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11 Best Jocko Podcasts Episodes 2024

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Best Jocko Podcasts

If you are looking for motivational inspiration through a podcast this is not the place for you. Jocko Willink’s shows are about discipline over motivation, which itself is a fleeting concept.

Featuring guests as varied as psychologists, army veterans, and hardcore punk rockers, these are some of the best Jocko podcasts.

Everyone who listens will find something here that will resonate with them, on a personal, professional or psychological level.

Episode NumberEpisode NameGuest Name
98Breaking Your Wretched LoopJordan Peterson
21Tim KennedyTim Kennedy
221The Unimaginable PathJonny Kim
115Into The Fire: Beyond The Call Of DutyDakota Meyer
56Overcoming Stress, Sleep Deprivation, & The DarknessDr Peter Attia
64A Debt That Cannot Be RepaidAndy Stumpf
74Violence, Death, Darkness, & The Cro-MagsHarley Flanagan
50Darkness & How To Stay On The PathTim Ferriss
11Leif BabinLeif Babin
37War Stories: Roger Hayden, Vietnam Veteran, Navy SEALRoger Hayden
223Be Skilled & Prepared To Take Care Of Yourself & Those Around YouPat McNamara

Breaking Your Wretched Loop, Jordan Peterson, Podcast 98

jocko podcast cover

A conversation between Jocko, Echo Charles, and Jordan Peterson on the evil that humanity can inflict on one another. Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist has become well known for his criticisms of woke culture and political correctness. 

He is however well qualified to talk about self empowerment and the kind of life decisions that people have to make every day. 

This episode starts with Jocko reading a tale of unimaginable horror experienced by a young girl in Iraq. It sets the tone of the conversation between Jocko and Peterson on the issues of determination, will and the place of personal responsibility. 

This is Jocko podcast that lasts almost 4 hours and will not lightly be forgotten. 

Tim Kennedy, Podcast 21 

This episode with Jocko speaking to Tim Kennedy, a professional mixed martial artist, and special forces soldier is quite intense at points (also see, ‘Best MMA Podcast‘) (also see, ‘Best MMA Podcast‘).

Kennedy talks about his background, his thoughts on things like bayonet training and whether you can instill the will to die and to kill in soldiers. 

As both Jocko and Tim Kennedy are ex-military this is the main focus of the podcast. They discuss, among other things, the role of women in special forces and the qualities needed to make a good soldier and fighter. 

Other diverse topics include the importance of recovery from training and dealing with multiple attackers. 

The podcast is almost 2 hours and worth checking out. 

The Unimaginable Path, Jonny Kim, Podcast 221 

Jocko and Echo Charles speak with Jonny Kim, a Navy SEAL combat medic, doctor, and astronaut. The episode begins with Jocko reading a letter of recommendation that he himself wrote for Jonny Kim in an application to Harvard Medical School. 

He later wrote a similar letter for Kim to be accepted into NASA. This is indeed an unimaginably full life that began in a very painful way as a young child. 

Without having planned any of what later happened in his life Jonny Kim achieved an incredible amount. However, he still remains humble and down to earth. 

An episode lasting 4 hours 40 minutes will keep you enthralled, don’t miss it. 

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Into The Fire: Beyond The Call Of Duty, Dakota Meyer, Podcast 115 

No, this is not about a video game. This is a conversation between Jocko and Dakota Meyer, a retired Marine who won the Medal of Honor having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Into The Fire is Meyer’s memoir, and he gives profound and emotional insight into his time in the military, going into great detail with his host. Jocko reads excerpts from Meyer’s book with feeling and a degree of understanding that only someone who has also served could have.

It provides illumination for those who have never served and dispels some of the misinformation about the US in Iraq and Afghanistan who fought alongside indigenous troops. 

An eye-opening look at the reality of war, this episode is 3 hours 42 minutes. 

Overcoming Stress, Sleep Deprivation, & The Darkness, Dr Peter Attia, Podcast 56 

Jocko speaks with Dr Peter Attia in this episode about the horrors of a different type of war, inner city violence and living with its fallout. Attia is known for his medical practice that focuses on longevity, health and nutrition. 

He is an endurance athlete who was the first person to make the round-trip swim from Maui and Lanai. As a doctor he trained for 5 years at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, and it was here that he experienced the effects of drug related violence in the inner city. 

This is a 2 hour 45 minute podcast that is worth your time. 

A Debt That Cannot Be Repaid, Andy Stumpf, Podcast 64 

A conversation between retired Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf, Echo Charles and Jocko which delves into Stumpf’s early military life and where it ended. Jocko opens the episode by reading from Andy’s blog, Confessions of an Idiot.

The podcast goes into his desire to be a SEAL, his training and deployment. However, after he was wounded in battle his life took a different turn. In pain and frustration, he began to depend on drink and drugs. 

This is an unfiltered account of what Andy Stumpf’s life was and is now. It is a brave man who will reveal so much of himself. Worth 2 hours of your time. 

Best Jocko Podcasts (1)

Violence, Death, Darkness, & The Cro-Mags, Harley Flanagan, Podcast 74

For those who love hardcore punk this podcast will be an absolute must. Harley Flanagan is the founder of New York City band The Cro-Mags and speaks with Jocko about his life. 

The Lower East Side where the band originated was a place of poverty, violence and drugs, in the 80s and much of this is reflected in the music of the time. 

The podcast is sometimes shocking but gripping nevertheless and Flanagan himself is often a polarizing figure. Some of the subject matter is depressing and offers a look at the darker side of humanity. 

Whether you like this music genre or not this 3 ½ hour podcast will keep you fascinated. 

