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Explore The Power Of Christian Music Through The Getty Music Podcast

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Getty Music Podcast

Keith & Kristyn Getty are a couple from Northern Ireland who have become known for their modern hymns. They work with Stuart Townend, an English award winning singer songwriter and worship leader. 

They have spearheaded the modern hymn genre and tour the world to bring these songs to millions of listeners. We take a look at some Getty music podcasts to give you a taste of what they do. 

Journeywomen With Kristyn Getty

This episode on the Journeywomen podcast features Kristyn Getty talking about how music and singing songs are so powerful as part of the Christian life and faith. She explains that the language that we sing becomes the language that we pray. 

She also talks about the struggles of raising children in today’s world and how her faith gives her strength when it gets difficult. Influences from the Christian music industry, TV, and film are so much a part of kids’ lives and Kristyn Getty wants to give children the gift of praising God through song. 

This is a beautiful, fun, and engaging podcast.

Hymns And The Joy Of Singing 

In this podcast, Kristyn Getty discusses the power of music for teaching doctrine on Christianity, congregational singing, and the importance of scripture for spiritual life. 

She talks about her career in the Christian music genre, discussing why hymns matter in the modern world. Kristyn reflects on how important it is that hymns are filled with the intention to last longer than popular music and contain the doctrinal truths of the faith. 

For people outside looking in, hymns show non-Christians how believers approach God and what it is they actually believe. 

30 Days In The Psalms With Kristyn Getty

Keith and Kristyn Getty

The Book of Psalms is treasured by Christians and has been for centuries. The church has adhered to these beautiful songs and poems through difficult times and in times of celebration. 

Singer Kristyn Getty journeys through the Book of Psalms over a 30-day period, writing hymns, and discovering along the way the power and beauty of God’s word. She reads 30 of the most beloved Psalms over the course of the month. 

This beautiful series is full of joy, hope, and encouragement for Christians and non-Christians alike. 

Core Christianity With Keith & Kristyn Getty

Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier of Core Christianity, speak with guests, Keith and Kristyn Getty about their hymn writing. They answer questions from callers about different aspects of the faith and about worship in general. 

The questions include should a church incorporate different styles of worship music in order to appeal to a more diverse membership and do you have to lift your hands up to praise God? 

Listen to the podcast to find out what Keith and Kristyn replied to these and other questions from listeners. 

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“Elizabeth” By Keith And Kristyn Getty & Ellie Holcomb

So much of Christmas gets modified, excluded, or embellished to suit modern life that it can be difficult to remember the truth and simplicity of what it means. In songs, traditional scenes, and even readings we can lose the thread of the Christmas story. 

In ‘Elizabeth’ Ellie Holcomb goes through the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke, discussing the events that occurred in Elizabeth’s story, inspired by the song by Keith and Kristyn Getty. 

This account leading up to the birth of Christ is filled with inspiration and this podcast is a perfect pre-Christmas listen. 

Getty Music Podcast (1)

“In Christ Alone” By Keith & Kristyn Getty Feat. Alison Krauss

The song “In Christ Alone” by Keith & Kristyn Getty and sung by Alison Krauss inspired this podcast on More Than A Song. It is a beautiful and deep hymn that nevertheless stirred up some controversy over part of its lyrics concerning God’s wrath. 

The podcast explores this issue and discusses various biblical verses to illuminate the points made and to clarify the doctrine behind the lyrics. This episode encourages people to read scripture and understand the deeper meaning of what is being said. 

An enlightening and interesting episode for all believers. 

Keith & Kristyn Getty: Authentic Worship

On Family Life Today Kristyn and Keith Getty talk about the importance of musical worship even if you can’t sing. They discuss how music and singing God’s word helps to complete the joy of praising God, we are meant to sing and that is what we should do. 

For those who can’t sing, due to illness or other restrictions their congregation sings for them. Keith and Kristyn also reflect on how what kids see their parents enjoying, they will learn to enjoy by extension. 

They also discuss their most well known song and how it was written. 

Keith & Kristyn Getty: Find Your Voice

This Family Life Today podcast episode discusses how to teach theology to children with the help of music. Keith and Kristyn talk about how teaching children to sing is as natural a part of their faith as teaching them to pray and read scripture. 

The couple talk about the subject of worship in the family and home during modern times being challenging especially when trying to mitigate the influence of popular culture. When kids want to sing movie songs which are not particularly Christian, what do you do?

A podcast for all Christian parents to listen to. 

Interview With Kristyn Getty

An interview with Kristyn Getty on UpNext podcasting show discusses her career as a modern hymn writer with her husband Keith. She talks about her journey as a musician and entrepreneur as well as being a mom to four girls. 

This is a great insight into the life and beliefs of a singer-songwriter who also has to manage a home life and cultivate the faith of her children. She also discusses the release of her hymn Evensong. 

Learn about the life and musical work of Kristyn Getty in this podcast.

Final Thoughts

This Northern Irish couple began a genre of modern hymns more than 20 years ago, and they continue to produce music at a prolific rate. Their catalog of work grows every year. 

We hope you have enjoyed this look at some Getty music podcasts. 

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