Best Headphones For Podcasting

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Best Headphones For Podcasting

The primary reason podcasts have become so astronomically popular over the last few years is because they are first and foremost an audio based platform.

The reliance on being centered around audio means podcasts are extremely easy to listen to while we are doing literally anything from cleaning to exercising, they provide a quick and easy dose of information perfect for our current mood.

Headphones are therefore the most important equipment when it comes to starting or preparing a podcast.

Excellent audio quality is vital to encourage listeners to enjoy the sound of the podcast nice and clearly and will want them returning for more, while bad or muffled audio can really dampen the intended experience, so monitoring audio levels is incredibly important.

Therefore to make choosing the right headphones easier, below we have put together a list taking a look at some of the very best podcasting headphones for monitoring audio on the market right now.

#1 OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones

These OneOdio headphones are not only extremely comfortable with an over ear soft padded cushioned design, they are also excellent for monitoring sound with their 50mm speaker unit drivers combined with neodymium magnets making for incredibly clear vocals and crips high tones in each ear.

These headphones are also equipped with 90 degree swiveling ear cups allowing for sing ear monitoring at any time, as well as the headphones being self-adjustable and having a flexible headband that can rest on your head for hours without hurting.

The coiled cord is 9.8 feet in length providing a lot of spare distance. A standard 6.35mm plug and 3.5mm plug are also generously included as well as both being completely detachable.

These headphones are fitted with a 3.5mm or 6.35mm audio jack, and with 3 different very detailed color options to choose from, they are an excellent pair of headphones that will let you monitor audio while staying comfortable doing it.


  • Extremely comfortable soft padded foldable ear cushions
  • 90 degree swiveling ear cups makes single ear monitoring easy
  • Great speaker unit drivers for crisp high level quality
  • Excellent bass feature makes them very versatile
  • Good cord length (9.8ft)


  • Polymeric headband can bend after prolonged use

#2 PHILIPS Over Ear Wired Stereo Headphones

An excellent headphone choice for their very generous price point, these PHILIPS headphones are fitted with 40mm neodymium drivers, providing incredibly clear audio that is never too loud or piercing where you can pick out smaller nuances that may be an issue.

The handy built-in volume control also makes monitoring audio on the go incredibly easy rather than having to open up a separate tab to navigate through extra audio settings.

The cushioned 90 degree swivel ear cups also rest nicely on the ear and are shaped in such a way to prevent audio leakage and to enhance bass performance.

The headphones come featured with a 6.3mm snap-on to easily connect them to any source and they are widely compatible for smartphones, computers, tablets and essentially any device using a 3.5mm or 6.3mm aux port.

For their excellent price point, these headphones offer some great quality which will still allow you to hear your podcast audio extremely clearly so you can seek out any audio disruptions.


  • Very cheap price for great quality
  • 40mm neodymium drivers offers great high textured audio
  • 90 degree swivel ear cups for single ear monitoring
  • Built-in volume system easy to use


  • On the ear rather than over ear design

#3 TUNICAL Over-Ear Headphones

These TUNICAL headphones are all about being as high tech and monderised as possible with an incredible isolation ear cup design that provides excellent sound isolation, ensuring no background noise can put you off while you check audio levels.

They feature extremely clear and efficient 45mm drivers and neodymium magnets along with an incredibly accurate built in tuner, allowing for rich, clear, distortion-free sounds where you can check any audio disturbances with accurate precision.

The premium faux leather construction almost makes them extremely easy over the ears as well as being light on top of the head ensuring you don’t get any ear or head aches as the podcast goes on.

For even more comfort, the padded headband is adjustable and can be fitted to any head size, as well as the incredibly comfortable ear cups being easily removable for any replacements.

Alongside some incredibly state of the art headphones, this purchase also comes with a range of additional pieces of equipment to make maintaining and using the headphones even easier including a travel pouch for great portability, a 10ft straight cable and 4ft coiled cable and a 1/4 inch TRS audio adapter.


  • 45mm drivers and neodymium magnets for incredible audio
  • Excellent noise reducing from combat ear cup design
  • Faux leather rotatable ear cups very comfortable
  • Great added additions (travel pouch, 10ft straight cable)
  • Adjustable headband and removable ear cups


  • Ear pads can slide and need replacing after prolonged usage

#4 Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80

If you don’t mind spending a bit more for an incredible pair of headphones that you can be sure will serve you extremely well in the long term, alongside giving you some of the clearest high resolution sound possible, these Beyerdynamic over the ear headphones are the perfect choice.

