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Heil CB-1 PTT Microphone Base Stand Review

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Heil CB-1 PTT

When recording any type of audio, it is important to make sure that you have a high-quality microphone. However, it is also important to make sure that you have high-quality accessories too.

The right accessories for your microphone can help to improve the quality of your recordings and make the process significantly easier with less editing required.

One of the best microphone accessories that you can invest in is a quality microphone stand. In this article, we will look at the Heil CB-1 PTT stand.

What Is The Heil CB-1 PTT?

As we mentioned above, the Heil CB-1 PTT is a microphone stand that is designed to be used with some of the Heil microphone ranges.

The Heil CB-1 PTT is a heavy microphone base that provides stability to your microphone. It has a polished chrome base stand that gives it an aesthetic and professional appearance.

The CB-1 PTT is a simple but effective microphone base stand that is easy to use and can take your recordings, podcast, or audio to the next level.

Features Of The Heil CB-1 PTT

Although a microphone stand usually has far fewer features than the microphone itself, there are still a few interesting components that can help it stand out from the competition and other stands that you might be considering.

Push To Talk Button

One of the main features of the CB-1 PTT is the push-to-talk button. This is the PTT part of the name.

The button on this particular base is “soft touch” which makes it super comfortable and easy to use. Crucially, it means that there will be no annoying clicking sound on your audio when you press it.

One of the best uses for this soft touch, press-to-talk button is as a “cough switch”.

This is a particularly useful application if you are using your microphone for live broadcasts or as-live podcast recordings.

Using this feature as a “cough switch” allows you to significantly cut down on the sound microphones get, thus also reducing the amount of editing that you would have to do to prepare your audio.

It also allows you to produce much more professional-sounding live broadcasts.


To make things even easier, the CB-1 PTT comes with a 24” jumper cable to allow you to connect the base and the microphone to your computer or other audio production equipment.

This is a helpful item to include with the base and allows you to simply plug and play whenever you want.


The threading on the microphone base stand is standard 5/8″ 27 threading. This is featured on all of the Heil Sound booms and microphone stands.

It is the industry standard which means that you are likely to already be familiar with other products that feature the same threading.

This also means that most Heil products will be compatible with each other which can be extremely convenient.


As we mentioned before, the base is sturdy and weighted to help keep your microphone in place and reduce the risk of any annoying sounds being picked up by the movement of the microphone.

However, the base also features a 4” riser. This allows you to set the microphone at a comfortable height for use.

This is a surprisingly important feature as the more comfortable you are while you are recording, the less likely you are to move around or reposition yourself throughout the recording.

All of these movements can cause background noise or even result in knocking the microphone which can require editing or even re-recording of some things.

This will be a particularly attractive feature to anyone who is looking for a stand for long, live broadcasts and long podcast recordings.

Being able to set the microphone at a comfortable height makes the whole process a lot easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Heil CB-1 PTT Usage

As we have mentioned a few times above, the Heil CB-1 PTT is a great option for anyone who is looking for something to help make their long-form audio recording easier and more comfortable.

The PTT button makes this the perfect microphone base for anyone who is looking to live broadcast and wants to add more professionalism to their project.

Having a “cough button” allows you to seamlessly edit out coughs, sneezes, and even yawns, all of which can affect how professional your content sounds.

Similarly, the riser makes this base a great option for anyone who records long-form, as-live podcasts.

With the microphone positioned at a comfortable height, you and your guests are able to sit in a comfortable position for the duration of the recording.

This reduces the occurrence of fidgeting or repositioning and the sounds that can be picked up when this happens.

It also means that you can reduce the amount of editing that you have to do to remove fidgeting sounds.

Heil CB-1 PTT Compatibility

Because the Heil CB-1 PTT features standard industry threading, most Heil products can be used with this stand, depending on their size.

However, there are two microphones in particular that are recommended for use with the CB-1 PTT.

The Fin and Heritage microphones from Heil are the two most recommended for use with the base.

These two microphones are the perfect size to create a comfortable and professional look and sound with the base.

Other Heil microphones can also be used with the base. It may be possible to use non-Heil microphones with the CB-1 PTT base as long as they feature compatible threading, however, this is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

The CB-1 PTT weighted microphone base is a great choice for anyone who is looking to record audio with a more professional result and look.

There are so many benefits to using this microphone base, not least of all the push-to-talk button that can significantly cut down your editing time and improve the overall quality of your live and as-live recordings and broadcasts.

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