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Casted Review – Content Marketing For Your Podcast

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Are you looking to take your podcast to the next level? You can spend hours improving your script and recruiting guest stars, but these steps won’t mean much if you don’t push your show in front of your potential audience.

Marketing through traditional methods can be cumbersome. Sure, word-of-mouth may get your grandma and her friends to tune in. But how are you supposed to draw the rest of the world to your landing pages?

That’s where Casted and its podcast content marketing solutions step in. Below, we’ll review this platform, its features, pricing, and more so that you can decide if it’s right for your business.

What Is Casted?

Casted is an audio and video content marketing platform for podcasters. Founders Adam Patarino, Zachary Ballenger, and Lindsay Tjepkema started offering their services in 2019.

This platform and accompanying software allow marketers to optimize their podcasts’ content and improve their content marketing strategies.

Marketers use Casted to tap into the strength of their show’s conversation. As a result, they can create content that’s rich, relevant, and produces effective results.

Incorporating B2B podcasts into your content strategy is essential in today’s age. A podcast captures conversation in a way that technical, written content cannot. Casted allows content marketers to take advantage of these benefits:

Casted podcast Team
  • Audiences prefer human exchanges: Nobody wants a robot to convey information to them. Tedious research papers and dry written copy won’t suffice if you’re trying to connect with your audience. Brands that embrace conversational marketing will see the best returns on your landing pages.
  • Podcasts nurture inspiration: Creating your show’s episodes will allow your brand to constantly unveil the best ideas and increase traffic to your landing pages.
  • Podcasts establish your brand as an industry authority: A podcast allows you to un-tap multiple worldviews. You can build your brand to be credible and impactful with the multiple perspectives your content explores.

Casted Features & Tools

Podcast Software and hosting features

Have you built your podcast but aren’t noticing the results you’re hoping for? Casted’s software may be able to help.

Before you try this software for yourself, we’d like to introduce you to some of its key features and podcast tools:

Create Meaningful Content

At a certain point, you may feel like you’re shelling out episode after episode just for the sake of doing so. If you feel the quality of your episodes is lacking, you may need some support.

Casted can offer the inspiration you need to create meaningful content on your brand’s pages. Listeners won’t be able to download your new episodes quickly enough.

Casted lets you unearth the potential in your podcasts and put out episodes with content related to what your audience wants to hear. This software also expresses interest in prolonging the shelf-life of every episode, meaning you can receive optimal value from everything you upload. Whenever you share an episode, you know it’ll have a long-standing impact when you have Casted’s assistance.

Audio and Visual Production

Casted’s set of production tools are some of our favorites. You can upload and manage both audio and visual content from the platform. View the platform’s tools in your dashboard and update your content as necessary.

The visual podcasting abilities are newer additions, but they are nonetheless welcome. You can update landing pages with video players to make your content more accessible across the web.

Sharing Capabilities

Arguably, the best feature from Casted is how it lets you share content across any network. Connect with listeners on various social media channels and understand where your audiences spend their time.

As you broaden your reach, you’ll increase your engagement and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Track In-Depth Data & Analytics

Forget basic metrics like general downloads of average listener numbers. This kind of data may reveal helpful information during your show’s beginnings, but it can only add so much value to your podcast.

Make seemingly boring data analytics exciting when you track the best metrics with Casted.

Casted’s software grants you access to elaborate data that will help you:

  • Pinpoint who your listeners are and their related habits
  • Link listening activity to the actions in your fans’ buying journey
  • Track how your podcast is affecting your business’s revenue

Casted Pricing

Casted doesn’t grant you access to a simple pricing menu. You’ll have to reach out to the management team and discuss the scope of your company and podcast shows. From there, the management team can offer an accurate estimate for Casted’s services.

