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Listen to the Future: Best Podcasts for NFT Enthusiasts

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Best NFT Podcasts

Everyone’s talking about non fungible tokens or NFTs, and it’s no surprise really with how popular they have become in recent years.

However, if you’re new to the NFT industry, and you don’t know anyone you can turn to for advice and help on how to get started in the NFT world, then fear not.

There are plenty of NFT podcasts to listen to out there that will be able to guide you through the early days of your NFT experience. 

Following NFT podcasts is an excellent way to keep up with all of the latest news and stories in the NFT space, and it’s vital to stay in the know with current ongoings if you want to succeed in collecting and trading your NFTs!

Knowing what podcasts to follow can be difficult though, and it can be tedious having to endlessly scroll through and listen to podcasts that don’t interest you.

Thankfully, you’re in luck, as we’ve compiled a list of some of the best NFT podcasts that you can listen to right now! 

The NFT Podcasts That We Love


A leading and authoritative source on all things DeFi, the Bankless podcast is a popular one in the NFT realm for numerous reasons.

Plus, it’s not only limited to discussing the highs and lows of the current crypto markets, but they also discuss a whole load of other topics to do with NFTs and the blockchain too, so if you’re interested in either of those topics, then we have a feeling that you’ll definitely take a liking to the Bankless podcast. 

NFT Catcher Podcast

NFT Catcher Podcast

Hosted by the wonderful Micheal Keen and Jennifer Sutto, the NFT Catcher Podcast is a great source for updates on all of the latest and most relevant NFT projects, with a special focus on market dynamics, and helping you to make a profit! 

So, whether you’re entirely new to the world of NFTs, or you’re a well-seasoned trader who’s looking for a new source of information on the latest projects to cash on, we think this podcast will suit you well! 

NFT Talk Show

Providing you with, as they say, “all the tea about NFTs”, this podcast series discusses a whole host of different topics within its episodes, with everything from the latest NFT marketplace-related news, NFT gaming, to how-to episodes, and a whole host of other topics that will be sure to keep you itching for more content! 

Plus, they regularly interview the latest and greatest NFT artists and collectors too, who will often be asked questions that have been provided by the audience at home.

So if you want a podcast that really interacts with its listeners and truly immerses you in everything NFT-related, then this is a great podcast for you to check out. 

Two Bored Apes

Two Bored Apes

A great name for a great podcast, Two Bored Apes is a fantastic NFT insider discussion podcast that is considered by many in the NFT community to be one of the best sources for information and discussions surrounding past, present, and upcoming NFT projects that they think the community should hear about. 

The episodes can be rather lengthy, but you can be sure that the hosts Jamie and Roy will keep you extremely entertained throughout, so if you want an NFT podcast that you can listen to on your daily drive or commute, then this one should have you covered. 

The Music NFT Show

The Music NFT Show

With such a concise name, it shouldn’t take much to guess what this podcast is about.

So if you have a particular interest in music NFTs, or if you just want to learn more about them, then allow the host J. Thorn to be your guide through the incredible world of music NFTs.

The podcast is constantly up to date, and features a great weekly artists spotlight, as well as keeping you updated on what is trending in the music NFT community!

Edge Of NFT

If you want to keep up with the top NFT news, then listening to the Edge Of NFT podcast is an absolute must for any prospective trader or collector! 

Not only will they help to provide you with all of the information and news you need to know to keep up to date with the NFT pioneers and community, but they will also help you massively if you’re new to the NFT scene, as they will guide you through the different trends in the NFT market, as well as helping you to learn what NFT projects are going to last, and what projects are going to fade away. 

Modern Finance

Although it’s a relatively new podcast, Modern Finance has quickly left its mark in the NFT podcast space for being one of the best NFT podcasts around, so if you’re hunting for decent podcasts we’d certainly recommend giving this one a try. 

So whether you want to hear about DeFi, finance hacks, yield farming, cryptocurrency, and obviously, NFTs, then Modern Finance covers all of this and more, so it’s great for someone who is looking for a podcast that keeps their topic choices wide and varied. 

The creator of this podcast, Kevin Rose, was even featured in the “Top 25 Most Influential People On The Web” list that Time Magazine runs, so you already know how widely influential this podcast is to its listeners! 

So, if you’re looking to listen to some great discussion around NFTs, then why not listen to Kevin as he discusses things with loads of different industry experts!

The Nifty Show

For those who have been in the NFT community for a long time, you’ll probably remember when The Nifty Show first started.

It is one of the most beloved podcasts in the NFT community and was also one of the first podcasts discussing NFTs that started up too.

Launched way back in around mid-2020, this podcast has since kept up with everything there is to know about NFTs. 

They regularly schedule interviews with some of the biggest pioneers and creators in the NFT scene, all whilst keeping things fun, and the chemistry between the hosts is great, so we’re sure it’s a podcast that you’ll really enjoy listening to for the latest NFT news and discussions! 

NFT 365

Whether you’ve been in the scene for a long time, or you’re just getting started, NFT 365 is great for learning and keeping up to date with everything you need to know regarding all things NFT. 

The host is amazing and ensures that things are kept simplistic and easy to understand for everyone listening, and is also really engaging, so you should never find yourself getting bored or distracted whilst listening to this podcast!

So, whether it’s updates about the latest projects, or some great educational content, NFT 365 has you covered on all bases. 



If we’re talking about NFT podcasts that those in the NFT community adore, then you absolutely can’t ignore Unchained!

Hosted by the amazing Laura Shin, this podcast provides excellent explanations for the questions that many newcomers to the NFT scene will have, especially when it comes to how cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the way that people look at things such as digital ownership, as well as the changing of the financial market. 

So, for an educational podcast that’s going to keep you engrossed, Unchained is a great one to choose!

The Mint Condition

If you really enjoy podcasts that revolve around interviews, then we’re sure that you’re going to love The Mint Condition, which regularly features in-depth interviews with some extremely important and prominent creators from in and around the NFT scene and community. 

Plus, they provide you with a whole load of information on topics such as NFT-flipping, as well as discussing some of the best ways for you to begin making your own NFT projects. So for all of this, as well as regular general market reviews, make your way to The Mint Condition podcast! 

OnChain Studios

Want to hear about the latest news and topics by a podcast that features some of the most prominent people in the NFT scene?

Then OnChain Studios is going to be your new favorite podcast in no time at all. 

They regularly discuss some of the most important stories and topics that are trending within the NFT community, so if you want to stay up to date, this is a great podcast for you to listen to.  

Zima Red

Hosted by venture capitalist Andrew Steinwold, the Zima Red podcast is a great podcast that discusses all things metaverse, including NFTs, so if you’re looking to learn and explore more about what the future might hold for NFTs and the metaverse, then this is a podcast that you’ll love listening to! 


We hope you’ve enjoyed our compilation of some of the best NFT podcasts out there, there’s a whole load out there, so it’s all about finding the one you enjoy the most, but these are all great ones to start with, enjoy!

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