TapeWrite and Wired Clip Combine

TapeWrite is now part of Wired Clip. TapeWrite’s vision to create a new kind of audio publishing for podcasters, storytellers and journalists continues though the Wired Clip website.

The Wired Clip team share the TapeWrite vision in the quest to help Podcasters from all levels. This is a pivotal moment to expand the Wired Clip company. The podcasting industry continues to grow with huge companies like Spotify acquiring software companies like Anchor, Gimlet and Megaphone, setting up content deals and partnerships worth millions (like Joe Rogan). We believe TapeWrite.com had the vision and we hope we can continue to play our part.

The Amazon and Wondery merger was a huge deal and even the New York times getting in on the action buying Audm.

TapeWrite com now part of Wired Clip

What does the future hold, it’s no secret that some of the best podcast hosting platforms like Riverside FM, Descript, Buzzsprout, Spreaker, Podbean Captivate and Blubrry will continue to flourish the Goliaths like Spotify and Amazons audible platform will continue to compete with Apple podcasts. As for the Wired Clip we continue to grow and support our community to provide. If you would like to learn a little more about TapeWrite and how it started out check out the story here.

Here’s to success for all Podcasters.

Brett Robinson – Wired Clip

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