Darkness & How To Stay On The Path, Tim Ferriss, Podcast 50

A profound episode with Jocko talking to Tim Ferriss, himself a successful podcaster, about some deep and dark issues. Like many outwardly happy and accomplished people, Ferriss had his own demons and darkness.  This led him to planning his suicide. 

The podcast is a brave and frank discussion about the harrowing time in his life when he was determined to follow through with his plan to end his life. 

Jocko reads from Tim’s book Tools of Titans on his ‘Some Practical Thoughts on Suicide’ excerpt and speaks about some of his own friends who committed suicide. 

This is a 2 hour 42 minute podcast that everyone should watch 

Leif Babin, Podcast 11

This is an exceptional episode as Leif Babin is the first guest to appear on Jocko’s show but also the co-author of the Extreme Ownership, a New York Times best seller, a combat lessons book combined with leadership principles from the battlefield, business, and life. 

Babin is a retired Navy SEAL, he and Jocko served together in Task Unit Bruiser, in Iraq. They discuss in detail some of the things they experienced including the best way to become a Navy SEAL officer, combat lessons, and how to deal with a boss who isn’t a good leader. 

Both served with Chris Kyle, the subject of the film American Sniper and give first-hand accounts of their time with him which is fascinating. 

The 2 hours 40 minutes of this podcast will fly by and keep you enthralled.

War Stories: Roger Hayden, Vietnam Veteran, Navy SEAL, Podcast 37

Not only is this an interview by Jocko with Roger Hayden, a Vietnam Vet Navy SEAL, but it is the first interview Hayden has ever given. 

As his host states, there aren’t any books or movies about him despite the significant impact he had on the values, mindset and culture of the SEALs. Hayden is soft spoken and unassuming with a very matter of fact attitude to his time in the military. 

It is a great insight into a time in history that more people should be aware of and that is at risk of being forgotten. 

Take an hour and ten minutes to listen to his inspirational story. 

Be Skilled & Prepared To Take Care Of Yourself & Those Around You, Pat McNamara, Podcast 223

An interview with Pat McNamara, Vietnam War and army veteran of 22 years. Jocko begins this podcast episode reading the introduction of the Army Training Manual. It is an eye opening account of the sights, sounds and smells that newly trained soldiers will experience. 

Early on, McNamara describes the harrowing tale of his second jump from an airplane that went very wrong and left him with significant injuries.

However, he is the embodiment of grit and determination and subsequently returned to his training. 

Jocko and McNamara have a lot in common and there is a great sense of kindred spirits throughout the episode. This is worth 2 hours and 40 minutes of anyone’s time, 

Final Thoughts

Best Jocko Podcasts

Jocko Willinks is an incredibly insightful person. Through his career as a Navy SEAL and now his show, he has acquired a deep understanding of the military psyche and how it can be applied to many situations in civilian life. 

His podcast episodes are filled with life lessons as well as glimpses of the darkness of the human condition, something most of us choose to avoid. But these are perhaps the most important and significant elements of humanity. 

Take the time to watch these podcasts, you’ll be glad you did. 

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FAQs About The Jocko Podcast

What is the Jocko Podcast?

The Jocko Podcast is a popular podcast hosted by retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink. It covers a wide range of topics, including leadership, self-defense, mental toughness, and the warrior way of life.

Which episode of the Jocko Podcast should I start with?

There are many great episodes of the Jocko Podcast to choose from, but some popular ones include episode 21, where Jocko discusses combat medicine, and episode 221, where he interviews a Vietnam War veteran Navy SEAL.

What topics are discussed in the Jocko Podcast?

The Jocko Podcast covers a variety of topics, including leadership lessons, mental toughness, clever tactics, self-defense, the use of force, and how the warrior way of life relates to everyday life.

Are there any episodes of the Jocko Podcast that discuss self-defense?

Yes, there are several episodes of the Jocko Podcast that discuss self-defense, including episodes where Jocko and his guests talk about police self-defense and the importance of being prepared for dangerous situations.

Does Jocko Willink discuss his experiences in the Special Forces?

Yes, Jocko Willink, being a retired Navy SEAL, often discusses his experiences in the Special Forces and shares valuable insights and lessons learned from his time in the military.

Are there any episodes of the Jocko Podcast that focus on specific guests or interviews?

Yes, there are episodes of the Jocko Podcast that feature specific guests, such as episode 115 with Dakota Meyer, a Medal of Honor recipient and former Marine. These interviews provide unique perspectives and valuable insights.

What is the Jocko Underground?

The Jocko Underground is a term often used to refer to the deep insights and philosophical discussions that take place on the Jocko Podcast, where Jocko and his guests delve into the inner workings of the warrior mindset and personal development.

Does the Jocko Podcast discuss the role of women in special forces?

Yes, the Jocko Podcast explores the role of women in special forces and highlights their contributions to the military. It shed light on the challenges faced by women in these roles and the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Are there any episodes of the Jocko Podcast that talk about the Medal of Honor?

Yes, there are episodes of the Jocko Podcast that discuss the Medal of Honor and honor the heroic actions of recipients. These episodes provide valuable insights into acts of valor and the sacrifices made by those who have received this prestigious award.

How can I listen to the Jocko Podcast?

The Jocko Podcast is available on various podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Simply search for “Jocko Podcast” on your preferred platform and start listening to the episodes that interest you.

Who is the famous Navy SEAL with a podcast?

The famous Navy SEAL with a podcast is Jocko Willink.

Was Jocko on Joe Rogan?

Yes, Jocko Willink has been a guest on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast in episodes #729, #962, #1151, and #1552.

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