Casted Pros & Cons

As part of our unbiased review, we’d like to explore the pros and cons of this software:


  • A catch-all platform marketing resource: When you use Casted’s software, you won’t have to get any other digital content marketing tool. It’s a catch-all solution that lets you increase engagement with listeners and perfect the audio content you put out. The media platform allows you to add value to each episode and receive optimal results from your podcasting efforts.
  • Great customer support: Casted is a relatively new platform, so the management team is constantly making improvements. Luckily for content marketers, the team is always on top of things. It works to improve the user experience and software performance across multiple devices. You can contact a real-live staff member easily with account-specific questions.
  • Ease of use: You don’t have to get a college degree to understand how to use Casted. The helpful management crew will be with you every step of the way to work out details specific to your podcast. They’ll help you receive optimal performance from the software’s features.
  • Clear-cut analytics: The analytics Casted puts on display are undoubtedly extensive, but they’re understandable to the average user. When you take the time to understand them, they’ll add value to your show beyond the surface-level numbers that you’ll see on other similar platforms.


  • Minor technical hiccups: Casted is a newer brand, as it was established only two years ago. It’s still in its developmental phase, so you may notice minor technical hiccups. However, the team constantly makes improvements to provide the best user experience possible.
  • Generic audiogram templates: Casted does an amazing job of helping podcasters record their shows, but the provided audiogram templates are a bit generic. Podcast hosts find that these limitations prevent them from developing a unique sound listeners can resonate with. However, the templates help show hosts figure out appropriate audio levels for their listeners.
  • Unclear pricing: Casted doesn’t display pricing guidelines upfront, which can be frustrating. To receive a quote, first get in touch with a staff member. Then, they will walk you through the costs, depending on your business’s goals.

Casted Vs. Alternatives

Casted isn’t the only content marketing solution for podcasters. Alternatives like PodBean, Transistor, Buzzsprout, and Libsyn exist for those who’ve built podcasts and are looking to create growth.

Some of these have benefits compared to Casted that are easy to see. For example, Buzzsprout has transparent pricing guidelines, and Libsyn has the ability to serve smaller podcasters who don’t have a team of marketers on their side.

However, we appreciate Casted’s distinct features, ease of use, and commitment to content marketing. The alternatives focus more on podcast hosting with limited emphasis on marketing and sharing. On the other hand, Casted commits to giving podcasters a voice and making it easy for them to feature their content where they please.


Where is Casted based?

Casted primarily serves US companies and apps, as its headquarters are in the Great Lakes region in the US.

Will Casted help me with marketing my podcast?

Casted currently only serves larger brands with B2B podcasts. It doesn’t work with individual podcasters. You must belong to a real business or agency. If you’re a one-man operation, you must get marketing services and data research tools somewhere else.

What’s Casted’s track record with major brands’ podcasts?

Casted has an impressive client list you can view on its site. The company has increased engagement and perfected content for several major brands and apps, including:

  • Salesforce
  • OpenView
  • PayPal
  • HubSpot
  • Auth0
  • Drift
  • ZoomInfo
  • Privy

How do I schedule a free demo?

You don’t have to jump through hoops to schedule a free demo for your business. First, visit the company website and click on “Schedule a Demo.” The link will lead you to a chatbox page. Here, you can select that you are an Agency or Business. Then, please provide your email. A team member from the company will get in touch about scheduling a day and time for your free demo. The free demo will review each of the platform’s features and demonstrate how they can add value to your podcast.

What do customer reviews have to say about Casted?

Based on the customer reviews we’ve read, the response to Casted is overwhelmingly positive. Clients appreciate the staff’s effort to please every user and are satisfied with the pricing for the services they receive. The platform focuses on creating content marketing solutions and offers unlimited customer support for every client it partners with.

What privacy measures does Casted implement?

Casted understands how important privacy is as you build your brand. It never shares personal information with competitors and always keeps your brand’s goals confidential. You can use Casted as you please, knowing your brand’s privacy is first and foremost.

Does Casted offer a pro version?

From what we can tell, Casted doesn’t have tiered plans or a pro version to sign up for. It offers similar features to all its clients. It adjusts its offerings depending on a company’s specific details, including its size and long-term web-based goals.

The Bottom Line — Is Casted Right for You?

Content marketers’ jobs are never easy, but Casted finally offers welcome news. It makes digital content marketing via podcasts a more realistic goal for enterprise brands, and customer reviews testify its excellence.

As long as you can overlook Casted’s unclear pricing and minor technical hiccups, the software offers many benefits you’ll want to sign up for. You can finally give your show a voice — check out Casted’s website today, where you can obtain more details on getting your podcast involved.

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