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17 Things To Do While Listening To A Podcast

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Things To Do While Listening To A Podcast

With their growing popularity, listening to podcasts has become a favorite pastime for many people – in a sense replacing the presence of the radio as a source of entertainment and background noise. 

Many people enjoy the conversation, or depending on the podcast in question, the random entertainment value that doesn’t require much attention from us.

For this reason, audio-only podcasts in particular tend to be used as background noise when people are doing something else. 

But what activities could you do while listening to a podcast? 

What To Do While Listening To A Podcast

When it comes to additional activities you could be engaging in, there are literally countless options, each depending on the tastes and lives of the person in question. 

Generally speaking, people will listen to podcasts when doing menial tasks around the home, when commuting, or when engaging in hobbies and artistic pursuits – but the truth is there are numerous things you could be doing while listening to a podcast. 

1. Commute or Travel

One popular accompaniment to a podcast is the morning/evening commute.

This can be the perfect way to unwind on the way to and from work, allowing you to take your mind off the traffic and the potentially hard working day ahead. 

This can be great for those mornings when music just seems a little too loud, and you want something either light hearted or calming to get you in the mood for work. 

2. Household Chores

Alternatively, you could also listen to a podcast while going about completing your daily chores.

This could be via headphones while vacuuming, or playing through your phone while cleaning the bathroom. 

There are numerous things you could be cleaning, but having a podcast on in the background is a great source of distraction to take your mind off to somewhere else while your body gets the hard work done at home. 

3. Hobbies – Work On Creative Projects

You could also engage in any number of hobbies. This could be artwork, painting/making models, or even activities like creative writing.

Whatever the hobby you have, a podcast could be the perfect accompaniment, setting a calming tone, and allowing you to more perfectly concentrate on what it is you enjoy doing. 

4. Work – Listen Whilst Working

If you are working from home, then why not have a podcast playing in the background while you get your work done?

This obviously doesn’t apply for every job – such as answering phones etc – but can be a great source of calm and background noise while you are inputting figures, or other menial office tasks that on their own can be mind-numbingly boring. 

Alternatively, if you work a job that doesn’t require you to be public-facing, then you could listen to your favorite podcast while working to make the time move faster. 

5. Exercising – Take a Walk or Workout

You could also listen to a podcast while you exercise – be it at the gym, or at home. 

This can be a great way to take you out of your own head when engaging in tiring activities, and whereas music can be a motivator, podcasts can be good to properly distract yourself from fatigue. 

6. Hiking – Get into Nature

Another form of exercise that people enjoy is hiking. This can be a great way to clear the mind, and leave the stresses of everyday life behind. 

This can only be improved with a good podcast, and lighthearted banter (or intellectual discussions) can be great companions for those long walks when the only goal is get outside of your own head and gain some clarity. 

7. Relax and Unwind in Your Favorite Coffee Shop

If you’re looking to unwind and relax, listening to a podcast can be a soothing activity. Find a comfortable spot, grab a cup of tea or your preferred beverage, and let the podcast create a calming atmosphere.

8. Learn Something New With A Good Podcast

Podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from educational and informative to entertaining and storytelling. If you’re interested in learning about a specific subject, find a podcast related to that topic and use the time to expand your knowledge.

9. Reflect and Meditate

Some podcasts focus on personal development, mindfulness, or meditation. If you’re interested in introspection and self-improvement, you can use the podcast as a tool for reflection and meditation.

10. Cooking or Baking

Podcasts can make time in the kitchen more enjoyable. Whether you’re preparing a meal, cooking dinner or trying out a new recipe, listening to a podcast can keep you entertained and make the cooking process more enjoyable.

11. Do Puzzles or Play Games

Engaging in puzzles like crosswords, sudoku, or jigsaw puzzles can be an ideal activity while listening to a podcast. Similarly, playing certain video games or mobile games that don’t require your full attention can pair well with podcast listening.

12. DIY Projects

If you have a DIY project or home improvement task, podcasts can keep you entertained while you work with your hands. From painting a room to assembling that IKEA furniture that’s been sitting in a box, listening to a podcast can make the process more enjoyable.

13. Relax in the Bath

Podcasts can provide a soothing backdrop while you indulge in a relaxing bath. Create a spa-like atmosphere, lay back, and enjoy the podcast as you unwind.

14. Gardening and Yard Work

Spending time outdoors in your garden or tending to your yard can be complemented by listening to a podcast. Connect with nature, get some fresh air and make your gardening tasks more enjoyable with a podcast episode playing in the background.

15. Organize and Declutter

Podcasts can make organizing and decluttering tasks more enjoyable. Whether you’re tidying up your home, sorting through paperwork, cleaning up a to do list or organizing your digital files, podcasts can keep you entertained and motivated.

16. Sleep

Certain types of podcasts that are specifically created to help you relax and fall asleep. These podcasts typically feature soothing sounds, calming voices, and gentle storytelling. They often focus on topics like meditation, ASMR, guided sleep exercises, or bedtime stories.

17. Plogging

Thats not a typo, I had never heard of this term myself. Plogging is a combination of jogging and picking up litter. Put on your running shoes, grab a bag, and while you go for a jog or walk, listen to a podcast that educates about environmental issues or sustainability.

What Are The Benefits Of Podcasts?

What Are The Benefits Of Podcasts? 

Podcasts have many benefits, both for the creator and the listener – all of them going some way to explaining why the podcasting industry has exploded in such a large way. 

Freedom Of Choice

The main benefit for the listener is a freedom of choice that has never before been available.

This means that you do not need to listen to radio where the music and talking points are chosen by someone else, and means that you can cater your listening to points that actually interest you. 

There is also a sense of freedom for the podcast creator – one that means they are not bound by censorship, and that they do not have producers to please, or monetary interests that would otherwise have a controlling hand on their projects. 


There is also more variety within podcasting than there is in contemporary radio stations.

Whereas most radio stations follow the same format, and even play similar styles of music, podcasting allows listeners to find something based around an issue they might have, or an interest they might be passionate about. 

The widespread presence of comedy podcasts (Tim Dillon Podcast) also means that lighthearted entertainment is only a click away, and listeners can choose what comedian they listen to based on their specific tastes. 

What To Do While Listening To A Podcast


One complaint many people have about contemporary radio and television is that it is no longer authentic, and is often bound by silly rules and legislations, or treats the viewers/listeners like morons. 

With podcasting you get access to the real opinions and points of view of real people, usually presented in an unfiltered format (depending on the platform), and with a tone that feels like they are communicating directly to you as the listener. 

This is a more authentic experience, and is better for curating a feeling of community with the podcaster and the other listeners – something that can explain why they have become so popular. 

Final Thoughts on What To Do While Listening To A Podcast

And there we have it, everything you need to know about podcasting, and the perfect tasks to accomplish while listening. 

Podcasting affords many freedoms to both the creator and the listener, namely a sense of freedom to create, and the choice of what to listen to and when.

Never before have we had so much control over what we listen to, and it doesn’t look like things are going to change anytime soon!

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