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A Comprehensive Review of the Allen & Heath ZED-12FX Mixer

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Allen & Heath ZED-12FX 12 Channel Mixer

Whether you’re purchasing your first compact mixer, or you’re looking to upgrade your current equipment, you’ve come to the right place!

This article will explore the Allen & Heath ZED-12FX and whether it is the best podcast mixer choice for your needs.

This product is a great choice for recording artists and musicians, whether you’re looking to track your demos at home or perform live and it is likely a good choice for you, let’s dive in!

Overview Of The Allen & Heath ZED-12FX

The ZED FX is a great model by Allen and Heath and it is a perfect compact mixer if you are looking for a product of this size and capability.

The effects that are available on this product are not available anywhere else, and the quality is something that ZED FX prides itself on.

The main feature of this product is the fantastic effects, but the size of the product is also something that people purchase it for. It is a product that contains high quality as well as being easy to transport around.

This product is perfect for those who want to travel with their equipment and expect to travel light.

Even though it is quite small in size, it has all the features that you need, including 4 aux channels and impressive features to help you capture stereo recordings easily.


The ZED 12 FX has many great features to look out for. With 12 channels and 6 microphones, the product has everything you need in one place.

We have tested this mixer and it is a great product, but the competitor products can also offer similar features and fall into the same category as this product by Allen and Heath.


This product has inserts on it for all of the mono channels. The faders that it includes are very smooth.

It has a lot of the same sound features as some other mixers of a similar price, but this isn’t a reason not to love this reliable product.

This product includes a new design that is exceptional in terms of audio quality.

The product is developed from a very highly acclaimed recording console which means that the features are fantastic.

This product is the GS-R24. The preamps that are provided by the company include preamps that are known as GSPre which deliver fantastic sound.

The ZED-12FX includes warmth and depth which is something that Allen and Heath are great at providing in their products.

The product is also responsive and precise which makes it easy for you to complete your vision using the product.

Allen & Heath ZED-12FX Review

The Mackie mixers are very smooth and silky, which makes playing the mixer very easy to create the sound that you are looking for.

Ease Of Use

This product is great for beginners because it is very easy to use. The product is a great size as it is very durable.

You will be happy to know that this product is super easy to set up. You should be able to plug it in, turn it on and start getting creative!

It is simple and easy to plug in your microphones or instruments and to connect this product to your digital device.


This product is very well built. It is made with high-quality materials which makes the product very long-lasting and durable. The power switch is one thing that could be improved on this product.

As it is on the back of the product, it is very easy for the switch to be pressed by the weight of the unit, which can damage the product.

It is important that you are careful with the product for this reason.

The quality of the product is very important as you want a product that will last. This is especially important with a product like this as you will get used to it, and then it will become much easier.


This product is 18.3 x 3.9 x 15.2 inches in size, and it weighs 14.3 pounds. This item is fairly easy to transport around due to its size, as it is very portable.


This product is compatible to be linked up to all types of products. It can connect to Mac and Windows, as well as any mobile device and tablets, and smartphones.

Not only can you link this product up to any digital devices, it is also super compatible with every type of instrument there is.

It works especially well with guitars and amps, but the product is super effective with microphones, keyboards and all other instruments too!

Product Specification

This item includes lots of features including:

  • DuoPre XLR Microphone preamps. These are great for condenser microphones and they provide you with up to 69dB of gain. These preamps will use two gain stages across the entire range.
  • The product comes with a 100Hz High Pass Filter. This means that low frequencies will be removed from the product. This means that the sound will be much more easily sculpted and it will feel very musical. You will need to use the mid-frequency selection if you are looking to use the product alongside guitars and other instruments.
  • The product features a built-in multi-FX unit which provides 16 different FX types.
  • The product has a stereo-in stereo-out USB connection which makes it super easy to record the channels from the device that is connected. All of the drives are compliant and it is not just Mac and Windows computers that you can connect to the product. You can also connect tablets and smartphones.
  • There are 6 slots for microphones to be attached and 6 lines to be installed. There are also 2 USB audio slots and 1 FX Return.


  • Robust product that is long lasting and durable.
  • This product is versatile and will be very popular among users.
  • Great value for money in comparison to competitors.
  • Made for use with guitars


  • The quality of the product is lacking in some areas, specifically the location of the on/off switch.

About The Allen & Heath Zed Range

The Zed range by Allen & Heath, of which the ZED 12FX is one product, provides you with both a mixer and an interface in one.

The Zed range sounds like a pro mixer, without actually being one!

For instance, whatever sound you are looking to make, and whatever audio you are using, the Zed range makes this product sound great.

It is compatible with microphones, guitars and keyboards, as well as many other instruments.

The products are especially compatible with guitars, if this is the main instrument you are looking to work with, then these products will be perfect for you.

Your guitar can be plugged straight into the mixer and they will sound great with this product meaning you won’t need any extra equipment for this.

Products in the Zed range also contain an excellent preamp that is designed by Mike Griffin. The products pride themselves on low noise and sound clarity and provide warmth and depth to the sound.

Other Allen And Heath Mixers To Consider

Allen & Heath have products that are great for any setting. You don’t need to worry about quality and

Allen & Heath SQ-6 Digital Mixer

This digital mixer has 48 different input channels. It is perfect for use by a DJ at a concert and it’s bound to be a DJ’s dream.

The mixer comes with a lot of different ports and 12 different stereo mixes. If the ZED-12FX might not be the best product for you, give the SQ-6 a try!

Allen & Heath ZEDI-8

The Allen & Heath ZEDi-8 is a compact 8-channel analog mixer with a built-in 2-in/2-out USB audio interface. It offers high-quality preamps, essential mixing features, and multi-platform compatibility for recording and content creation needs.

Allen & Heath ZED-10 Four Mono Mic/Lines

This mixer is great. It has lots of great features that you might not find on some of the other products, including a professional XLR stereo output.

This includes speaker outputs and headphone jacks. This is one of the highest quality mixers that Allen & Heath supply, although none of the products are of low quality!

Many music professionals use this product, and it is one of the company’s most popular products!

Are Allen And Heath A Reliable Company?

Allen and Heath are a reliable company who were part of the first wave of British mixer companies. They started out in London in 1969 and have since developed their sounds.

They have been used by a range of different artists, including The Who and Pink Floyd back in their early days, to artists such as Billie Eilish and Lewis Capaldi today.

This range is used in a variation of different settings from DJs to clubs and broadcasters and studios over the world.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a mixing board, then this product is a great choice.

While everyone is looking for something specific when they are purchasing a product like this, the Allen and Heath ZED-12FX is a great product that is easy to use and has many of the same features as a lot of its competitors for a great price.

This product is perfect for both beginners and those who are more experienced. If it has everything you need, don’t hesitate to buy it now!

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