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The Podcast Masterclass: The Complete Guide To Podcasting Review

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The Podcast Masterclass

For those of you who are new to podcasting or highly experienced, taking classes is a great way to learn the basics or even improve.

You only need to take a single class and that’s The Podcast Masterclass: The Complete Guide To Podcasting. The course was created by Phil Ebiner with Ravinder Deol, with it quickly becoming a bestseller on Udemy. 

In this review, we will look at why this might be the ideal course for someone looking to start a podcast. That includes recording, editing, publishing, finding your podcast audience, growing, and monetizing your podcast. 

The Complete Guide

If you find yourself trying to work out how to create a podcast then it may be a case of scrabbling together the information from various sources.

You may find the odd blog post that shows you how to create the ideal environment for recording your podcast. There may even be a YouTube video demonstrating how to get the EQ settings right. 

Finding the right information can be exhausting as some advice only works for some podcasts so it helps to see the process from start to finish.

This Udemy masterclass podcast course provides exclusive access to information for podcasters of any skill level, expertise, and budget to learn how to reach their specific audience. No more searching for the right information and hoping that it works.

The Key Topics

Anyone interested in starting a podcast or improving their current one needs to know why they should pursue that objective.

It can seem daunting at first, yet the course does well to demonstrate the benefits and provide an understanding of the equipment you will need to get started.

You may not need everything for your podcast so finding out which specific equipment you need could save you money in the long run. 

Before You Press Record

The Podcast Masterclass The Complete Guide To Podcasting Review

The course is ideal for those who are yet to create their first podcast, first episode, or feel that they are missing something in the podcasting trend.

While branding may not seem essential, this is a key topic that is well worth paying attention to way before you record your podcast episodes.

From getting the right art for your podcast to working out the overall style, including the intros and outros.

The course also pays attention to the high quality audio which is a crucial part of any podcast. Finding out how to set up your equipment in the right way is another important teaching.

Editing Your Podcast

Once you do press record, there are a few more things to understand that are focused on in this course. One is how to record an interview over Skype which some podcasts find effortless and you may want to know how it is done.

There are also lessons on how to ensure great sound quality with several professional and free apps to edit your podcast and you can find out which ones work for you with this course. 

Launching The Podcast

When it comes to launching your podcast, there are a few tricks that the course does well to identify.

From adding your tags properly to each file to reach the right audience to uploading and then hosting your podcast files.

Some platforms are better than others for reaching the audience you want to reach so knowing the difference between each one is essential knowledge.

That could be Stitcher, Google Play, iTunes, or even Spotify and with so many options, this could be a crucial topic to learn. 

Your Audience

While the content of your podcast is all-important, finding your audience will help your podcast grow.

You may be yet to decide whether you want to put in the groundwork first or simply launch the podcast as it is.

Let the course help your decision of whether to launch with or without that audience. After that, it may be easier or harder to grow your audience through audience engagement strategies taught in this course. 

Monetize Your Podcast

Deciding which platform (or platforms) you want to launch your podcast on is one thing. Finding out how to monetize your podcast is quite another. There are four ways to make some coin from your podcast which may be worth the course price alone.

The Course Bonuses

All those key topics are crucial teachings yet the course bonuses are where the most value may be.

Once you have learned how to get your podcast up and running, you can get some individual feedback from an instructor. That can be on any aspect of your podcast so it is worth finding out what works and what does not.

There is also some help with launching and promoting your podcast with the student podcast directory. 

You may prefer to learn by finding out how others made a successful podcasts. That may include some failings in their case studies so it is worth finding out what goes wrong first.

What you may think is a successful plan may be changed once you find out how it actually worked in practice from a case study. 

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Why This Course May Be Right For You

The cost of creating a professional podcast could be something that keeps you up at night. You may be budgeting with an overall sum in mind which may be a bit too high, or even a bit too low.

Once you learn which podcast topic and equipment is ideal for your podcast, the costs can become a lot easier. As long as you have high quality audio and know which apps are right for your specific EQ settings then that’s one part of the budget taken care of. 

There will almost certainly be startup costs to factor in but knowing which apps you need to pay for and which platform you want to use is important.

The bonuses also provide you with such crucial information that you may struggle to put a price on it.

Direct feedback from an instructor that has seen it all could become crucial in the long run. Then there is the push for promotion from the student podcast directory and case studies that will indicate what can go right, and what can go wrong.

After all that, if you do not feel that you are getting everything out of the course that you expected then that’s fine.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you will get your money back. The worst thing may be if you did not take the course in the first place. Take that first step and see where it takes you with your podcast. 

The Instructors

Both Phil Ebiner as well as Ravinder Deol have a vast knowledge of how to create many of the best, most popular, and highly rated courses on Udemy.

That expertise proves invaluable in a course that provides the basics of how to create your podcast. Not only that but it talks you through the process so that nothing is missed out.

Their own experience is crucial to provide a knowledge foundation and show what can work, what should work, and what does not. 

The lead instructor is Phil Ebiner and he comes with a wealth of knowledge in how to create a successful online course.

His background is worth paying attention to as he graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s Degree on the subject of Film and Television Production.

Yes, that’s not a specialism in podcasts yet the production side of it is all-important as he has produced, shot, and edited thousands of videos.  

Final Thoughts

‘The Podcast Masterclass: The Complete Guide To Podcasting’ provides an ideal overview for those looking to create a podcast or improve an existing one.

Some aspects of the whole process may seem to require more coverage than others like marketing. However, most people need to know the whole process from start to finish and if they want to create a podcast then they should already know about marketing.

Not only will the course provide those vital teachings to save you from scouring through blog posts and YouTube videos, but the case studies and direct feedback are also well worth the investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ‘The Podcast Masterclass: The Complete Guide To Podcasting’ Course Aimed At?

This is an inclusive course that is aimed at those who want to start a podcast without any prior knowledge or experience.

For those in business, the course is a great way to learn how to start up a podcast to build an audience and expand that reach.

The course is also a great way to learn about podcasts for those who have a topic that they are passionate about and want to share with an audience. 

What Length Of Content Can You Expect From The Course?

Once you get started with the ‘The Podcast Masterclass: The Complete Guide To Podcasting’, there is a lot of information to get you started.

That will include 55 lectures with five hours of content that you can access whenever you want. What may be of even importance is that you can get a lifetime access to the course so you only pay once.

You can also access the course from your desktop computer or use your smartphone to stream the content. 

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