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Shure MV7 Review – Any Good For Podcasting?

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When it comes to getting the right microphone, whether it is for podcasting, filmmaking or music recording, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right one for your needs. This is why Shure really is the best brand to buy.

And the Shure MV7 is the perfect place for you to start. This microphone is aimed at beginner and intermediate-level podcasters and musicians. This mic is very versatile, coming with both XLR and USB connections.

So what features does a Shure MV7 have? How much will you have to pay for one of these microphones? What range of features does the MV7 have?

Well, if you are interested in finding out more about this amazing microphone, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

Why Is The Shure MV7 Such A Good Microphone?

One of the main selling points of this microphone is that it comes with amazing software that you can be sure will help you during the recording process. This will really come in handy if you are podcasting.

This app will allow you to control the pitch and the tone of your microphone as it is happening. Whether you want that deep drawl or that high-end gain, this app has everything you need.

This means that you will have to spend way less on the production of your podcats or music track. This will enable you to get the sound right the first time without having to correct that much in the edit.

How Does It Compare To Earlier Models?

If you compare the MV7 with the SM7B, or the latest SMDB7 then you will notice several differences. One of the main ones will be the fact that the MV7 is a lot cheaper than the earlier model.

The MV7 is also a lot more versatile than the previous model, coming with USB and XLR plugin options. This makes it very much a microphone for the modern podcaster vs typical musician.

You can also use the MV7 to work with an audio interface, which is one of the better reasons to have this brand of microphone.

Is The Shure MV7 Durable?

This microphone is pretty hefty, as you will see from the pictures. It is thick and solid and will not succumb to any bumps or other high impacts.

This microphone is made from durable steel materials, which is another reason why you will be able to keep it clean and pristine. This microphone will be a lot more resistant to scratches than other microphones.

What Connection Options Does This Microphone Have?

The back of this microphone comes with many different features including a mini-USB, a regular USB and an XLR cable.

If you are wanting to use this microphone for a live setting, then you should definitely opt for the XLR cable. It is very durable and you can be sure it will not break when you trip over it.

However, if podcasting is your thing, then you’ll want to use the regular USB cable. This will allow you to hook it up to your computer and get it working almost immediately.

There is one more option that is great for smartphones and tablets: the mini-USB. This is great if you are recording high-quality audio when you are on the go.

This microphone has chosen to have the older connection point of the USB-C, claiming that it does not need as fast a data transfer. However, some people might find this connection option a little outdated.

If you are using the more common USB, then you might be better protected against wobbling USB cables, which are prone to falling out when you are recording your podcast.

How Easy Is It To Use?

This microphone is great for beginners, coming with a plug-in and play system that will get you up and running in no time.

This comes with an XLR socket, which will be much more familiar to anyone who knows their way around a mixing desk.

You can also use a USB if you want to connect this one straight to your tablet device. Here you can have a digital audio interface and you want to use that to digitally mix your track as your record.

However, one of the amazing features of this microphone is that you can actually record using USB and XLR connectors at the same time. This will help you to back up your sound files as soon as you record them.

Some users have reported issues with Windows if you are recording with both USB and XLR, so make sure you do a trial run before you start recording.

If you are going to go with a USB option, then this Shure microphone comes with the MOTIV app, which will allow you to stack your tracks and mix them as you record.

You can adjust the input levels of your mic to make sure that you are not clipping with your audio. This makes the Shure microphone might better than any other mic out there in our eyes.

That’s one of the great things about this Shure microphone is that it is marketed to everyone. You can use it with an XLR interface if you feel more confident, but you can also just plug it into your USB and start recording if you are a beginner.

Who Should Use The Shure MV7?

This is one of the best microphones that you can use for podcasting. This is because the microphone is sturdy and perfect for tabletop mounting.

This comes with a voice isolation function, which is another reason why it is a really good microphone for solo vocal recordings. This is also one of the best microphones that you can use if you are a voiceover artist.

A lot of streamers also use this microphone because of its vocal clarity and durability. You can also auto-adjust the levels from the side of the microphone, which is another great feature.

You can use this microphone if you are a musician too, although it might not be the best microphone to use in a live setting.

Does This Microphone Have Windshield Capabilities?

This microphone is able to reduce the amount of wind that will get to the microphone itself. This is ideal if you are looking for a microphone that you can use outdoors.

This comes with a large foam cover as well as wire mesh, both of which will stoop any popping and help you pronounce those Ts and Ps even without a pop shield.

However, this microphone is targeted mainly for indoor use. You can turn on the voice isolation function if you want to dampen the room ambiance on this microphone.

The Pros Of Using A Shure MV7

  • Great price – this is a great price for a mic with this many capabilities. It comes with on/off and volume control switches in the base, allowing you to control the microphone as you record.
  • USB and XLR control – this is ideal if you want the option of recording either port. Perfect for podcasting or live music recording through an amp.
  • Two-channel recording – you can record the audio through both USB and XLR cables at the same time. This is great for helping you to back up your audio files.
  • Great for beginners – this is relatively simple to use, making it the ideal microphone that you can use for the first time.

The Cons Of Using A Shure MV7

  • Trouble working with Windows – if you are recording through the two different audio options, then you might experience glitching and freezing.


We hope that our review of the Shure MV7 (see also ‘Heil PR-40 Microphone Review‘) has helped you to decide whether this microphone is the best for your podcasting or music recording.

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