested at work.

Podcasts To Listen To At Work

#1 What A Day

This show hosted by a rotating lineup including Gideon Resnick, Josie Duffy Rice and The’vell Anderson is a casual and easy to follow podcast that guides you through the events of the previous day with a mixture of stories that went under the radar, and others that were much bigger news.

What makes this podcast so great at work is that Resnick and his guests can tackle serious topics, but they do so in a casual and relaxed manner as if you were sitting around with a group of friends.

Its excellent background noise that can at the same time keep you up to date with all current affairs in America and other parts of the world while you work.

#2 WorkLife With Adam Grant: A TED Original Podcast 

It is very common to feel demotivated at work, whether we didn’t get quite enough sleep or it’s just the start of the week, it can easily ruin our day.

Adam Grant aims to solve this issue in this podcast where he discusses some of the easiest and best ways to succeed in the workspace whether as a builder, in an office job or even as a weightlifter, there are hundreds of episodes to choose from. 

A great podcast for keeping you motivated and focused when you might feel yourself being down and out for the day, this podcast by Adam Grant is an excellent choice to listen to at work.

#3 The ID10T Podcast

The ID10T Podcast

For those interested in pop culture both in the present and from decades ago, this podcast follows Chris Hardwick and some fascinating guests including the likes of Matthew McConaughey and Lou Diamond Phillips as they sit down and discuss their favorite shows, moments in popular culture and even fan theories that they have started to believe in.

Chris Hardwick keeps this podcast light and fun with the guests instantly feeling welcomed and getting right into their favorite moments of pop culture that mean a lot to them as they go on to tell some incredibly interesting and often funny stories that can be very refreshing to listen to while working. 

#4 How I Built This

Do you ever find that some mornings you can be at a job daydreaming about how you could someday make it big and even build your own business rather than working for someone else?

If so, this podcast hosted by the endlessly charismatic Guy Raz satisfies the thoughts that we all have as Raz sits down with some very special guests to talk about their own businesses and companies.

From the likes of Rick Steven to Howard Schultz of Starbucks fame, the amount of guests on this podcast really allows every episode to stand out as the guests and Raz have an intricate but still relaxed conversation on marketing, promotion, stocks and everything else that goes into starting a business and making it go big which can be a great treat to listen to.

#5 Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

Maybe you’re a fan of thrilling stories that can keep you engaged in a fascinating twisted tale while you get on with work.

This fun yet terrifying podcast, hosted by BFFs Alaina White and Ash Kell, focuses on a different creepy case each episode where they tackle the serious topics with some light humor.

This makes it so every episode has a fresh new story to listen to that won’t be too unnerving or distracting because of how well Alaina and Ash insert their own friendly humor every so often to keep the pacing of the episode nice and relaxed, providing an informative but also friendly podcast that is easy to listen to and digest.


Podcasts are some of the best and easiest ways to keep us going at work and performing our best when we just need that extra bit of background noise to break up the monotony. Try out some of these shows to potentially find your new favorite podcast. 

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