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Podcast For Teens

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Podcast For Teens

Being a teenager is hard, growing out of being a child and moving ever closer to adulthood is a scary thought and can seem very overwhelming with emotions going every which way.

While it can be difficult to keep up with recent developments while also staying on top of deadlines, relationships and stresses in everyday life as a teenager, podcasts are some of the best and easiest ways to make better sense of the world from some incredible hosts and speakers.

They are one of the best ways to help us make sense of the world and improve as people, and with a huge variety tailored towards teenagers, here are some of the very best that you can pick up and start listening to today.

#1 TED Talks Daily

TED Talks Daily

If you’re not listening to TED Talks Daily yet, you really should as each episode contains an incredibly interesting speaker on some of the most pondered questions in our lives that are incredibly relatable.

Whether it’s advice from successful entrepreneurs on how to manage and organize your work, the importance of ethics and how to apply them in our day to day lives and even interesting topics that can occasionally cross our mind such as where humans could live when, and if, we ever leave Earth, the conversations are endless.

With episodes released every day, if you’re looking for some expert advice on a particular part of your lives, tips on how to improve grades in school quickly, how to improve at a job or even just fun dialogues to listen to while out and about, TED Talks Daily provides it all.

#2 Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

With so many personal developments occurring as a teenager, it can be difficult to actually keep up with events going on around the world and at home which can have a huge impact on how we live in our regular lives, as well as what other people are going through.

In this podcast, charismatic hosts Josh and Chuck make this easy by providing quick and digestible episodes about aspects of the wider world and ongoing developments that are important to learn about including wars, drugs, sexuality and a whole host of other topics to jump into and explore on a deeper level.

#3 The Socially Awkward Podcast

The Socially Awkward Podcast

At a time when you are meeting a whole host of new people in the world and are still figuring out your true friendships, it can be easy to feel isolated, awkward and alone as a teenager.

While they are now adults, Zac and Justin dedicate each episode going through their struggles with feeling isolated and alone during their teen years, and how they managed to overcome these worries and anxieties to live a comfortable and happy teen life.

This podcast is a great, warm and welcoming listen for any teens who may need those extra words of relatable encouragement when feeling out of the loop socially.

#4 The Moth

The Moth

The structure of this podcast is incredibly unique, being a platform for people who otherwise would be too nervous or afraid of public speaking to tell a personal story in front of an audience and the listeners.

Each and every episode is filled with incredibly personal but encouraging words about what each person wants to achieve in their life, how they hope to achieve it and how they have experienced life so far.

It is a very intimate listen which not only provides a great opportunity to learn about other people’s stories, but is also an excellent platform for encouraging others to speak more publicly and be confident in their own skills and passions.

#5 Teen Girl Talk

Teen Girl Talk

Sisters Franklin and Susie Cota cover everything a teenage girl needs to know here from how to get dressed up for a certain party, how to handle having a crush and of course, lots of talk on the latest TV show obsessions.

With mid to lengthy episodes covering a whole variety of topics perfect for any teen girl, this podcast is essentially a sleepover with friends, minus the actual sleeping bag.

#6 WhoWouldWin


This one is for the pop culture enthusiasts who have ever wondered who would win in a battle to the death between some of the most well known TV and movie icons such as Loki vs Darth Maul or even Boba Fett vs Deadpool. With episodes every week, the amount of battles hoist James Gave has analyzed is endless.

James goes into these battles taking a scientific angle of who would most likely take the win realistically, making for a fun and exciting podcast that you could definitely share with a few friends.


There are a whole range of podcasts centered towards teens that cover everything from organization lectures and talks to casual chat about popular culture, these podcasts offer a wide variety for whatever you’re feeling at the time.

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