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Finding the Best Software for Microphone To Record Professional-Quality Audio

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Software For Microphone

Programs that enable you to increase the loudness of the system’s microphone are known as microphone booster software. 

By raising the microphone’s sensitivity as well as other techniques like pre-amplification and fader gain, it aids the user in improving their microphone loudness

You may effortlessly record your sound after enhancing your microphone and save it in a variety of audio formats, including MP3, MP2, AAC, among others.

You can observe the peaks of the voice recordings or the audio input via microphone while using a microphone booster software program. 

You can also observe the differences between sounds that have been amplified and those that have not.

Additionally, you will be able to use some fascinating features, such as the built-in sound effects including distortions, fades, bass, echo, treble, and many others.

Even the soundtrack can be altered by cutting, dividing, and altering the pitch and speed of the music.

So let’s start by talking about the best microphone enhancer software which you could possibly utilize in your system to get the best possible sound quality.

Top 8 Microphone Booster Software Programs

All of the aforementioned software applications have received great ratings and have been chosen from a large pool of online resources. We wish you luck in your search for what’s best for you. 

1. Audacity

On various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, you can edit the recorded audio using the free software for microphone enhancement, Audacity.

The recording volume control in this program allows you to adjust the microphone’s sensitivity while recording sound. 

You can begin recording audio after completing the microphone boosting, and you’ll then be capable of seeing the audio signal on the screen based on the input.

With an audio interface, you can use the software to enhance sound quality and also add effects.

The addition of sound effects like auto duck, echo, fading effects, distortion, and amplification in the track, shifting the speed and pitch of the audio, analyzing the sound’s  RMS values, threshold percentage or levels, and more are other advantages that you can gain from using this software.

2. Voiceemeter

One of the often-used programs for adjusting the microphone volume is called Voiceemeter.

The unique quality of this program is that there is no necessity for plugins or configuration to be able to use it because there are no hardware components present. 

Even the large library’s virtual sounds can be used. The software has the ability to record both mono and stereo audio using the microphone.

You can modify and alter the sound frequencies with the aid of supplemental tools to achieve the desired results.

3. Equalizer APO

This is the best option to make if you’re looking for a microphone enhancer for Windows PC. You don’t need to be concerned about CPU use because it doesn’t require a lot of stored data. 

The open system that you can use to increase the mic volume and get powerful output sounds through pre-amplification techniques is completely free. 

Even sound filters like high-pass and low-pass can be used. Bands 15 and 31 have two different types of equalizers accessible for manually altering the frequency of the processed audio.

4. Mic Note

This microphone enhancement application is compatible with Windows, Linux, Chrome, and macOS.

You can use it in your podcast recording to make audio notes, write text notes, and include photographs in the notes, among other things. 

The note can be readily exported after completion in a number of formats, including TXT, MP3, and PDF.

The software’s Gain Level slider enables users to capture audio notes with higher mic sensitivity.

The software’s transcription feature aids the user in turning text into speech.

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5. Kazi Sound Recorder

This program, Kazi Sound Recorder, aids in keeping track of all audio files that have been recorded and played back.

Its amplification potential is significantly greater than that of the typical mic boosters. 

The majority of the audio files that can be used for recording are MP3, CD, WAV, OGG, and Vox audio files.

The interface includes an audiovisual monitor so you can keep an eye on your activity and, if necessary, take action. It supports telephone, radio, television, and VCR.

6. Expstudio Audio Editor

When you need to quickly and easily edit your audio recordings, Expstudio Audio Editor is a great tool.

The mic booster is one of this software’s best features. You can use this tool to improve the output sound quality of your audio recordings.

You may make an erratic mic signal consistent by using this software to enhance the mic. You will also sound much cleaner thanks to this software. 

You may give your voice effects using this audio editor. You may also enhance the performance of any podcasting or cordless microphones by using the mic booster tool.

7. DeskFX

Another microphone enhancer with a special feature is DeskFX, which tracks all recorded and playback audio. 

DeskFX allows you to edit audio files, and the outputs can be downloaded in a variety of formats, such as MP3, CD, WAV, VOX, etc. The software also offers an easy-to-use user interface.

The DeskFX software provides you with a graphic representation of the inputs when you record audio using a microphone.

On the screen, any potential distortion that can be rectified using its tools will be evident.

8. Viper4Windows

If you are an audiophile, installing Viper4Windows is a must. This program is supplied with the initial installation and is entirely gratis.

It is a feature-rich software that supports both 32- and 64-bit operating systems. 

It features a post-volume adjuster for increasing the volume on Windows, and it provides three modes for customizing: Music, Movie, and Freestyle. 

It has pre-programmed default audio settings as well as user-defined audio setups, and capabilities like the IRS Controller, the ViPER XBass parameter, and the ViPER XClarity are available.

Final Thoughts

Software For Microphone

Mic booster software will be useful if you wish to record audio or music on your computer using a microphone but lack the necessary mic hardware.

You can magnify the sound coming from internal and external microphones with the aid of this program.

By utilizing preamplification, fade gain, and a variety of other settings, the software improves mic sensitivity.

So, if necessary, you might think about adopting such software. It’s crucial to have a reliable recording program on hand because it has a big impact on the outcome.

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