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The Samson Q9U Microphone Review – Find Out If It’s Right for You!

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Are you currently in the market for a brand new microphone for your podcast? If you answered yes to that question, you’re making an awesome decision to consider the Samson Q9U. 

If you’ve already been doing your own research on the best microphones for podcasters and the likes – we’re sure that you will have heard the Samson Q9U model at least more than once.

It’s a microphone that has certainly built up quite the reputation for being ideal for podcasters – but does that mean that it’s worth the hype?

Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Samson Q9U: Overview

To cut a long story short, the Samson Q9U is essentially a dynamic mic that has been specifically designed to help simplify the audio recording process for a variety of different users.

Those who want to stream, record music, or looking for the perfect mic to create their very own podcast shows will appreciate Samson Q9U’s versatility.

Having gained a reputation for being one of the best (as well as one of the most affordable) microphones for podcasters looking for a professional sounding quality – the Samsung Q9U does not disappoint.

It comes complete with a super robust chassis that comes with a ton of built-in features such as adjustable equalization, a zero-latency 3.5mm headphone output, an analog to digital conversion, as well as much more.

Alongside all of that, the Q9U also offers the convenience of being both USB and XLR compatible, and will allow a variety of different creators (including podcasters) the ability to record high quality audio without having to worry about going to the trouble of long-winded editing.

The USB output allows for plug and play operation and gives users the ability to record directly into their computer or laptop. Plus, the included software is compatible with Mac and PC operating systems.

The USB C output allows for plug and play operation and gives users the ability to record directly into their computer or laptop. The XLR output, on the other hand, is ideal for allowing a more professional setup with an audio interface and other external gear.

It has a cardioid polar pattern, a frequency response of 50 Hz – 20 kHz, and a professional grade codec with 24-bit, 48 kHz resolution. As such, it’s well suited for capturing vocals, instruments, podcasts, voiceovers and more. The Q9U also has a built-in headphone amplifier that allows users to monitor their recordings in real time.

Finally, the Q9U comes with a dedicated shockmount to reduce handling and cable noise as well as a convenient carrying case for on-the-go recording.

You’ll also find the Q9U being sold in bundles, which includes a desk stand, a foam windscreen, and an XLR cable. This makes it ideal for more budget-oriented creators, who don’t want to spend too much on additional gear.

Samson Technologies Q9U Dynamic Broadcast Microphone, XLR/USB, Black
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Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.


  • Comes with built-in outputs for both USB C cable and XLR output
  • Excellent value for money and ideal for podcasting, streaming and more
  • No additional software required
  • High quality studio sound, time and time again
  • Plenty of built-in controls for customized sound
  • Onboard EQ switches for vocals
  • Mid presence boost switches


  • Does not come with a shock mount
  • Very quiet headphone output – some find it hard to hear themselves
  • The controls, while versatile and offering plenty of conveniences, can be difficult to access
  • Not ideal for recording sound within a close proximity, a moderate distance offers the highest quality of sound

Samson Q9u: Main Features

Now let’s take a deeper look into the main features offered by this mic.

Plug and Play Design

One of the biggest features that the Q9U offers is the plug and play design.

Specifically designed for convenience and ease of use, the Q9U can quite literally be taken out of the box, plugged into the nearest power source and then immediately used for recording.

This is all thanks to the versatility of its outputs, as  this mic can be used as either a USB mic or an XLR mic.

  1. Durable Construction: Another main feature of this microphone is its durable construction. The body of the mic consists of aluminum that has been coated in a ceramic layer. Thanks to this, not only will you be able to purchase this mic with the peace of mind that it will be able to withstand general wear and tear – but you will also be able to purchase this mic with the peace of mind that it will also be able to resist chipping, marks and scratches. Does it get any better than that? No matter how much you use it – this mic will stay in pristine condition thanks to its premium construction design.

Onboard Vocal Features

Last but not least, the third main feature offered by the Q9U is its variety of onboard vocal controls available for you to use. There is a mute switch that instantly silences the mic regardless if you’re using the USB or XLR mode.

This mute button can come in handy if you’re video conferencing if you want to cut off unnecessary background noise to keep everyone focused and on track.

  1. Designed to make editing a breeze and to ensure a professional sound quality, time and time again, this mic comes with a variety of controls including an equalizer and more.

Now that we have covered some of the main features, let’s take a closer look at what you can expect to get from the sound! 

The Q9U Sound Quality

Even though it’s all good and well to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you can expect to get in general from the main features – understanding what you can expect to get from the sound of the Q9U is by far the most important aspect to make yourself aware of before going through with the purchase.

To provide you with some context on what this microphone can offer you, it consists of a cardioid (which is otherwise known as a heart shaped) pick up pattern.

This means that the Q9U has an increased sensitivity located in the very front area of the microphone, as well as an adequate level of sound reduction around the sides of the mic as well as in the rear area of the mic, too. 

The Q9U mid boost also allows users to adjust the sound of their recordings with clarity and ease. With a few simple clicks, you can create exactly the sound you’re looking for and bring your projects up to professional quality.

Thanks to this clever design, it means that the Q9U microphone will be able to offer you an impressive sound quality that will be crisp, clear and extremely high quality.

So much so, in fact, that many people that use the Q9U as their podcast recording microphone of choice often remark on how the Q9U can provide a “studio sound”, which is heavily sought after in the podcasting world. 

Not only that, but besides offering a cardioid pickup pattern, it is also worth noting that the Q9U also comes with a variety of built-in vocal effect adjustment controls that will truly help to elevate your audio quality with minimal effort required on your end.

As we have already briefly mentioned above,

Does It Come With A Warranty?

While the Samson Q9U might not be the most expensive mic on the market – it is still an investment, which means that having a warranty is super important.

Not only will a warranty be able to give you the peace of mind that you are buying from a reputable company, but it will also protect your purchase should you find that something has gone wrong with it, or it has a fault.

The good news is that, if you do decide to go ahead and buy the Q9U you will immediately be given a one year limited warranty upon the purchase of your mic.

As a side note, please keep in mind that you may be required to activate the warranty that the microphone comes with yourself.

Whether or not you will need to activate the warranty yourself will depend on where you have purchased the mic from, but the good news is that activating your warranty is a lot easier than you might at first think. 

In order to activate your warranty should you need to, all you will simply need to do is to access the Samsung website, access the warranty area of the website and then go ahead and begin the activation process.

Typically,  you will be required to provide the relevant information to identify what product you have purchased, as well as to verify for security purposes.

The Bottom Line: Should You Get It?

There we have it! You have made it to the end of our review of the Samson Q9U.

All in all, the Samsun Q9U is a fantastic mic to consider for anyone that wants a mic that will take the hassle out of recording and allow you to, quite literally – hit record and begin creating your podcast episodes.

Not just that, but besides offering plenty of versatility, the Samson Q9U also offers the ability to create studio quality, professional audio content time and time again, which means that you will be able to use this mic with the peace of mind that your listeners will have the very best listening experience possible.

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