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Heil Sound PL2T Review – Overhead Broadcast Boom

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Heil Sound PL2T review

The Heil Sound PL2T is a professional quality microphone boom arm, designed for use in both audio and video podcasting.

With silent, flexible springs that enable easy movement without any audio interruption, the PL2T is the perfect device to take your sound to the next level.

A robust and durable design accompanies this silent demeanor, keeping the Heil Sound PL2T fixed in the place you set it without having any microphone sag.

As a Heil product, it is compatible with many of their stands and accessories. On top of that, it will work with any standard-threaded microphone clips and shock stands.

Pros And Cons


  • Silent when moving, enabling perfect recordings
  • Extremely reliable when fixed in place
  • Easily hidden cables for professional quality video recording
  • Fully articulating, allowing adjustment to your preferences and needs


  • Sometimes it’s rigidity and stiffness can make it difficult to move
  • The C-Clamp is better replaced with another more durable stand from Heil to accommodate its robust design

Silent Operator

The Heil Sound PL2T comes fitted with factory pre-set internal spring tension. This allows for easy, silent movement that can be relied on.

As well as eliminating noise, these springs allow for high-quality sound in video podcasting, broadcasting, and voice-overs.

This makes the PL2T ideal for applications both at home and in the studio.

With a rigid and durable design, you won’t have to worry about your microphone’s position. By keeping the microphone stable, the Heil Sound PL2T enhances your podcast’s sound.

Any unwanted noise in the studio that could result from, or be avoided by, the microphone stand can be easily accounted for. It eliminates these noises through its easy adjustment features.

Heil Sound PL2T

Professional Design

With a fully articulating design, the Heil Sound PL2T enables a clear recording from whatever angle and position you need to place it at.

Made from professional quality materials, for professional use.

In a quality black paint with an overhead stand style, this boom arm by HEiL sound complements any recording environment in both function and design.

Weighing a mere four pounds, the Heil Sound PL2T is easily supported by a desk or table.

With a length, width, and height of 23.9, 7.25, and 2.5 inches respectively, you can be sure that it will fit as well.

The Heil Sound PL2T removes the need for Velcro straps by incorporating a slim, hollow tube in its design to feed the microphone cable through.

This increases the aesthetic appeal of your setup in a podcast or YouTube video, while also decluttering your personal environment.

A maximum extension length of forty inches enables you to put the stand wherever you want and still have it be easily in reach.

With a keen eye for both design and functionality, the Heil Sound PL2T is a perfect fit for a professional environment.

Heil Sound Alternative Options

Heil Sound HB-1: This is a more entry-level option compared to the PL2T. The HB-1 has a fixed channel design and it’s typically used for broadcasting or podcasting applications.

Heil Sound SB-2: A compact and portable version, designed for use in close spaces or for traveling broadcasters or podcasters.

Heil Sound PL2T: A more professional-grade boom arm with the “Topless” design that allows you to remove the top and back covers for easy cable installation.

Heil Sound DT-1 Flush Mount: A different kind of mount, designed to be drilled into the desk or workstation for a more permanent setup. It’s not exactly a boom arm like the others, but still an alternative to consider.

Adaptable Equipment

Like many microphone stands by Heil, the PL2T comes with a brass-lined C-Clamp that is capable of gripping tables and objects up to 1.5 inches in thickness.

Furthermore, the Heil Sound PL2T is designed to work perfectly with all Heil equipment.

It is a great partner for their PR37 microphone, which has a great frequency response rate, enabling smooth vocals and allowing all voices to ring out.

A hollow channel feeds the microphone cable through the stand, greatly enhancing the variety of devices it can be used with, without compromising on the visual aspect.

If the Heil C-Clamp isn’t enough, the PL2T is also compatible with their brass-lined mounts, such as:

  • The FL-2 flange mount
  • The DT-1 flush mount for a 1.5-inch desktop hole
  • And many more from their range.

For those with equipment that they already have, the Heil Sound PL2T is compatible with industry standard ⅝”, 27-threaded mic clips and shock mounts.

A chrome-threaded stem enables it to be locked into the optimum position without fear of the connection coming loose or breaking.

Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Durable And Rigid

The body of the Heil Sound PL2T is made from rugged metal. This gives it ample protection and durability, allowing it to last for a long time.

A stable mounting system further enhances the product’s reliability and security by ensuring it won’t move while recording, preventing wear on the joints while enhancing the overall experience.

The Heil Sound PL2T features an innovative ‘topless’ design, with removable top and back cover plates to allow you to feed a microphone cable through the body.

This makes for a sleek, compact, and ultimately more stable end result.

Adjusting your microphone stand has never been easier.

Fit with factory installed internal springs, the Heil Sound PL2T is balanced, silenced, and can be repositioned effortlessly. No more creaky apparatus holding your microphone!

Despite only weighing a mere four pounds, the Heil Sound PL2T can support microphones of up to 2.5 pounds – over half its own weight!

All while ensuring it stays firmly locked in the position you set it.


The Heil Sound PL2T is exceptionally well reviewed.

Primarily, these reviews focus on its reliability and durability, with complaints often directed at features not part of the actual product.

One review regards it as ‘solid and well constructed,’ a firm nod to its durable design philosophy.

Another refers to its stiffness and immobility when fixed into place, the perfect way to make sure your microphone remains in its position.

Finally, the boom arm is described as ‘amazing,’ ‘easy to adjust,’ and that it holds the microphone with ‘zero sag.’

All of these are excellent indicators that the Heil Sound PL2T is a high quality boom arm.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Heil Sound PL2T is a remarkable boom arm that is both silent and strong. It holds its position easily, and can be adjusted without making a sound.

Adaptability to fit Heil’s accessories and mounts enables you to get the experience and placement you want out of your boom pole, as well as giving you the option to use your own equipment by meeting the industry standards on threading.

Overall, the Heil Sound PL2T is a high quality, professional product that exceeds all the needs of an audio or video podcaster in every regard.

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