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How To Save A Podcast To An Apple Watch

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Saving A Podcast To An Apple Watch

Any type of technology will have different steps on how to use it and what you are able to do with it in terms of saving, playing or buying.

How much is the Apple watch actually able to do in comparison to your mobile phone and in terms of podcasts. 

Most people now love to save their favorite podcasts to listen to on their way to work or just in their free time, but are they able to use their Apple watches to do this, or is it a bit too advanced for it? 

Find out everything you need to know on this topic here below. 

Your Watch And Cellular Connection

As most people will already know, to listen to podcasts on the go, you need to make sure you have a cellular connection or WIFI to be able to play and go.

However, there is another way to listen to music or podcasts without having an internet connection.

How To Save A Podcast To An Apple Watch

You can do this by downloading the podcasts you like to your phone or watch as they are both connected, and you will be able to listen without having a connection. 

If you are the type of person who likes to go for a run or a walk with your watch but not take your phone.

This is where you need to start thinking about downloading because you won’t be able to just use the watch without the phone if they aren’t downloaded. 

The newer Apple watches have increased their features massively which gives the user a wider range of uses like the mobile.

One of these is the podcast app where you can download your podcasts directly to your watch. 

How To Download Them To Your Watch

Apple has made the process of downloading your favorite podcasts to your watch pretty easy.

However, there are a few extra steps to take in comparison to your mobile device. Find out in the steps below. 

  1. You first will need the use of your phone to subscribe to the podcast you are looking to download. 
  2. You need to open the podcast app on your phone and find the podcast you would like to subscribe to. You should click on the thumbnail image. 
  3. Then you can click on the addition sign ‘’+’’ and you will then be subscribed to this podcast. 
  4. When your Apple watch is being charged, everything will be transferring onto the watch including when you subscribed to the podcast. 

You might find that you subscribe to quite a lot of podcasts on your mobile because they are easier to navigate on the larger screen.

However, you might not want this on your watch and only need one or a few to listen to and show on your screen.

One great feature of the Apple watch is that you can instruct it to download what you want from your phone and it doesn’t have to be everything. 

  1. Open your watch app on your iPhone. 
  2. You now need to open the podcasts app section there and go to settings. You will be looking for ADD EPISODES FROM….
  3. Apple will create the ‘’up next’’ setting where they will only download the most recent episodes of 10 of your favorite podcasts. 
  4. If you don’t want it to be so randomized, you can also click ‘’custom’’ where you can pick which ones you would like. 
  5. You can also mess around with the offline and online listening. You will want to go to the menu and switch on the offline listening, so when they are downloaded you are able to listen to them without having to take your phone with you. 

How To Clear ‘Up Next’ On Apple Podcast

Final Thoughts

Overall, Apple technology is pretty easy to get your head around and they have made the process of using your Apple watch and iPhone together really simple.

Your phone is connected to your iPhone, so if you’re ever looking to change any settings then you need to head straight to the watch app on your phone for any changes which is the same as the podcasts. 

Take control of your watch and dont let anything confuse you because technology is usually made to make your life a lot easier.

For example people who love running might not want to take their phone because theory has nowhere to put it, but the watch is a perfect product to help them listen to music or podcasts on their run. Following these steps will make these experiences far better and easier. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand the easy steps to connecting your phone to your watch and downloading content.

You will never go back again after using this and listening to podcasts will be far easier for you because you can listen to them offline and wherever you want! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Play Podcasts Directly On Apple Watch?

It all depends what series of Apple watch you have and it needs to be newer than the 3rd series. The newer the watches get, the more features they introduce and the more you can use on the watch.

The screens are getting bigger and wider which means you are able to be more active on it and use more apps. However, storage is all linked to your phone or you need to be fully connected to WIFI.

Can I Listen To Podcasts On My Apple Watch Offline?

Yes, you are able to listen to podcasts offline on your Apple watch, but you need to make sure you have downloaded them first.

It is the same with any type of technology, if you do not have cellular connections or WIFI then you aren’t allowed to access things online.

However, if you download them when you do have WIFI and use your phone, you can then listen to them without connections or your phone at all.

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