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Best Podcasts To Learn Spanish

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Best Podcasts To Learn Spanish

We all know that learning a language is one of the most useful traits we can pick up, it makes traveling much easier, can lead us into new job opportunities and can also be a great way to impress friends and family with what we have learnt so far.

This is especially true with Spanish which is the national language of over 25 countries and has now surpassed English to become the most spoken language in the world.

It’s not easy to learn however, even if you already speak a latin based language while it can original seem easy to make the conversion to learning another language with similar dialects to your own, there are so many specific characters and pronunciations in Spanish that it takes time to learn, and there’s no better way than with podcasts.

Here are the best podcasts that teach Spanish while still remaining fun and engaging while you listen.

#1 Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish

This podcast is an incredibly unique way to learn Spanish since it makes you feel as if you’re right there in a classroom being taught all aspects of the language depending on how much you already know.

Through 160 episodes all centered on different parts of the Spanish language, podcast host and teacher Mark teaches his student Kara how to correctly use Spanish phrases, their correct pronunciation, which words are best to avoid and so much more.

The beauty of this podcast is with such a huge variety of episodes all being no longer than 20 minutes, you can pick and choose the episodes you want to listen to and learn from depending on your Spanish experience at that time, making it one of the best podcasts for in depth learning.

#2 Spanish Obsessed

Spanish Obsessed

In this fun and engaging podcast, hosted by Lis from Colombia and Rob from England, the couple shares their fascination and obsession with all things Spanish which they discuss with an infectious passion each and every episode.

Alongside learning about Spanish cultural and social norms, as well as those in other Spanish speaking areas such as in South America, the podcast also offers Spanish language training to its audiences with four different levels: From scratch, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Whether you are a more experienced speaker and just want some background knowledge on Spanish culture, or if you are learning Spanish for the first time, Spanish Obsessed covers all bases of what makes Spain and it’s language so great.

#3 Unlimited Spanish

Unlimited Spanish

Spanish host Oscar from Spain in this incredibly engaging podcast teaches how to speak Spanish specifically at a beginner and intermediate level.

The way Oscar teaches the language for each episode is very unique and interesting, in some episodes after learning some basic phrases, he will prompt the reader to tell a short story using the key words learnt that session, and other times at the end of an episode he will simulate a conversation with the listener using a question and answer technique.

For beginner to advanced level lessons that really test your Spanish knowledge in an enjoyable and immersive way, Unlimited Spanish is the perfect podcast choice.

#4 StoryLearning Spanish

StoryLearning Spanish

This podcast and its Argentinian host Sofia Poggi believes that learning a language through stories is much more memorable and natural than learning from a textbook, and so every episode of this podcast, Sofia presents an easy to understand story in Spanish that becomes more challenging to interpret as it goes on.

With each episode only being 8 minutes on average, StoryLearning Spanish is excellent for beginner to intermediate Spanish speakers to find where they are lacking in knowledge of the language and what areas of a conversation they might want to improve on.

#5 Lightspeed Spanish

Lightspeed Spanish

This podcast is perfect for if you have a beginner to moderate grasp of the Spanish language and want to test yourself in a real conversation with a native Spanish speaker, while also picking up some new Spanish phrases and dialect along the way.

In Lightspeed Spanish, Gordon, who is British but a fluent Spanish speaker, sits down with Spanish guests to have a conversation about all things Spanish including the culture, history and the peculiar usage of some Spanish words.

The conversations each episode last 10 minutes, providing a bitesize dialogues which are both extremely fun and entertaining to listen to, but can also challenge your Spanish vocabulary so you can only improve.


Learning Spanish takes patience, however it doesn’t mean you need to be sitting at a desk for hours staring at a textbook to do it. Try out some of these quick and easy to listen to podcasts that will greatly aid you in improving your Spanish writing and speaking skills whenever you decide to tune in to an episode.

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