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What Microphone Does Joe Rogan Use in 2024?

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Joe Rogans Microphone

When it comes to interviews or podcasts, you need to have a good microphone because it is all about the audio and the listening experience for the audiences.

There are many famous people online who are great examples for providing some of the best listening experiences because of the equipment they use, and of course the content. 

This guide will be covering what microphone Joe Rogan uses during his podcasts, why it is so effective and how the microphone can have such an impact on the performance. 

Who Is Joe Rogan?

Joe is a stand-up comedian, actor, and host of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He has also appeared in several movies including The Fight Club, Kingpin, and The Green Hornet.

What Microphone Does Joe Rogan Use

Joe Rogan is an American stand-up comedian, reality television host, actor and former radio personality. He is the host of Joe Rogan Experience and the author of several books. Joe Rogan Podcast Statistics are impressive to say the least.

He was very well known for his video podcasts and interviews with famous individuals going through deep discussions and interesting conversations. 

What Is The Microphone That Joe Rogan Uses?

Joe Rogan uses the Shure SM7B podcast when hosting the Joe Rogan experience as does his guests in the studio.

Shure SM7B

The SM7B is an awesome wireless mic, and it’s even better when you use it with the right software.

This guide shows you how to use the SM7B wireless microphone with several different apps, including Logic Pro X, GarageBand, and Final Cut Pro X.

Jump to a complete review of the Shure SM7B Mic.

What Are The Benefits?

  • They are very versatile mics which many successful podcasters go for due to their extremely good sound quality. 
  • It picks up a huge amount of someone’s voice which makes it very clear and leads to a better experience to listen to. 
  • It can be very annoying when you can constantly hear the ‘b’ and ‘p’ sounds when talking into a microphone. Luckily, these microphones reduce this sound which makes it much easier to listen to. 
  • It has a 150-ohm impedance for connection to microphone inputs rated at 19 to 300 ohms.

Other Microphones That Are Used

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Get the Blue Yeti USB Microphone for the best podcasting microphone around. Designed for gamers, podcasters, and music producers, this headset microphone is the top choice for recording great audio on your Mac, PC, or iPad.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone is a small condenser microphone that is ideal for recording vocals or instruments in applications such as podcasting, YouTube and Twitch live-streaming, voiceovers, or recording music.

Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB Microphone

The Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB Microphone is designed for the professional videographer and music lover.

The Blue Raspberry has an ultra-low noise, large diaphragm condenser microphone. It’s lightweight, rugged and built to withstand the most rugged of conditions.

It is a new USB microphone with a premium look, sound, and 3.5mm headphone output. Also comes with a carrying case.

What About The Microphone Arm?

Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desktop Mic Boom Stand

The Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desktop Mic Boom Stand is a fantastic microphone stand for use with both mono and stereo microphones.

It has a heavy-duty steel construction and is designed to withstand the rigors of the road. 

  • The Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desktop Mic Boom Stand is designed to hold and support the microphone of any desktop or laptop computer with a flat, smooth surface. It can also be used to secure a boom mic or headset to a desk without causing damage or damaging the microphone or headset.

Pre Amp ( Cloudlifter CL-1 Preamp With His Shure SM7B Microphone)

The CL-1 has a simple, clean preamplifier with a smooth, transparent top end and uncolored, warm midrange and bottom. It’s great for vocal and acoustic instruments, as well as for vocal applications. 

  • The CL-1 is a professional quality preamp with a very high gain, precision balanced outputs and fine control over dynamics. The CL-1 is the first of its kind and its build quality is superior. It is hand-made in Germany and includes a high quality Shure SM7B microphone.

What Headphones Does He Use?

Joe Rogan loves to use high quality equipment when it comes to audio and listening to that audio before publishing and we covered which headphones Joe Rogan uses in more depth here.

He wants the experience to be the best it possibly can be because that is what people are looking for.

This is one of the reasons his podcast was so successful because it is effective and easy to listen to. 

  • Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones are the best in-ear headphones with a sound quality that is simply incredible. The HD 280 Pro headphones are designed and manufactured by Sennheiser.
  • The HD 280 PRO is the most popular headphone for sound specialists and sound engineers. It is the first closed headphone in its price range that provides high-quality sound reproduction. The HD 280 Pro headphones are designed for gaming and serious listening, with drivers tuned for a flat, extended response. The ear cups rotate to fit your ears, and the headband adjusts with a metal slider to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.


Overall, when it comes to a good listening experience, Joe Rogan only wants the best audio equipment for the job.

To work in audio and video, you need to create the best experience for your listeners to have the best content in the industry. It also makes the audio sound more professional and is a great way to boost your listeners. 

Hopefully this guide has given you some wide knowledge about the different types of microphones which are used by professionals and why they are so effective.

Their features and how they are beneficial are very important because they not only provide great, quality audio but also a more comfortable experience.

If you are having to sit for hours when creating your podcast or audio work, you want to have something in front of you that works effectively or headphones which don’t hurt your ears.

Joe Rogan is a great example of this.

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