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4-Person Podcast Setup: Tips, Tricks, and Common Pitfalls

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Best 4 Person Podcast Setup

Podcasting is all the rage right now, and there are so many avid podcaster listeners now, and it doesn’t matter the time or the place, there’s always a podcast suitable for any occasion, however, for many people, just listening to podcasts isn’t enough, and instead, they decide to start their own podcast!

So, how do you start a podcast? It might seem like a difficult process, but the reality is that it’s actually much easier than you think.

All you need to do is make sure you have all of the correct equipment in order to record and edit your podcast’s audio, and why not invite some of your friends to be your co-hosts?

Podcasting with your friends is much more fun than it is by yourself, and having four people on a podcast will help to create an interesting dynamic!

So if you want to know what sort of setup you need in order to create a four-person podcast, then keep reading on! 


The first thing to sort out for your podcast setup is the equipment you’re going to be using every episode in order to record everything and to edit all of the audio you gather.

The Best Podcast Starter Kit

Still, it’s not just a laptop or a computer that you’ll need to do this, you’ll also need to get your hands on some good quality audio equipment as well as some recording and editing software too. 

The more people you feature on your podcast, the more equipment you’re ultimately going to need, so that means you’ll need to purchase four identical microphones, and four identical headphones for each of the speakers, having these headphones is vital because every person on the podcast needs to be able to hear the exact same thing whilst recording, otherwise it might lead to some confusion or awkward conversation!

4-Person Podcast Setup

You’ll also need to ensure that whatever audio interface you’re going to be using has enough XLR input ports to ensure that each of the pairs of headphones can be plugged into.

All you need to do is insert all of the microphones and make sure that on the podcasting software you’re using, ensure that all four of the microphones are being recorded as separate tracks as this will make the editing process much easier, and the quality of the podcast much higher. 

So, to round up this section, here’s a checklist of everything you’ll need: 

  • Laptop or desktop computer 
  • Audio recording software (You can use Garageband on Mac, and Audacity on Windows). 
  • Four identical microphones.
  • Four identical sets of headphones. 
  • Windscreens for the microphones
  • Microphone caves
  • Audio interface mixer 

How To Use Multiple Mics for Podcasting

As you can tell, there’s a lot of equipment needed for a four-person podcast, and if you’re on a budget it can make it somewhat difficult, but at least the cost will be split amongst four people, just remember that whilst some cheaper options might be tempting, that you should do your own research into what you equipment you’re going to use, and to ensure that you’re buying from trusted and reliable brands that provide high-quality sound. 

What Else Do I Need?

4-Person Podcast Setup

So, once you’ve got all of your equipment sorted and set up, that should be it, right?

Well, technically yes, but there are a few other things you should consider about your podcast’s setup before you begin to record alongside your co-hosts!

The first thing you should think about is the seating arrangement (see also: Podcast Studio Design Ideas), you want to make sure that each of the hosts is able to see one another whilst recording the podcast, but you also don’t want to be confined into a small space either, so you should try to ensure that your podcast is recorded in an open and spacious environment, as this will help you and your co-hosts to relax whilst recording, which is what often leads to much better conversation. 

Being able to clearly see your co-hosts also helps as beginner podcasters for other reasons too, as it allows you to provide non-verbal gestures to your co-hosts should one of you be talking too slowly or too fast, or if they’re beginning to discuss a topic that you shouldn’t mention whilst recording.

Overall, the space you record in is just as important to your podcast as the equipment you use, and an ill-suited space is going to cause unnecessary issues, and the right space will help you to relax into the conversation, which means that you’ll be much more comfortable speaking with your co-hosts, which will make your podcast much more enjoyable for your listeners. 

What If Someone Can’t Make It?

One of the main concerns we hear about people starting a podcast with more than one person is what would happen if one or more of the podcast hosts were unable to make it when it comes to recording a podcast episode.

Of course, this is a concerning issue, because you want to make sure that each of your podcast episodes are released on schedule each week. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to this!

If one or more of your podcast hosts are unable to make it, then all you need to do is set up an online call using software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, which will then allow you to record a call between the four of you, this might have a slight impact on the quality of your audio however, and it entirely depends on things such as internet connection, and the quality of their setup wherever they are.

In cases like this, it’s worth using a service like Podcastle, and using the interview feature, which will allow you to use a separate audio file from each of the hosts, which should make the editing process much easier. 

Or you can check out Joe Rogan’s Podcast Setup to get an idea of what a top-quality setup involves.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading through our guide to a four-person podcast setup, and hopefully it’s also managed to help give you some idea of what you need to get started when setting up your own podcast!

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