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Podcasts On Pandora

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Podcasts On Pandora

Most people are familiar with Spotify as being one of the most popular music players in the digital space. But not many people, Pandora. I was also one of the upcoming music players.

Although it has taken the top spot, Pandora still has loyal fans who will continue to use the platform. In 2018, they introduced podcasts that have suddenly grown since its inception.

Here are our picks for the best podcasts to listen to on Pandora.

Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Interviews

This is the place to go for the best interviews of celebrity guests when they talk about hot topics straight from the mouth of the A-listers.

The pair are an incredibly funny duo, and if you’re looking for a podcast that doesn’t take itself that seriously, then you should check this one out.

Dark in humor, if you’re into adult comedy and don’t mind a little sauce it will appeal to your comedic taste buds. Just make sure you keep an open mind if you easily get offended!

Straight From The Hart With Kevin Hart

One of the funniest comedians on the planet, Kevin Hart, delivers amazing insights on his weekly show, which discusses life, comedy, and several other topics.

It’s honest, raw, and not forgetting one of the funniest things you would listen to in your week.

Kevin Hart also invites some of the hottest celebrities around and interviews them, where he discusses various topics, from fatherhood to success. If you love Kevin Hart’s stand-up and his movie collection, you don’t want to miss it.

Mad Dog Unleashed

This podcast is hosted by Christopher Michael Russo, a mad dog, an American sports personality. It is well worth a listen if you are an avid sports enthusiast.

They discuss all things sports and provide news and views that you might not hear anywhere else.

It’s a popular show for a reason, and the insights and information provided are some of the best we’ve heard in a podcast format. Never miss a beat and stay behind on all the latest transfers and drafts. White is really into this awesome podcast.

Busted Open

This one is dedicated to the avid wrestling fan, which talks all about the sports entertainment industry like nowhere else in the world.

Dave LaGreca and his rotating co-hosts will feature all the insights into the world of WWE and AEW, but will also cover the independent scene and beyond.

Many stories here discuss career highs and lows and how you can pass onto the scene and start your own career.

Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk

Here’s a brilliant podcast that will dive deep into the world of hard rock and metal from the man himself, Eddie Trunk. This is an all-access pass and an absolute unmissable listen for those that are into the genre.

What we love most about the podcast is the insights into the industry, with chats with some of the best artists around.

Joel Osteen Radio

We all know that everyone can do it with a little more self-love, and pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen will share their daily messages of inspiration and motivation as they help you navigate through some of life’s toughest challenges.

It’s a hopeful listen that includes weekly life services from Lakewood Church, with a host of archived sermons. There’s also an option to call in if you ever want to speak your mind and get some of the best advice.

Pandora Podcasts

The Jason Ellis Show

This podcast, originally called Radio Fight Club, dates back to 2005. Before it was introduced into the podcasting world, this show had grown into one of the most successful phenomena in the radio space.

Many topics will include talking with adult performers and extreme sports athletes and also discussing the world of fighting sports such as boxing and MMA. There’s something for everyone here, and if you love a bit of comedy, then you shouldn’t miss it.

Larry The Cable Guy Weekly Roundup

Here’s another big character: Larry The Cable Guy brings his weekly round-up with some of the greatest interviews on a whole host of different topics. He’ll chat with comedians, celebrities, sports stars, and everyone in between.

This is an unfiltered look into a whole poster topic that will never become boring and always keep you interested. We know he can be quite a polarizing character, but so many people liked his type of comedy and personality.

Final Thoughts

For those who don’t want to use Spotify (see also our comparison of Spotify and Stitcher) but still want to enjoy a whole host of high-quality podcasts with interesting topics and conversations, picking from the above options available on Pandora is the way to go.

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