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Creative Podcast Background Ideas To Enhance Your Show

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Podcast Background Ideas

Getting the right visual aesthetic is certainly important for video podcasts and can make all the difference in attracting new viewers and turning them into long-term fans. 

But why is this so important, and what ideas exist for the perfect background? 

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Basketball Court Background for Podcast

Podcast Background Idea basketball court

Graffiti Podcast Backdrop

Podcast Background wall covered in colorful graffiti

Kitchen Podcast Setup and Ideas for Background

contemporary kitchen setting serves as the backdrop for a unique podcast studio

Before and After Podcast Background Update and Refresh

Before and After Podcast Background Ideas

Picture Collage Background Idea

podcast studio background featuring a collage of various pictures on the wall

If you want a full revamp, check out Podcast Studio Design Ideas to give your studio an overhaul.

What Can Podcast Background Refer To? 

In podcasting, the background can refer to either the still image that accompanies the audio of your podcast episode or the backdrop of your podcast – if indeed you record it with video and audio. 

Why Are Podcast Backgrounds Important? 

Choosing the perfect background setup for your podcast or YouTube channel can have many advantages. It can affect the final look of your show’s ‘set’ and create a pleasant, visual harmony that will make people want to sit and watch. 


Podcast Background Ideas

Even if your podcast has comedy value, creating a sense of professionalism is paramount when you and your content get noticed – both by advertisers and potential new viewers. 

No one particularly wants to see you sitting on your bed, in your bedroom, with your dirty laundry behind you – at least not in most cases. 

If you want to attract advertising, then having backgrounds and graphics on your screen while the podcast plays can make all the difference and can be used to both put a face to the podcast and show a sense of personality to accompany the audio. 

This can help to attract the right sponsors and audiences to your content, and in many ways puts a ‘face’ to the voice. 

Easy On The Eye

woman playing guitar recording with ring light

Having a more professional-looking backdrop and great lighting through a ring light can make all the difference in creating visual harmony.

This makes the show attractive and appealing to the eye, meaning that people are likelier to watch for longer. 

For audio-only podcasts, a solid background color scheme can make your podcast ‘pop’ when viewers are searching for something new to listen to, making the color scheme and background image just as important as physical backdrops. 

No Distractions

Having a good background can also mean that your audience is focused on the content you are creating, and not the messy distractions of your home, bedroom, or office space. 

The eye will naturally wander to what is on the shelves behind you or what is scattered around your room, whereas a more neutral background, or one that is pristine and clean, will mean that their focus remains on you, your guests, and what is being said. 

Of course, this doesn’t apply if you are an audio-only podcast, as people are unlikely to stare at an image on a screen. 

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Establishes A Brand

If your podcast is audio only, you will need a screen background to accompany your audio.

With this in mind, it is important to create a noticeable, recognizable brand that properly advertises what you do, and the show you produce. 

This could include photographs of the hosts, the title of the show, or even something subtle like a still image of the podcasting space.

Whatever you choose, make sure you convey what it is you want to get across and push the brand as much as possible. 

What Makes A Good Background? 

What Makes A Good Background? 

Check out the soundproofing in the background here. They use it as part of the design.

When it comes to podcasting, several factors come together to make the perfect background for your show.

However, these all depend on the kind of podcasting you are hosting, and the themes and tone you want to present.

For Physical Backdrops

When creating the perfect backdrop for your podcast, you do not need to fork out for the money to rent a studio space. 

It is more than acceptable to record in your own home and simply requires you to create an area (the filming area) that is clean, eye-catching in some way, and that has all the things you need to record – i.e., a desk, camera, recording device, etc. 

The perfect scenario would be if you had a plain-colored wall – either neutral or bright – with minimal decorations and clutter.

This creates a great visual harmony, and makes it easy and attractive for viewers to watch. 

Alternatively, if you do not have a clear wall in this way, you could also invest in a sheet of material, which you could then use to create an impromptu backdrop for the podcast shoot.

This could be patterned in any way you would like, and in many ways offers you the chance to get creative and find an inspiration that tonally matches your podcast. 

For Screen Backgrounds

woman recording podcast in studio

When it comes to the perfect screen background for your audio only podcast, there are many avenues you could go down. 

One popular option for podcasters looking to enhance their show is experimenting with unique podcast backdrops, adding visual interest and setting the tone for their content.

As mentioned above, the thing with audio only podcasts is that it can be difficult to create a visual association with your brand, which is where this image comes in handy. 

In this sense, it is best to choose an image that either features the podcast hosts, as well as the title, or has some animations, music, or graphics that are instantly recognizable and related to what you offer. 

Furthermore, there are numerous free images online that you can use as filler backgrounds if necessary. 

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Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about podcasting backgrounds and the perfect way to achieve great aesthetics for your show. 

While the content will always be more important than the set dressing, the background can greatly affect how viewers and potential advertisers view your podcast.

Luckily, with a few changes and minimal effort, you can create a visually pleasing backdrop for your show in no time at all!

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