Their 80 OHMS audio capability is often used by music producers and sound technicians due to how high textured and detailed the audio is, along with their spacious reproduction which works remarkably for a pair of closed headphones.

These headphones make audio monitoring easy but also very detailed and articulate so you can track every sound that appears in the studio.

Ultra-low bass sounds are defined and reproduced crisply through these headphones while higher frequencies are translated to an analytical and clear sound which makes monitoring different parts of the audio incredibly easy and distinguishable.

This is not even touching upon the comfortability of these headphones with their robust spring steel headband that provide a tight but secure fit for the wearer with soft and adjustable ear cups making them even easier to wear.

The practical single-sided cable is 3 meters long and with a 250 OHM setting if you want to upgrade and get the very best audio quality possible, this is one of the best podcasting headphones out there.


  • Perfectly clear 80 OHMS audio for high textured sounds
  • Very distinguishable sound intrusions
  • Well fitting and secure robust spring headband
  • Upgradable to 250 OHMS for maximum audio quality
  • Soft, circumaural and replaceable velour ear pads


  • Quite expensive

#5 Anker Soundcore Life Q20

With a sleek and silky design and 40mm dynamic drivers producing extremely Hi-Res audio, the Life Q20 are active noise canceling headphones that reproduce the music with extended high frequencies that can reach up to a staggering 40 KHz in clarity and detail.

The biggest draw to these headphones is how well they center in on the actual audio, having 4 built-in ANC microphones and a digital noise canceling algorithm which allows the headphones to quickly detect and cancel out any wider range frequencies that are low to mid frequency such as loud cars or trains.

These headphones are also wireless with a 40 hour run time when fully charged and utilizing Bluetooth 5 to connect to all smartphones, tablets and computers.

For an easy to set up and use pair of headphones that provide incredible isolation so you can hone in on the audio and not get distracted, the Life Q20 are an excellent choice.


  • Bluetooth 5 wireless makes for ease of use
  • Excellent 40mm dynamic drivers for crystal clear audio
  • Digital noise canceling system negates all outside interferences
  • Selection of three colors


  • Slight rattling sound when wearing on the go

Buyer’s Guide

When picking up some audio headphones for a podcast, there are a few details to always consider so you can make the right purchasing choice for your situation and audio preference.

Headphone Driver Size

Headphone drivers are the built-in mechanisms that convert electrical energy from the headphones into acoustic elements which is the music that we hear.

The size of the headphone drivers really depends on quality. Bigger drivers provide more pressure and a wider frequency range of sound while smaller drivers can have greater physical limitations that will prevent them from vibrating sounds beyond a specific amount.

35mm drivers and upwards are often a good quality to clearly hear voice and background quality in podcasts with 45 to 50mm providing state of the art audio quality where you can clearly distinguish each sound omitted from the frequencies.


Podcasts can often take a bit of time not only to record, but also within the editing process with each episode usually taking a few hours to put together.

As a result, you will definitely want a pair of headphones that feel good and comfortable to wear, otherwise it can very easily result in ear aches or even migraines and headaches if the headband is too tight or made of a tough material .

Softly cupped ear pads along with a headband made of a lighter material padding material can work great. Additionally, it makes this much easier when the headband is adjustable so you can set it to the position that fits your head most comfortably.

Replaceable Ear Pads

No matter how high grade a pair of headphones are, a lot of them can be prone to having their ear pads slide off which can damage their overall durability.

It is therefore always a worthwhile idea to check if the headphones allow for easily replaceable ear pads not only so you can make sure the headphones last you for as long as possible, but also in case you find some comfier ear pads in the future and want to attach them to your new headphones.

Noise Canceling

Noise canceling is specifically important for monitoring the audio of a podcast as unwanted background noise can easily confuse us on what we are actually listening to.

It can be easy to think the background noise of a car is actually in the audio recording, and sometimes it can be hard to record at all when the neighbors are being noisy or you live on a busy street.

Headphones that have a compact design in mind and provide great noise cancellation are therefore perfect for monitoring podcast audio.

Final Thoughts

The audio on a podcast needs to be textured, clear and crisp for audiences to enjoy what they are hearing without getting distracted about audio quality.

This is why headphones are the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to creating a good podcast. Try out some of these excellent pairs to see which you like the feel of the most.

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