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Podcast Segment Ideas

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Podcast Segment Ideas

So, you’re either starting a podcast, or you have already started a podcast. Congratulations!

Putting yourself out there creatively can be one of the biggest hurdles, so well done for making it past one of the most difficult steps of a podcaster and broadcaster’s journey.

Now, comes the next tough step: expanding the podcast!

After all, while listeners will appreciate knowing what your podcast and wider brand are about, you’re probably going to want to expand that a little more.

Plus, as podcast host, you don’t want your current content to get stale and your podcast listeners bored, so it pays to start having ideas for new things to include in every podcast episode.

One of the simplest ways of making it bigger and reaching a wider audience is to add new podcast segments.

But what exactly should that new section in your podcast content include?

Well, that’s what this article is here to help answer!

We’re going to show you some great podcast episode ideas for helping bulk up the content of your podcast, as well as some other tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when creating this kind of online content.

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Answering Listener Questions

Podcast Segment Ideas

This is a really simple concept that you’ll probably have heard or seen in the podcasts or audio shows that you listen to.

Many podcasts, especially those that have been established for a decent amount of time, will have a section that is dedicated to answering questions that have been sent or submitted by listeners and fans of the show.

The reasoning behind having a section like this is pretty self-explanatory. It easily helps add more content to your show, as well as keeps listeners engaged by giving them exactly what they want.

After all, you can’t get more listener-friendly than actively answering any questions that they may have!

What exactly the questions are, or at least, the ones that you answer can vary spending on what you are comfortable discussing.

If you want to keep your questions on a topic, simply answer the questions that are submitted around the topic of the podcast.

Of course, if you feel a little more comfortable answering questions about yourself, these can also be included in this section.

We also briefly mentioned how established podcasts like to include this section, but don’t let that put you off if your podcast is new.

Simply ask for questions to be submitted during the podcast!

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Spotlight Section

This is a great way of expressing your interest in yourself and the show.

Dedicate a section of your podcast episodes to discussing a noteworthy thing that is related to your show’s content.

The best part of this section is that it can be pretty much anything that you want to talk about.

It could be a noteworthy person, an artist that you have just discovered, a company or startup that you are interested in, an event, or just a story that you have heard recently.

So long as it is connected to the topic of your podcast, it’s free real estate as far as content goes!

Plus, this can help signal boost a cause, person, or company that you feel deserves more attention!

Podcast Segment Ideas

Having Guests

This is a great way to foster a community and network of content creators.

Having a guest co host of interest on your interview podcast is an easy way for getting new people interested in your content.

They can be anybody, from friends and family to other podcasters and creators. If you want to hear what they have to say or interesting stories they might have, and think your audience should hear.

You can invite guests and they can have a single section where they give a talk or lecture, or you can simply have a conversation with them for a whole episode!

Not only is this giving your audience more content, but it also helps create more links and interests, especially if your guest is another podcast host or creator.

Plugs For Other Podcasts

Like the spotlight section idea, you can also include a section on your podcast where you discuss another podcast that your audience may be interested in.

This is a particularly great podcast idea if you are an established podcast, and know the type of content that many people in your audience generally like.

Plus, like the idea of getting a guest on your podcast to talk with, this is a great way to start networking with other creators that might be in a similar field or topic to you.

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Fact/Facts Of The Day

This is a great little section to include in any podcast format.

A segment of the podcast dedicated to bringing fun facts that you learned recently to your podcast can be a great springboard for other discussions, as well as be a little learning experience for you and your listeners.

Whilst it can be tied to the topic of your own podcast, it can also be just a random interesting fact that you learned today, or an interesting story that’s gone viral on social media.

After all, who doesn’t love a useless, but still interesting piece of trivia for icebreakers at parties?

Topical News 

You can also include any news or stories that have cropped recently for you to your audience.

This isn’t necessarily a general news section, of course! It could be a story that is tied to your topic of discussion for your podcast.

Alternatively, if you want to see what else your audience might be interested in hearing, why not have a dedicated news section that talks a little about other things?

Picking The Right Section For Your Podcast

If you are still establishing your creative voice for your podcast, make sure that you pick extra sections that can be tied back to your podcast topic

Remember, if you’re trying to build a solid foundation for an audience, it pays to keep things consistent, so your audience can know what to expect from you and your show.

Keep Your Goals & Tone In Mind

This one depends on the type of podcast you have.

If your tone is a little more professional or journalistic, you’ll want to stay on topic more.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there are plenty of podcast ideas to add new content to your podcast!

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